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*( Whish icon8888's Blog 红过 Steven Chow, reader's 次次买股如中 Pbb)* 你最好, 妳最红啊, 您更好呀 :)    
祝 火候年 行大运


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Same to you Ven


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U r wlcn. Icon8888 ,,, huat ah :)


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Huat ah.


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Huat ah

Ven Felix

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* May the Monkey King Be With Us in 2016 *

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Real good , real balance and still growing.


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***************** PROSPECT OF THE JHM GROUP ***********************

[ Crop partialy from 04/02/16 4th EGM circular notice ]

With the expanded business entity primarily involved in designing and manufacturing of electronic printed circuit boards assembly through surface-mount technology and operation capacity expansion undertaken by the Group during the FYE 2015, the Group has secured new customers from both the local and overseas companies and broaden the customer base to reduce its dependency on a major customer. The revenue generated from new overseas companies represents approximately 6% of the Group’s total revenue for the FYE 2015.
The Board is optimistic that the performance of the Group should improve due to the following factors:

(a) the improvement of demand in the E&E industry;

(b) the expansion of the Group’s production capacity with an additional of five (5)
advanced and efficient surface-mount technology production lines to the Group’s
existing two (2) lines. Accordingly, the production capacity has increased from 12 million
mount points per month to100 million mount points per month, representing an increase
of approximately 7 times from the FYE 2014 to the FYE 2015; and

(c) increase in the secured orders in hand during the financial year ended 2015.

(Source: The management of JHM)

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