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2019-12-06 14:17 | Report Abuse

The haircut really a deepcut.........everyone probably getting only few sen to every dollar...))


2019-12-02 14:40 | Report Abuse

even the 2.11m profit consist of 1.2m from disposal of assets....what is so great to shout about.

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2019-12-02 14:17 | Report Abuse

at the first place whether any of the purchase of machinery is indeed for their purpose?. hope no repeat of Megan Media Holdings Bhd case.


2019-11-27 13:29 | Report Abuse

Rubbish stocks............where are the tied up with CREC for ECRL?..................CREC now tied up with EKOVEST to bid for projects around the region.

You think CREC stupid company wanna JV with a bad apple ?


2019-11-20 20:55 | Report Abuse

So if you revert this cost, the actual net profit for this quarter could possibly 8.5m


2019-11-20 20:54 | Report Abuse

This could be installations of digital media screens during the quarters.


2019-11-20 20:53 | Report Abuse

If u look carefully in the qtr account. Revenue for this qtr are better than qtr of 2018. Issue is cost of sales that double to 16m from usual 8m.


2019-11-20 13:42 | Report Abuse

Dont worry, will be next after all the related party stocks made new high. The more investors scare of the stocks the more it will run............in my opinion.

Buy at own risks.


2019-11-20 13:37 | Report Abuse

Dont worry, will be next after all the related party stocks made new high. The more investors scare of the stocks the more it will run............in my opinion.

Buy at own risks.


2019-11-14 11:30 | Report Abuse

Another 4 trading days left to AGM. Hope the 1st quarter result will be out before that.

Will be very good result since ISST Thailand still not yet being approved and clientele based increasing during the 4th quarter and surprising QBI result in the 4th quarters as stated in the Annual Report.

Really didn't expected QBI results.

Digital & Vending biz get off the ground as can see from their FB,Twitter posts since the last 3 months.


2019-10-16 15:57 | Report Abuse

Not even a single Directors or CEO coming out to brief on the company status.


2019-10-16 15:56 | Report Abuse

Posted by JK22 > Oct 16, 2019 3:46 PM | Report Abuse

5G ecosystem and National Fiberisation , any chance and benefit to Instacom?

Possibility will have some but scare their reputation is ruined by their Mgmt.

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2019-10-15 15:28 | Report Abuse

whether ex gratia or otherwise, the terming should follow what the federal govt terming when they disbursed them out at that time.

No arguments as it will give wrong impression to the public.


2019-10-15 14:59 | Report Abuse

what is the news?


2019-10-15 09:51 | Report Abuse

the company now waiting for Bursa approvals for the transfer of listing to the Main Board.

Once they in the main Board, the shares can be purchased and traded by all those fund manager's. Currently, under ACE Market, the exposure is limited.

Going forward the company revenue and earnings are going to expand with the JV with China counterpart. So valuation is gonna improve in coming months.

Looking forward for price revaluation later.


2019-10-15 08:56 | Report Abuse

Congrats to those that didn't take up the Renggit offer earlier at 18sen. Now the new shareholders on board are only holding 51% and can't get more shares since most of you did not accepting the offer which is low. Their plan of getting acceptance more than 75% did not materialise and now they injecting their own private vehicle projects to Leweko to the tune of RM100 mil.

Hope this will turn around the company and more to come in the future.

Share price will move in reflection of the new injected projects, revenue and profits........time will tell.


2019-10-14 11:58 | Report Abuse

Calvintang, how much today closing?......0.025s or 3sen?.))


2019-10-10 10:07 | Report Abuse

Just hope the stock being cornered with lesser floats now in the market...........if not Calvin will give a chun chun target 8sen or beyond..))


2019-10-09 16:43 | Report Abuse

Posted by calvintaneng > Oct 9, 2019 4:18 PM | Report Abuse

Posted by simon > Oct 9, 2019 11:21 AM | Report Abuse

Mr Calvin Tan, what company will involve in number 1 & 2 ? TQ


The answer is Ock

I don't have Ock as I think it has almost half billion debt to clear first like armada or Sapnrg



I do believe those mopping big of Netx shares won't do for no valid reason...........time will attest to your revelation...))



2019-10-08 16:55 | Report Abuse

Company saddled with many uncertainties

) Uncollected debts and unexplainable
2) Projects is blurry and not listed out consicely
3) CEO doesn't hold any shares despite helming the company........no sense of belonging.
4) Huge goodwill amount not write off yet...........probably from future profits if there is and left with losses for next few years and more.

Just my concerns for those really wanna follow buy calls from some sifu here.


2019-10-08 16:51 | Report Abuse

Posted by miniminer > Oct 8, 2019 4:47 PM | Report Abuse

No many chance can get history low @0.015, below RI price? somewhat the queue is clear. This bet, maximum loss 0.015, high chance of 100% profit if coming Q if turn profit (Dreaming), if price come to NTA price 0.08 - +400% profits, this counter is now only suitable for gambler....hehehe..........

You're right...............you are gambling with this stock.....


2019-10-08 16:40 | Report Abuse

Dr Yeoh are having issues with the Mgmt.............if not he wont resigned after just joining the company and when the company gaining traction.


2019-10-08 16:31 | Report Abuse

Posted by 5354_ > Oct 8, 2019 3:20 PM | Report Abuse

HSR give to CREC-Vivo in Budget 2020?

HSR won't be revive so soon.....forget the Budget 2020.

Even if HSR scaled down and given to CREC..............the pie doesn't and won't go the VIVOCOM............what is the strong point and reason VIVOCOM will get it? Because of Dr Yeoh connections long long time ago?.

All already history for VIVOCOM.........so get on with life and accept the painful reality.


2019-10-05 10:39 | Report Abuse

Before investing into Vivocom you need to ask the Board 2 simple questions:

1) What are the ongoing properties projects on hand.........i means the viable ones and not abandoned or suspended.

2) What consists in the Accounts Receivable that runs over +200 over millions in the book?........how much from abandoned and not collectable and going to write off and how much is genuine collectable.

If you can gets the above information and you think is feasible, then invest whatever you have into the stock.

If you can't get the answer from the Board and the answer is shaddy, please don't waste you time and monies in the stock.


2019-10-03 11:01 | Report Abuse

from their last 4 qtrs the net profit is on the uptrend except the 4th one where there is impairment of assets written off resulting in losses for the 4th qtr.

Going forward, i foresee a net profit of 3mil per qtr or 12mil per annum.......just my opinion.


2019-09-30 19:52 | Report Abuse

Nigel Foo the one forecast vivocom tp 0.75?


2019-09-30 16:42 | Report Abuse

how high can go?..............unless got new projects coming.


2019-09-05 10:26 | Report Abuse

Main Board transfer is one of the company agenda since listing in the ACE Market, with graduation to Main Board the company can be target of various funds which is not accessible previously under ACE.


2019-08-24 08:55 | Report Abuse

There is no yardstick to measure whether you're buying high or low. I have one bought at 10.80 and another bought at 26.00 (the high point that time), but now it is 40.50.

So it depend how you see the biz and the mgmt..........so far it outperforms the market and the price is rock solid despite the KLCI index from 1800 points when change of govt to 1580 points during the trade war.

Just the dividend alone i have collected back half of my average cost...))


2019-08-23 21:40 | Report Abuse

Yes the ceo should shoulder the responsibilities. But until now he doesn't seem to take responsibility. He don't even hold any shares too.


2019-08-23 13:08 | Report Abuse

Posted by Useless > Aug 23, 2019 9:45 AM | Report Abuse

Most useless is Darth. 7000 posts here no help Vivo.

I think you guys should refocus on your investment instead of blaming someone.

The company suppose to help the investors to gain value on their investment and not someone in the forum. We all here to keep toe on the company progress and questions the Board/Company...))

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2019-08-15 13:30 | Report Abuse

GenM is buying the most important is gaming license, locality, synergies and branding in a good tourism location and the price doesn't even full blown price if they're going to built from scratch like that is happening to Genting Resort World.


2019-08-10 11:14 | Report Abuse

dont hope...........hopeless stock......to heavy with big shares base.


2019-08-10 11:12 | Report Abuse

The Mgmt is doing nothing to add value to the stock price. The reserves that can distributed as bonus shares is more than the capital based. At least they should announce bonus to shareholders rather than give those miniscule dividend. Write to the Mgmt in 2018 but answer is pathetic.........we give dividend and that's consider rewarding shareholders.

Hope this time they either declare bonus shares.))


2019-08-07 10:24 | Report Abuse

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2019-08-05 15:08 | Report Abuse

Posted by 100000024310431 > Aug 5, 2019 12:03 PM | Report Abuse

do not buy!!!!!wait Vivoforever1 and tkl88 explain why buy?

This is truth.)


2019-08-03 11:03 | Report Abuse

Posted by Dinasd123 > Aug 3, 2019 10:59 AM | Report Abuse

Pukimak Trump, send killer terminate him

No need, when he had a bad calls, buy.

When he had a good call, sell.


2019-08-03 10:18 | Report Abuse

Their biz is in Ai Automation and i believe after almost 10 days of downturn and almost near the IPO price of 16sen, it will rebound...........will grab some next week depending market condition. But long term should be okay to made some from this stock.


2019-08-02 16:46 | Report Abuse

Alot of investors kena big time by George...........dammed him. Fake invoices for purchasing plants & machineries from bond issuance.


2019-07-29 19:02 | Report Abuse

G3 concerned egm to approve share grant scheme to directors. The beer is really brewing.


2019-07-29 15:58 | Report Abuse

Posted by Mdnizam > Jul 29, 2019 3:44 PM | Report Abuse

Asiabio linked company active today Focus,Netx,Vsolar . Today big volume Credit Suisse buying....

Credit Suiise is opportunist funds manager. They won't push up any stocks for that matter.

So no big deal they bought or sell.....because their aim is good returns for their funds.


2019-07-29 10:16 | Report Abuse

Since Sense Time is partnering G3 in AI, they cannot gain access to G3 which is tightly held by Top 30 shareholders namely Gpacket 32.00% and Global Man Capital 32.04% and some others. So the cheap effective ways is through Gpacket itself. For me, the 72mil or 16% of warrants traded off market at 20sen is indication of something brewing in the background.

The rest of the tickets could be buying from the market which indicated the high volume of Gpacket. ...))


2019-07-29 09:53 | Report Abuse

Posted by face > Jul 29, 2019 9:49 AM | Report Abuse

Based on 32% stake in G3, Green Packet is now worth RM 1.50

Don't mislead investors that Gpacket worth that much.

Their 32% only worth 397mil based on G3 3.00 price......and add-on 0.44sen to Gpacket NTA.

Gpacket latest NTA is only 0.17sen +0.46sen (G3) = 63 sen.


2019-07-28 19:49 | Report Abuse

Warrant shell life still long way. 14sen in my opinion can hold. No right or wrong. You made own decision ya.


2019-07-27 21:51 | Report Abuse

Gpacket won't hive off G3, the most just sell some stake to any new taker. If they really do, gpacket shareholders will get some special dividend.


2019-07-27 20:38 | Report Abuse

Since someone buying 72mil gpacket warrant at 20sen, the same person could been mopping up gpacket shares too to have a stake and indirectly access G3.


2019-07-27 20:36 | Report Abuse

Since sense time tie up with G3, it is logical they will want control. Cheapest entry is thru buying gpacket instead of G3. G3 only have less than 4%float in the market.