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Let's face it! Malaysia need to introduce EV as mainstream or else we will be left behind!
The cheapest EV available is not priced at 90K! Which is a good entry price for middleclass! Charging stations also saw nice ramp up of late!
However, it's up to the government to be more proactive! Norway is the first nation to fully embrace EVs despite been huge oil exporter!
For Malaysia, our oil exports will run out less than a decade! In fact government won't be able to continue subsidizing our domestic demand for fuel much longer!
What government need to do is to push for private and public universities to introduce EV related courses!

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It's not just for domestic need but also for malaysians with such knowledge and skills to be employed elsewhere! The demand will skyrocket in coming years!
China adoption of EV is at unbelievable rate! And the chinese China have hundred of brands to choose from nowadays! However, exports of EVs to other countries remain limited due to huge domestic demand!
This is why, Proton and Perodua need to go hybrid as soon as possible! Indeed both Proton and Perodua already offering hybrid at the moment but they need to make it more affordable for the masses!
Personally i don't like hybrid but perhaps this is the best option at the moment given limited supply of EVs!


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klang valley mosttly in apartments, no charging.

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Qqq! Yeah, indeed! That's why hybrid is better option for them!

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However, i think installing charger in apartment parking lots is not impossible! They can do with those hanging on ceilling type but the cost of installing extra wires are indeed high!


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Need to be done by legislations for developers and management committee


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hard to implement when government not fully supportive


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hard to implement when government not fully supportive

the ball is in their court and they are lazy.


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韩媒曝台积电这一事泄警讯 三星有机可乘


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EV in Malaysia will never get full force as Malaysia need to protect their Golden Goose Petronas


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Instead of EV, Hybrid should also be given priority, as it give longer range per L of petrol, n thus release less CO2, the ultimate goal of promoting EV adoption is for environment, hybrid is a good transition


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toyota stick to hybrid strategy in China . Did not work out well for them.


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there many charging stations.. here elek.. many stay condo. how to have charging station in condo parking?
you solve this problem only say limit up.


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yeah, put charging points in shopping complex just for show.

no solve condo problem, every thing else just for show.

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