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Posted by TakeProfits > 2023-02-07 17:26 | Report Abuse

Sorry to hear you hold 100k units of Revenue! I would not want to be in your shoes, but hope is all you have..Could all this be handled in a better way to resolve the situation. !!
Good lucky!


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Posted by fortunefire > 2023-02-07 17:41 | Report Abuse

Revenue is once manipulated by some Gurus who mislead the retail investors and now get trapped there.

Posted by Stock beginner > 2023-02-08 17:02 | Report Abuse

Agreed with your view. I don't side any Ngs, but definitely no property development.
Why invest in Revenue when there is plenty of property company like Sunway, Ecoworld,Setia with such high PE.


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Posted by 914601117 > 2023-02-09 03:06 | Report Abuse

Revenue must diversify because Taobao already has cross exchange rate with RM since 4Q2022

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