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Latest China data painted a shocking revelation! I think CCP never anticipate that one fine day, they are no longer the most competitive manufacturing of things!
For years now we heard about US moving their supply chain out of China! But it hardly dent China PMI! But now, it's totally different! It really hit china hard!
Reportedly, more than a million factories have close shop for good during and post China dumbass lockdown!
And the umemployment among China's youth is shockingly high! So high that even super low barring fruit jobs are quickly taken by graduates!
Even in Shanghai itself, the unemployment is very worrying!
So much so that even Chairman Xi nowadays somewhat scale and tone down his global ambition!
Even more worrying, many mega projects especially HSR new additional lines are immediately stop!
It's all tell tale signs that things are not good in China at the moment!
You can't chunk out goods if there's no buyers and if there's no buyers, you can't operate factories!
So you have million of factories dying to operate but no potential buyers to place orders!

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No, it's not because of global recession or whatever, it's because US based companies are now producing their products anywhere but China!
I mean, with so much constant worry of Taiwan invasion, US sanction, new BRIC currency and so forth, surely EU and US don't want to lose their currency as major trading reserve!
There's always repercussion! And China is only beginning to feel such repercussion!
However, with China superior EV industry, something that the rest of the world are unable to replicate, I am very sure EV industry will be China main driver going forward!
But having said that, China has to somewhat handle the difficult task ahead as hundred of millions of chinese China may be out of job for a long time!

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China is now in totally different economic situation! I say, very difficult situation! Honestly, if i was the leader of China right now, i would just step down and handover to the next fall guy!
In short, Chairman Xi is now leading a new China, China minus US! Minus EU!
Unfortunately BRIC are group of manufacturers! Now group of buyers!
Question is, can China tap into Asia markets which has 60% of global population! Even if China can, then China will have to accept much lower revenue compare to what China is getting from US!

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In essence, China is going into deflation! A downsizing China! A mighty China turning into midget China!

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In few years time, US no longer need China to produce their cheap fix! Because, there's several countries that able to produce the same only less problematic!


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You are right CCP wrong strategy to challenge the entire world. Global supply restructuring is happening. Deflation, housing loan bad debt, jobless and technology banned will last long enough. CCP golden year has gone. 3 years MCO in China make their people suffer and poor.


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In a world suffering from inflation citizens every where would love some disinflation.....the USD has lost 98% of it's purchasing power since fed begun


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Inflation hurts the poor disproportionately


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If u are rich what is a little inflation? But if u are poor it's the difference between full stomach and going hungry


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Only qqq will consider negative asset is good. RMB has dropped his value from 6.3 to 7.1 after those jokers promote dollar devaluation.

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Qqq! Things are not well in China! I doubt things will turn around! The only robust industry is EV which China will dominant the world! But for cheap goods, all will be manufactured outside of China!
Textile, bangladesh is now world leader! Shoes, Vietnam produce better quality! Indonesia, heck any dumbass can work in factories and Indonesia has abundant of them!

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Alot of mega projects in China have been halted! No money! Because, there's no new investment from US and EU!

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