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Posted by win-win > 2019-10-17 21:04 | Report Abuse

From my understanding, PAT of MTAG should be like that.

PAT FY2016: RM15.9 million
PAT FY2017: RM22.6 million +42%
PAT FY2018: RM47.5 million +110%
PAT FY2019: RM32.9 million -31%

PG.26 — PAT 2016-2018

PG.1 — PAT 2019 (unaudited)

And the current PE should be 10.
RM32.9 mil/681.62 mil shares = 4.8 sen (EPS)


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Posted by ming > 2019-10-17 21:07 | Report Abuse

lamborghini Gang


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Posted by shpg22 > 2019-10-17 21:48 | Report Abuse

Label and printing walao...such a hi tech industry with unlimited growth

Posted by EatCoconutCanWin > 2019-10-17 22:15 | Report Abuse

Good article. Tomorrow gap up...yeah


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Posted by apolloang > 2019-10-17 22:48 | Report Abuse

uncle koon will not buy new IPO stocks cos he don't know the history of the company

Posted by abduljabbar85 > 2019-10-18 05:57 | Report Abuse

so many conpetitor to compete for the pie of business with MTAG

Posted by EatCoconutCanWin > 2019-10-18 06:18 | Report Abuse

Maybe Kyy give a try. Good company progress , nothing to worry.


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Posted by leechen88 > 2019-10-18 06:43 | Report Abuse

Vs pe 15.8, skp pe 17 , aitms pe 17, fpgroup pe 20, greatech pe 25, istone pe24, mtag pe 7-10 only ? ? ?


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Posted by KSLI > 2019-10-18 09:32 | Report Abuse

ok i oso in here.


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Posted by ChoCho > 2019-10-18 10:02 | Report Abuse

for similar industry comparison, maybe refer to KOMARK.


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Posted by pang72 > 2019-10-18 13:27 | Report Abuse

All mtag swap to Istone...

The new miss universal!!

Posted by birkincollector > 2019-10-18 14:03 | Report Abuse

Pang i feel like every time u start to shout price drop lol


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Posted by pang72 > 2019-10-18 17:23 | Report Abuse

Don't you see it up 2.5c today?? I shout few days ago

I just take my profit as usual..

Go to Istone which is yet to touch 30c..


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Posted by pang72 > 2019-10-18 17:23 | Report Abuse

Only next week will hit 30c...
So we all buy big big today..


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Posted by pang72 > 2019-10-18 17:33 | Report Abuse

Istone is doing the same business as Penta and Vitrox.
Automated test machine..
It is only 25.5c today..

I am scare to compare to Penta or vitrox because rm4. 8 for penta or rm8 for vitrox..

Do you know how scary of my earning if rm4. 8..

But be realistic...

37.5c to be our destination before hitting rm1. 00!

Michael Kwok

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Posted by Michael Kwok > 2019-10-18 19:13 | Report Abuse

Sometimes earning can be cook up for listing.Please becareful.Put value of 60 cents range.But 60 over cent range always bad luck if its do not follow by strong earning.For the cash,90 over millions build a factory with cutting edge tech need 1.5 years to 2.5 years.Can Its mantain strong earning is another question.


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Posted by pang72 > 2019-10-18 20:06 | Report Abuse

This is the beauty of stock market.
I bought in Greatech, knm and mtag so I earn money...
I switch all to Istone. Let's see am I earn money..

You are scare too much of unnecessary scare.


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Posted by pang72 > 2019-10-18 20:08 | Report Abuse

Greatech 70c... Everyone scold me of not understand industrial 4.0...it rally.

Knm... High debt.. It rally...

Mtag... Jump water during ipo.... Now rebound...

Today 3 stocks to one... Istone...

Let's see how good is its industrial 4.0 rally againt Greatech and uwc..


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Posted by calvintaneng > 2019-10-19 15:07 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by chkhooju > 2019-10-19 22:27 | Report Abuse

It's plain fantasy!

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