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6 days ago | Report Abuse

What's happen to TM? Heard rumor there are conflicts between staff and top management. TM physical assets need proper maintenances. Very bad if under-cover operation issues kept under carpet. It will explode sooner or later.


2 months ago | Report Abuse

No dividend policy and won't pay dividend.


2 months ago | Report Abuse

Why this counter still solid? Did not fall below RM8.


2022-02-28 14:19 | Report Abuse

5G supplied by TM?


2022-01-05 17:24 | Report Abuse

once drop, it will take another 5 years cycle to recover again


2022-01-05 17:23 | Report Abuse

don worry tm will drop again if jaringan failed and TM will be asked to take over and absorb all the loses.


2021-10-20 23:56 |

Post removed.Why?


2020-09-14 23:47 | Report Abuse

We always have our own preference. Then just choose based on what we prefer.


2020-09-11 09:54 | Report Abuse

So far I got no problem with unifi and already used for long time already.


2020-03-18 16:46 | Report Abuse

What fundamental do this counter have? Can this counter turn to PN17?


2020-03-16 09:49 | Report Abuse

Wait first... let them meeting first who will get the share maaa..


2019-01-14 11:48 |

Post removed.Why?


2018-12-26 15:42 |

Post removed.Why?


2013-11-01 14:56 | Report Abuse

Bullbear, what do you want to say? Recession @ Depression @ Correction??

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2013-09-04 15:05 | Report Abuse

Just wondering.... Can we do anything???

I'm a bit worried, when view this blog http://mylifeinvest.blogspot.com/2013/09/congratulation-petrol-ron-95-and-diesel.html ; Highest possibility electricity tariff will be revised and implemented before year end. Then 1% tariff hike will immediately realize due to SEDA Act.

Then, BLR also sooner will be revised. I did check with few bank already that personal loan interest for private 8.5-9% but funny, the government sector the interest between 3.8-4.5% and with negotiation you can even get 3.5%.

Why this happen? Different policy being implemented... so funny.


2013-06-18 12:05 | Report Abuse

Sold all take profit @0.305. Wait for correction.


2013-05-07 16:28 | Report Abuse

Ha!x5, Danok seat... kelakau lah Namoyaki. Black out land or Malabanlenepalomyianesia land seat munch more super better than Danok since you can get kill there if try to cheat. Malabanlenepalomyianesia can mah!


2013-04-08 15:55 | Report Abuse

Be careful with election nomination date. Last run before election?


2013-03-20 09:07 | Report Abuse

Oooo... I see. Exibition page..



2013-03-20 08:46 | Report Abuse

Hi Yowtp. Sounds like you work with Patimas, do you?

If got insider information then good to understand the company better. Company in PN17, if no good plan then finally delisted. Hopefully not.


2013-03-19 17:09 | Report Abuse

hopefully... good at least good dividend pay...


2013-03-19 10:02 | Report Abuse

atyl...??? Still not sell yet???

I stuck before in this counter. Luckily able to clear out my hoding this round.

Now this counter in PN17. Pray hard. Really Hope, God bless you...



2013-03-18 23:06 | Report Abuse

Please don't accuse anybody if no evidence.


2013-03-17 14:35 | Report Abuse

I believe this is not google plan but patimas plan. Google will workout with any party want to sell their product. It is not a status quo. Cloud computing will boost data center business. There ara many data center in Malaysia. Telekom Malaysia is the one that I know provide data center services for many MNC and banking. Patimas case I'm not sure how big is their market share in data center business.

And what I know, Google do have direct line link to Telekom Malaysia. So where is Google Server with address www.google.com.my mounted. I don't think it is at Patimas.


2013-03-02 08:29 | Report Abuse

Dear bingo can you add me as well razmry@gmail.com

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2013-02-25 18:13 | Report Abuse

Just get news from few friends in GLC. Najib ask all GLC pay employee bonus before election and with higher rate. No wonder, why Axiata announce share/capital repayment. Do they now "cashing" out the money? Still wondering why?

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2013-02-22 15:00 | Report Abuse

Wy Lee,

Thanks for the explanation. I try to understand, some of us come here I3 to get more information about stock counter and to invest with our saving to get more profit to cover our living expenses that price up tremendously lately.

If our country debt is uncontrolled, then the government need to rise tax, increase BLR, RM value become lower etc-etc, so what happen to us? Do the salary we get now enough for living for most of us especially those who work in private sector? How about our retirement time those who deposit in EPF? Do our EPF will grow enough for our retirement as cost of living keep rising?

I try to understand the scenario that happened, to decide what should I do in my future investment plan.

Thank in advance for your answer.

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2013-02-22 10:56 | Report Abuse


I taught our Malaysia debt/GDP reaching 57% already... http://mylifeinvest.blogspot.com/ the info from this blog refer to http://www.economist.com/content/global_debt_clock.

Which one is accurate then. What will happen to Malaysia economy then if Debt/GDP reaching its alarming point.

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2013-02-22 10:13 | Report Abuse

Mr. Ooi...

Hi!x5... Please don't become a ghost okey. To many ghost already.

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2013-02-21 14:29 | Report Abuse

I would pray for better Malaysia in future for my family, my kids and my future grandchildren family and for my future after life.

I'm quite doubt in our national debt. How to pay those debt since our natural resources depleting.

To pay our own debt also taking time but to pay other people debt make me frightened.

Anyone have ideas how to make a loan for investment then get help government to write off the loan later?


2013-02-21 09:52 | Report Abuse

Wow! Still many play contra at this period of time. Salute!

Now waiting for a clear signal... to put some investment... Index looks like will touch 1600, is this it new support level? Anyone?


2013-02-20 00:04 | Report Abuse

Sideline for quite some while already...

Sharks cashing out.... now looking for good stock to buy... Hopefully this time to get good opportunity to find better counter...

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2013-02-19 15:17 | Report Abuse

I stopped my view up to here about this topic and future investment related to this topic.


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2013-02-19 14:43 | Report Abuse

I think most of us wrongly judge between races. We didn't understand why harmonisation between races not 100% happened. Main reason is the way the ruler do now is what imperialist done before "divide and rule".

So to control and get support, even though the ruler is severely corrupted but the "rakyat" afraid to make a change. Why? Because our mind already being brain wash so long and each race have worst taught over the other races. An example a guy either Chinese/malay/indian current corrupted ruler when they go to the opposite race talk other things but when go back to their races give other taught. Defamation too much and even difficult for us to judge correctly.

I believe, what ever type your believe in god, then go back to the principal of the actual teaching. What ever taught and believe you have, it is about future after life. Wrong or right it is our believe and some people say that will be judged in the judgement day.

For now we need to make a judgement to what we believe. We want a change then make vote for change. If vice versa it is your choice, me my self salute and respect your choice. For me I vote for change since I saw tooooo much unfairness in this systems from economy distribution, living, education, tax system and etc. I hope and pray for the better future. Who knows may be it is vice versa could come but it is just like and investment, with proper study assessment then do our own judgement.

Your believe is your choice. Good Luck...


2013-02-19 10:41 | Report Abuse

At this period of time, Patimas can maintain at 0.08... not bad!

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2013-02-18 15:27 | Report Abuse


If you keen to become Malaysia Citizen, I think this is the right time for you. You just find out UMNO branch near you, I believe they can give you free IC but you must willing to become UMNO member first. That what was happened to one of middle east student in one of klang valley university.

I think you should try this. Best luck to you.


2013-02-18 10:05 | Report Abuse

crownford, can I know who is the majority share holder of KHSB?

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2013-02-18 09:50 | Report Abuse

We should agree that we believe what we agree to believe..

We invest or trade based on we believe that the counter will rise up to gain profit... vice versa we sell our share when we believe it will drop drown..

We also invest our future life with what we believe who will bring wealth and excellent social life in our country than your vote is your investment.. Some people believe BR1M, Brank, Brung is worth for their living, others believe with fair economic systems, no corruption will bring brighter fair economic future for all Malaysian... Then you make your own future investment by not voting or vote anyone that you believe at..

We invest for our sustainable future social life with a fair judgement systems. Do you believe Protection can be cure by Punishment? Then what punishment? We now see a lot of social problems from gangsterism, defamationisme, corruptionism, crimemism and etc without any cure.. then you should invest with your vote... what ever vote you make it is what you believe in..

We invest for after life in what we believe in... Some believe in Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and many other faith that we believe in. I what essence you believe in it won't be the same even though some people think about harmonisation... My believe won't be the same what you believe in.. So just believe with what you believe then understand deeply with what you believe... because the profit we gain is for our after life, true or not it is our investment.

So, what ever we do is our investment and usually what we do, is what we believed in. To understand more to what we believe then do homework, study and make an assessment. Other people can only give their views professionally with what the understand and believe. So when you make a wrong decision then it is your decision. Our money if our ways to invest. If you believe with other people call with good counters, then at last is you decision to believe or no. What is the input? It is from the information you get - what was previously happened (history), was is happening (NOW) and what will happen next (Future). Judge the information yourself, look from the past, current and what will happen next to you, to your family and your future grandson family...

Your believe is your way, invest carefully.... Happy Investing...


2013-02-16 23:13 | Report Abuse

We wait and see what will happen since the games already started...

One side want it being done sooner...

The other side sabotage the plan.. to make sure it is failed...

Some people says politic is dirty... and it is dirty when it is manipulated by dirty politician and people accept dirt is part of politic.. When people have a correct and right faith then politic is cleaned.. Politic is all about the judgement...

What will KHSB be in this period of time, Mr. Ooi already gave a good explaination. Thank Mr Ooi, the question should I collect at this period of time or wait until GE turbulence clear?


2013-02-16 23:01 | Report Abuse

I think MB want to save Selangor land for their people since the valuation may be cheaper at this moment. Secondly, it is about the water fighting.

Why the other parties campaign not to support this taking over and ask minorities share holder I think to sell their share cheaper? Do other devil that we know start collect to sabotage Selangor plan? I believe they will do anything now to sabotage what ever PR Plan for rakyat to make a damage to PR good image now.

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2013-02-16 02:06 | Report Abuse

Bro necro, you have right for not voting...

He!x5, hope no ghost borrow your IC.

I heard, Government servant will have new salary and allowance hike...

In terms of increment I happy for them. But in terms of private workers paying higher tax is something that I think private workers need to fight for their right. I agree with what this blogger opinion you pay tax but you get nothing;

I oso try to think what do I get? So far still can't find anything yet.. May be once retired I will use government hospital benefit if it still not privatize. Ha!x5 last year I paid RM22K of income tax...

Where will the money comes to support new operation cost? If the salary rise but good price increase more than what we can afford, so what the point? May be in future our currency will become like Indonesia.

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2013-02-15 16:03 | Report Abuse

Necro, not voting also a vote... it is a choice... so just use your right for not voting...

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2013-02-15 16:01 | Report Abuse

Necro, My joke, I think GOMEN can reduce country debt many ways as example the most possible. (I) Get PETRONAS to support any company at loss or laggard business link to politician such MISC, may be after this PETRON, (ii) Sell land such in Johor, (iii) increase income tax or introduce more tax... Ha!x5..

Another way around Malaysian people can help government by just a simple way they can do.... use their vote, vote for change... government actually is the people... Ha!x5..

Joke only my fren...


2013-02-14 09:26 | Report Abuse

Emmm... bail out in the making now...