KLSE (MYR): MTAG (0213)

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+0.005 (1.11%)

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0.445 - 0.455

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At 0.44 cents is lower than IPO 0.53 cent ... What u want some more with profit Intact and cash FCF not bad ... Almost ATL sinces 2 years ... Graph consolidate .. common sense... BUY or Not buy at your own Risk .

2023-04-22 07:57


We want 30 cents!

2023-05-09 04:01


If anyone is frustrated with MTAG stock, u may want to watch this

2023-05-09 12:28


Yes buy at your own risk

2023-05-09 12:29


If I am not mistaken, last QR reported that two regular customers terminated their future orders.

2023-05-09 12:36


should be time for this counter to fly soon

2023-05-09 16:01


Any insight view for this company? It seems like there's not much info out there about mtag. Anyone can share?

2023-05-12 19:19


Ex date for dividend today

2023-06-08 08:28


Just run a quick check FCF now have 127 Mil... as of 2022 annual report ... If we take 127 mil divided by 681 mil share in IPO = 0.18 cents per share .. There for today share prices assume 0.41 cents - 0.18 cents = 0.23 cents if we buy today ... of cost we need to see the future grow ... to win back some customer n maintain every year average made 30 million... Such a good prices to buy now ... I am not promoting, just a quick check ...

2023-06-09 11:22


Rebounding potential is here. Rsi and price action bullish divergence

2023-06-13 08:40

Baby Shark

I tunggu 0.28..

2023-07-03 11:46


According to prospect, they are banking on the influx of FDI in Johor which will create a lot of businesses.

2023-07-17 10:04


Break 3 fold today ... break 0.435 hope next resistance break is 0.47... wake up already ... 11 million sudden surge ... from less than 1 mill yesterday ... must be have something good to report ...

2023-07-17 21:00


Good analysis on MTAG

2023-07-18 11:00


Buy and keep…will reward u soon

2023-07-20 09:16

Baby Shark

Next year tadak dividend dah..

2023-07-31 09:25


Very consistent for 3 years 3 cent each year ... still have a lot of positive PFC as long as company is in Green ... and making profit every year ... with such good management at 0.43 cents Just buy at this price better than putting in Bank FD ... This Dec hope to get another 1 cents n June will be getting 2 cents ...

2023-08-01 09:45


Both MTAG and Tien Wah are in the print packaging business. But when you compare the ROE over the past 7 years, you will find that MTAG did better than Tien Wah. But Tien Wah is a 45% subsidiary of New Toyo International and is not exactly an independent operations. Refer to Can this be the reason for Tien Wah lower ROE?

2023-08-09 08:09

Baby Shark

Will wait until 0.28, then average at 0.18..

2023-08-09 10:05


mati liao...sad counter

2023-08-17 18:54


Go go go Mtag

2023-08-23 16:03


Any good news?

2023-08-24 11:27


Q-o-Q increased 38%

2023-08-24 18:43


It is coming.

2023-09-01 12:07


Go go go Mtag

2023-09-01 12:54


Those who have written off this counter are starting to knock their heads hard and furious . If you are a guy of no patience, then you should be out of this game.

2023-09-07 10:59


Yes it is a long term stock. Still holding at 5th floor. Come on Mtag. We have faith on you, don't let us down.

2023-09-07 15:15


Mtag 2023 Report is out ... Net cash increase to 144 Mil... from 127 ... wow = 21 cent ... very good keep up... hope 1 Day give us back some special dividend and Thanks for the yearly 3 cent dividend which i have collected last year ... as per today share price i will collect more for long term ... 42 cents - 21 cents cash = 21 cents only ... Keep up the good work n find more customers n increase Revenue

2023-10-30 18:57


bought 0.425

2023-10-31 10:12

Baby Shark

Fair market value 0.25.. bcos economy very bad

2023-11-22 15:26


Yes... Mtag... keep it up... Profit improve.. and thks for your generous 1 cent interim Dividend... This company Cash rich in Bank already increase to 144 million divided by total Share 681 million= 21 cents . per share.. This is the Hidden Gem company ... giving dividend profit of 60 % and yeild is 7 % base on today prices .... 3 cents per year... Much much Better than Bank FD... hope next June will get 2 cents ... Thanks MTag ... keep up your good work hope to get more new JOB and win the JC filter case claim ... that is the bonus ..

2023-11-24 18:42


43% yoy drop as compared to last year same quarter. Hold 10 years and see if can make a comeback

2023-11-24 23:36


Almost the time for us to collect cheap tickets.........

2023-12-14 16:19


Thanks to Mtag for another 1 cents dividend which collected today. Hope June will with another 2 cents . Good Job n Thks for your generous Management .

2023-12-21 07:40


yes div recd yesterday...

2023-12-22 09:34


TAMBAH 0.445

2024-01-19 16:35


Yes ..I also Tambah at this Prices ...

2024-02-05 23:25


On board at RM0.435. good luck guys !

1 month ago


can ah ?

1 month ago


sold half 0.48

3 weeks ago


SOLD 0.505

2 weeks ago


it just breaks resistant...

2 weeks ago


SOLD ALL 0.515...goodluck guys...move to other counters...

2 weeks ago


Congrats Gary

2 weeks ago


Turn around story in the making!

2 weeks ago


Well done Gary
will you buy back?

2 weeks ago


yes probably around 0.430

2 weeks ago


noted and btw
what highest tp u will give MTAG?

2 weeks ago


BUY when stoch RSI 100 days over sell when graph reach bottom below 20 to 0 is very good offer .. and sell when 80 n above .. when over buy ... your chances of profit is good n have a lower buffer prices when u buy in... i wll wait again mostly fall to 0.455 to 0.440... They is no higest n lowest in share .. No body can predict ... Mtag is a cash rich company but this Q.. divident pay only 1 cent ... suppose to give 2 cents ...

2 weeks ago


Got my X date 1 cents yesterday ... and today Add some on 0.440 cents ...

2 days ago

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