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Posted by DickyMe > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

This envoy is getting louder and bordering in meddling in Malaysian civil administration.


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Posted by Tobby > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

Please stop protecting undocumented workers! Send them back immediately if caught! What government can do is to charge employers who employ undocumented workers in court! If government allow undocumented workers legal right for unpaid wages, then you have influx of undocumented to come in!


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Posted by i3lurker > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

of course undocumented workers must be given
identity cards
land for free
free house to stay
free clothes
free food
free water
free electricity
free internet
free vaccine
free bus services
free MRT/LRT services
free train services
free flights
monthly allowance
free medical at government clinics
free susu for anak to achieve population of 170 million to become the majority race in Malaysia to rule over "others"


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Posted by chinaman > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

MY's biggest threat is uncontrolled millions of Indon, Bangla, Pinoy workers. One day, they asked for independence, let's see how Taliban gomen will handle it


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Posted by chinaman > 1 week ago | Report Abuse

The Indonesia–Malaysia confrontation or Borneo confrontation was an armed conflict from 1963 to 1966 that stemmed from Indonesia's opposition to the creation of the Federation of Malaysia. After Indonesian president Sukarno was deposed in 1966, the dispute ended peacefully and the nation of Malaysia was formed.

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