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Posted by FortuneBull777 > 2023-08-07 21:12 | Report Abuse

Actually, Anwar reply was justified! Indeed i saw the little girl with high tower attitude flashing victim card with idealism of meritocracy! meritocracy doesn't work! If put in full practice, the underprivilege will never step into public universities! My advise to those wanting to go to public universities, sit for STPM! You surely get a place like my son! Only my son turn it down for offer from Singapore!

Posted by tingpangeng > 2023-08-08 07:21 | Report Abuse

In order to encourage students to sit for stpm , it has to be treated same as matriculation for qualifications entry into local U. Not talked about meritocracy but treats STPM result same for choosing the favourite undergraduate subjects not the current practice of subjects will go to matriculations and left over for STPM


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Posted by Sslee > 2023-08-08 07:43 | Report Abuse

Matriculation is a backdoor design for certain group of people to enter certain courses in local university.

If you admit certain people that is not qualify to do a certain course then you need to open another back door (KPK) to help them to graduate.

After graduate due to their lack of indept knowledge, you need to open another back door to employ and promote them to admin.


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Posted by speakup > 2023-08-08 07:46 | Report Abuse

Back door = back side = ass


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Posted by Sslee > 2023-08-08 07:46 | Report Abuse

The back door is designed by Tun M and now you know why Malaysians love back door. It is a short cut to success.


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Posted by super168 > 2023-08-08 08:39 | Report Abuse

That's why many governments comes from Backdoor. And obtained success in ransacking the country's coffer. Hardly any qualification, cannot speak at international forums. No shame government. Now the people must think carefully, who to lead. Out country is destroyed for years.

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-08-13 19:14 | Report Abuse

All becos himself is a backdoor mmlay who buries his root.


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Posted by DickyMe > 2023-08-13 21:02 | Report Abuse

"Most despicable are those who don't deliver their promise after winning election.
Always recycling same excuse. When you give excuse, your insincerity for reform is glaring.
When you have excuse, you have identified the problem. When you repeat the same excuse for decades, it shows your policies are not working or simply no effort to change. I believe there is no effort to change but to play appeasement politics."

A policy not delivering expected result should be in a sewerage pond and not recycled!

Posted by EngineeringProfit > 2023-08-13 21:06 | Report Abuse

Yes, that's why he now deserves to go through another 15 years behind the bar

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