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Posted by calvintaneng > 2021-11-29 02:56 | Report Abuse

Monday is the best time to buy more Malaysian palm oil shares as all the world oil palm stocks still in uptrend bullrun due to very high Rapeseed/canola oil prices which upheld Cpo prices

and food is still a recession proof basic necessity


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Posted by stockraider > 2021-11-29 07:25 | Report Abuse

All of us know that plantation share traded at huge discount to its historical PE valuation, despite reporting earth shattering record profit due to very strong record cpo prices, but bcos of ESG concern( that are actually unfounded} the mkt is ignoring palmoil stock loh!

Thus as a savvy investors, we need to be Contraian & rational loh!
If funds ignore palmoil stock, thus we can pick it up as a bargain as its fundamental are good investment mah!

Contraian Investor will enjoy good earnings & strong dividends which is the main basic fundamental of all investment in share mah!

Just think logically lah....u actually invest in stock for income mah....not really invest bcos of ESG lah!

Even if u r the minority who invest base on ESG as a sole criteria, if the investment do not generate good return in the long run, u r still screwed mah!

Palmoil is a food & and industrial product....the most efficient vege oil & fats input in the world mah!

Suppose u do not use palm oil & use soya oil instead as an alternative....u need to plant 8x more land to produce the equivalent palmoil mah!

But then soya oil will have even more ESG concern than palmoil mah!

Just imagine At the end, the world wil be paying more for vege oil & fats at the same time degrade the environment even more loh!

Thus it is only logical that the ESG concern on palmoil stock are unfounded given they are no better alternative for better oil & fats thus palmoil is still the best mah!

Thus rationally if u invest in palmoil stock u are protected the ESG, bcos it is the most efficient, at the same time u earn super decent dividend mah!

Furthermore u r well protected from inflation bcos plantation is a proxy of investing in cheap land...a very scarce resources mah!
in this world loh!

Unless u want to migrate to MARS to find new land loh!

Lu Tau Boh ?

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