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The ranking of greatest pure glove stocks now Aug 26th :
# 1 Supermx
# 3 Carepls
# 4 Kossan, a far distance 4th


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Posted by pysa2020 > 2020-08-27 06:40 | Report Abuse


a) Trumps treatment comment.

1) How long do you think it takes to manufacture enough vaccines economically to serve the worlds population? affordability is an issue as prices will rise with demand as you stock traders know. Within the populace, unless given free, the rich with medical insurance say in USA can pay but the poor???? so does it stop the spread?

2) Gloves manufacturing will not meet demand for at least another year after vaccine is 'found". Then again with the mutation of the virus, hope the find one that fits all strains. otherwise, keep producing gloves.

3) the signs that international travel will not happen for another minimum 6 months is telling. I just had an email from MAS cancelling my flight again. No telling when it will be resumed. Qantas said all flights only likely end next year

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PureBULL ... The ranking of greatest pure glove stocks now Aug 26th :
# 1 Supermx
# 3 Carepls
# 4 Kossan, a far distance 4th
27/08/2020 6:03 AM

I agree

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Good writing.tq

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thks pysa2020, Glovetheng91 n EatCoconutCanWin for the visits,

CONSOLIDATION period is tough.
But my guru said: tough times never last, tough pple do.
Tis now like a W. At times it can be triple bottom.
Endurance test needs a few more mkt days to make the mkt solid like a runway.
ROSY days r ahead .,.

Posted by financesharinghomie > 2020-08-27 14:21 | Report Abuse

gloves is over. this is the beginning of the end. please take profit and hold your cash. A market crash is imminent, inevitable and extremely painful to take


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previously from financesharinghomie:


look at this guys,


If PCHEM is willing to invest into a new NB Latex material plant, which only assumes production in 2023.. do you think PCHEM is stupid?
This NB Latex material plant will supply the core raw material for nitrile gloves production, which means what?
Which means:

1) PCHEM (malaysia's future) believes in the increasing demand for gloves materials (ie specialty chemicals) - at least for the next 10-20 years.
Nobody will invest into building such a big plant just to operate for 3-5 years.. And partnering with who? LG Chem Korea.

2) All malaysia's glove companies will be able to source for cheaper raw material from this new generation complex.. so... ALL GLOVE COMPANIES cost of production will be... LOWER!!
Which means even if the ASP of gloves will grow slower, the cost has greatly reduced!
In simple economics this means the profit margin of gloves will be much HIGHER!!!

3) Believe in Malaysia. Believe in Gloves. Be proud of Buatan Malaysia!
Malaysia Boleh!

I hope all malaysians will be having a very happy merdeka and also continue strong growth for overall malaysian economy.

We want vaccine to be out soon, so that we can focus more on growing malaysia companies and improve the quality of every Malaysian lives.

Long Live Malaysia Gloves! :D


Sunra88: i like your rotiprata, ready to eat already?


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This is a signal, Kossan n Harta r ready on taxi to the runway.
Both r awaiting for Topglov then Supermx .,.
Expect good sentiment on last mkt day of Aug month, the crucial day .,.

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