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Posted by sbg3106 > 2018-03-03 07:02 | Report Abuse

same to HRC. I hope it drops back to RM9 for HRC.

Posted by Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes > 2018-03-03 07:13 | Report Abuse

More u wait, suddently it fly


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Posted by feet > 2018-03-03 09:17 | Report Abuse

before goreng up along with hengyuan, petronm was at RM8++ only. no more super good margin.


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Posted by Halite > 2018-03-03 16:42 | Report Abuse

Chart changes everyday but the fundamental of a company will not change overnight. If you think it is a good buy, you must start accumulating when the price is reasonable and buy more when the price drops further.
I believe most of the right thinking investors of petronm will agree with me, the fair value of petronm is worth more than RM15. At the current price of 10.50, the market has offered you a 30% discount. Which business around you can provide you such a margin.
Waiting is good but keep on waiting lower and lower can be the biggest weakness in your successful investment
my successful trading experience in both hengyuan and petronm last year said everything. You must start doing something when the price is cheap Not keep waiting lower and lower. Then you missed, turn into sour grape and start cursing this person that person and work very hard sharing misleading information and fear.

Jack Kong

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Posted by Jack Kong > 2018-03-06 02:12 | Report Abuse

Today closed at 9.72.

Jack Kong

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Posted by Jack Kong > 2018-03-06 02:17 | Report Abuse

Fundamental just telling you part of the story, technical will tell you another part of the story.


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Posted by NoPlayBall > 2018-03-06 06:27 | Report Abuse

@Jack Kong
Great accurate reading of the charts, spot on ! pls keep us posted , thank u !


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Posted by NoPlayBall > 2018-03-14 15:31 | Report Abuse

@Jack Kong,.. great analysis..thank U !

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