KLSE (MYR): WELLS (0271)

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+0.01 (1.52%)

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0.655 - 0.67

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today wells hit rm0.96.. more closed to reach rm1..
don't missed the boat..

tut tut
paktua set rm1.30 by dec

2023-08-03 15:39


morning all paktua legions..
we're here with proper aiming..
let we sing our song back..

let sing our song..

we're Swing stock hunter..
we prove it long enough..
we fight when..reach our buy call..

we're real champion on red wave green wave our destiny..
we're real swing fighters..red wave is our battlefield..
we arrived..we marching on..our spirit..echos louder..

we come..we in..we set..we hunt..
fear never lead us ever!!
we will lead the wave..
we will conquered the battlefield..

let hear this..
let spirit spread all around..
we're a fearless warriors..
and we will marching on..

we're the swing warrior..
we're the champions.. unbeatable..

let hear our song ..
we will sing louder...

we're swing traders..
be a man is our soul..
dare to die spirit we follow..


we're swing traders..
red wave is our field green wave our destiny..
dare to fight or die try
is our motto..

tut tut
we will stand tall today..
Future we will proud
bcoz we fight today for tomorrow trive

2023-08-04 09:02


paktua love wells now already hit the highers rm0.975

its couting time to reach rm1.

tut tut
paktua set rm1 for now

2023-08-10 10:54


paktua will stand n fight here..
till WELLs reach at least rm1 on sept 23
big dream WELLs at rm1.30 by dec 23

who say Wells not worth it..
from bow rm0.40 now almost rm1
but now still cheap when bit rm1.15
many will regret now buying now..

for paktua..as long death never say hello..
as long breathe still go on..
as long mind still focus..
no way to surrender now..
its not worth it to run when rally still continue..

as always paktua say
dare to buy or die try..
we never care else..
we not come this far..
only to this far....

hear this..
paktua didn't come this far..
just only to come this far..



tut tut
we come here to be king of champion..
but..first.. let be A MAN..

2023-08-10 11:27


today n this week wells will do correction if base on T-DAYS pattern..
so paktua set below rm0.90 as next reload..

tut tut
lai lai

2023-08-14 09:36


paktua will eat kaw if break rm0.86..
still stick aiming rm1.00

tut tut
relax n enjoy the ride

2023-08-15 09:06


oh man chart not looking good, might drop til 0.750-0.700

2023-08-15 10:47


breakdown uptrend line , ada buat ekor bawah ke tak nanti ?

2023-08-15 10:52


Lets see if this will become another SRIDGE during 20/21

2023-08-15 10:53


sudah bawah 0.800

2023-08-15 10:56


nanti rebound atas 0.800 ?

2023-08-15 10:58


sebelum rebound de kat0.800 dia dump bawah 0.800 bagi orang yang kutip kutip takut

2023-08-15 10:59


dah ada ekor bawah , boleh panjat balik ke

2023-08-15 11:01


petang hijau ?

2023-08-15 11:01


0.750 sudah sentuh bottom support

2023-08-15 11:03


kurang kurang rebound 0.750 +0.100 = 0.850 ?

2023-08-15 11:06


paktua set lower rm0.68 and rebound will take at least 47 trading from today..
so hati2 guys.. now 1st major correction..

tut tut
will back reload below rm0.74

2023-08-15 11:13


hoho just be careful not to get trap by limit down later 2nd half. 0.615 is possible. Another 3-4hrs of trading time left before closing.

2023-08-15 11:14


lukky major this time not break rm0.75..
so can expect lower only rm0.68..
so below rm0.78 to 73 is best position to reload

tut tut
paktua wait beloww rm.74 jer

2023-08-15 11:30


ok romours major storm today bcoz margin player from ipoh gang offload huge..

tut tut
now is good time to reload back
yeeehaaa..now or never for paktua

2023-08-15 12:35


IMO, since already offload from some big player/fund, not the time to top up now. wait until it drop again til floor and form a base only top up. else, will get trap for a very long time or cut huge loss.

2023-08-15 13:14


pada wells fighters..better joined paktua Legion..
in our legion paktua have gameplan..
we not simply play or blindly jump..
we come with properly gameplan

tut tut
find paktua at tele
link find at paktua profile

2023-08-15 14:36

Lee Ying Yee

pe 567 ???

2023-08-15 15:53


besok hijau !

2023-08-15 16:16


-22% ......huhuhu

2023-08-15 16:29


Welcome To Casino De Bursa! All races all religion can bet. All legal

2023-08-15 16:45


ha3 baru wells kingdom dilawati setelah sekian lama sepi..

tut tut..
love it

2023-08-15 18:01


morning wells fighters..
now we have 2nd chance to reload more cheap..
we was dream if we can het cheap we will eat more..
why now when cheap already we need to fear..?

dear Jedi knight Legions..
on all battlefield we fight..

not the results we seek..
but the process we develop..

jedi knight fighters.
an every skill we mastered..
determined who' WE'RE..

real jedi fighters..
will never give up..

jedi knight fighters.
we're not a hero..
we're the fighters..
we been through many brutal battles.
all wave never scared us ever..

we know to get there..
so many difficulties,heavy obstacles..
have to go thru..
let we climb continue let face the challenge..
until we reach the summit hill..
we never stop...
we will continue sail and face it all..
we never stop...
until we reach on our big dream greenIsland rm1.30 on dec 23..
is our biggest destination.

let hear this..
paktua didn't come this far..
just only to come this far..


https://youtu.be/alYkT0pvGd4 ;

we belief we will win this battle..
and we will conquer WELLs kingdom..
rm1.00 fortress is our next destination..

tut tut
more bloody fight to come..
we come we set we fight and we will conquer..

2023-08-16 09:05


limit up ?

2023-08-16 09:31


From technical aspect, may drop to 0.640 & below to 0.590, proceed with caution. Those candle charts are ugly now, and it formed by buyers/sellers, less demand & with multiples emotions, hence, the price level now. There are multiple example of similar charts in the past.

2023-08-16 14:53


for paktua everything is possible..
for now paktua team happy can eat more cheaper..
but to low till belwo rm0.68 quite hard tapi tak mustahil..

tut tut
ia sama seperti sunview ,cnergen,infotec so paktua ttp yakin will reach rm1

2023-08-16 15:37


who play wellss n stuck dono how to do..
can joined paktua Legion n learn paktua gameplan

tut tut
who want to know how paktua n team play swing
can joined paktua sent request to tele id below

2023-08-16 16:17


besok hijau gap up limit up !

2023-08-16 16:28


great wells make come back..
paktua will stand hold till back above rm0.95..

tut tut
will be here till dec 23

2023-08-17 09:59

Tampin Hero

Selling junk food is good business in Malaysia

2023-08-18 10:05


wells now in good position after correction rally happen when hit rm0.975..
base on current situation..
due too bad weather in china, Thailand n Vietnam..
sunflower main source to cha cha kuaci..
hadapi pengeluaran yg mencabar kerana taufan n banjir besar melanda..
so this correction mmg dah dijangka..

bagi paktua wells still good counter with good product..
its like chewing gum..
cha cha kuaci now region snack to young n adult generation..

paktua jangka cool rally will take around 23 to 34 Trading days..
on oct paktua jangka wells will be hot again..
kerana on oct n onward byk event n perayaan until end of year.

tut tut
after oct paktua jangka well will be back above rm0.95

2023-08-21 17:31


now wells make come back..
hopefully many already in on 1st correction..

tut tut
paktua hopefully wells can back above rm0.90 by end this month

2023-08-22 11:08


yes..wells now will reach baack rm0.90..
who not in will regret

tut tut
let fight begins

2023-08-22 15:16


wow now wells give chance ro reload more..
for paktua wn team..
we will relax..
if rally from rm0.87 to rm0.75..
kami wat bodo jer..

tut tut
we aim rm0.95 n above by nov 23

2023-08-23 11:18


wells back on below rm0.80..
as paktua expected wells rally still rm0.68 to rm0.85..
will take some times to baack above rm0.90

tut tut
when pattern was build then we will make money

2023-08-25 08:41

Lee Ying Yee

hpe ?

2023-08-30 06:08


no hope, its merely dead cat bounce to trap retailer. this type of pattern very textbook as 0.60 range is possible. Many similar chart has happened before.

2023-09-05 11:03


morning.. lama paktua not update in here..
paktua still hold in here wait intil dec 23..

tut tut
adakala need kena tahan

2023-10-20 11:14


Tibbers is right, merely dead cat rebound, imagine from ipo price 0.23 shoot up to 0.97, today drop until 0.645, however, operator still earning good money selling at 0.65

2023-11-01 15:52


no hope

2024-01-05 12:34


this counter will take very long time to recover,if the investors keep selling , it will continue downtrend forever

2024-01-09 20:46


long sleep

2 months ago


because the fruitcake is mouldy!!!!

1 month ago


now is good time to reload back go to 1.000

3 weeks ago



1 week ago

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