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Khairy career as politician is already over! He took way too long to decide his future direction! And in Malaysia, if you don't know sentiment on the ground, you are tossed!
Indeed Umno is already dead! Coming state elections will see total wipeout of Umno! There won't be GE16 for Umno!
Only now Khairy express his desire to set up his own party! But stand alone party won't go anyway!
When Mohiden was sacked from Umno, he set up Bersatu almost immediately! And PH was there to back up Bersatu! So instantly Bersatu got vote bank from PH voters! Even then, Bersatu only won less than a dozen seats!
As for Khairy, his new party doesn't have any backing from BN, PN or PH! So Khairy has zero vote bank to start with! And Khairy has plenty of skeleton to exploit! In fact two of Khairy portfolio as minister were messed with missing hundred of millons! And despite good performance as minister especially in sports and Covid management, his reputation only within small group of ladies fans! It's just not enough!


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:::When Mohiden was sacked from Umno, he set up Bersatu almost immediately! "" WRONG ---LAH !

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