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31-Mar-2024 [#1] | 30-May-2024

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30-Jun-2024 | 28-Aug-2024

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-8.11% | -6.14%

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Subsector: CHEMICALS

Subsector: CHEMICALS


Asia Poly Holdings Bhd is an investment holding company engages in the provision of cast acrylic products. The business activity of the group is operated through Investment Holding, Manufacturing, Trading, and Others segments. Its products include A-Cast Clear, A-Cast Opals, and A-Cast Glass-Look. Its products are used in a range of applications, such as building applications, food industry/catering, domestic applications, transport and medical applications. The group?s operations are mainly located in Malaysia.

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The APBGSB biogas project in Tapis is still under construction, which as of now is at 70% completion. The company has obtained extension from SEDA which the new date of Initial Operation Date (IOD) is 28th November 2023 and new date of Feed in Tariff Commencement Date (FitCD) is 31st January 2024.

2023-05-25 11:30


Now 6.5c from this morning believe that black smoke calling himself die standing...

2023-05-25 15:55


Mf muther_father still luring newbies to buy at 7.5c this morning........WTF!

2023-05-25 15:56


Only fools help to support TakWin....can tell how much money they lost????

2023-05-26 09:44


What a fool....that Sale was done in March.....WTF!

2023-05-26 10:24

Fear Trend

revenue new high

2023-05-29 08:02


Demand for their products are there but they need to control costs and debt

2023-05-30 16:32


costs usually will continue to rise due to increase price of raw materials, labor, and production costs. cast acrylic demand was high during covid, they were used as shield and was fast selling to end users.

so to say, cast acrylic made from polymer and polymer came from crude oil, so in a way, crude oil price will play a role in the price of the materials.

since covid no in the theme this year, doesn't mean covid have stopped. covid is forever, only the intensity of the infection of covid, will also determine the demand of the cast acrylic.

besides covid, they are used for roofing and as construction materials. so, the demands always be there.

2023-05-31 01:03


hope they work on their logistics cost as said to be disrupting their profits. They said they didn't passed down the cost to end users. Good company!

2023-05-31 01:41


You should change your name to "living in the past" instead of daily.........logistic problems occurred during Pandemic and Oil price surge........something like 2 years ago?????...laugh die YOU!!!

At a price like PN17 is a good company???? mana sekolah lu??

2023-05-31 07:44


Constructive criticisms is always welcome to the Forum. According to Dato' Yeo, Asiaply made profit when MMA raw materials for manufacturing Asiaply's cell cast products dropped from USD2,750 Mt to USD1,400-USD1,350 Mt. Asian MMA price had dropped from USD2,257 Mt in December 2022 to current price of USD1,499 Mt as of May 2023? With increased exports to India, Middle East & US Market and improved company results in latest Qtr., Asiaply should start recording profit from coming Qtrs. in 2023 after economies of scale from Asiaply's new production lines & factory?. Also cashflow will be improved with cash receipt in June for balance of RM10.2 million from sale of 15% shares in Cyprium Wire Technology S/B for RM12 million. Latest Qtr. 4 Report indicated FD of RM14 million with Cash & Bank balance of RM10.35 million, so cashflow is not an issue.

2023-05-31 09:18



You should change your name to "living in the past" instead of daily.........logistic problems occurred during Pandemic and Oil price surge........something like 2 years ago?????...laugh die YOU!!!

At a price like PN17 is a good company???? mana sekolah lu??

2 hours ago

u tok kok?

2023-05-31 10:01


Is this Bobby boy the former Benny boy? How are you Bobby boy? Why go every thread piss and curse like a baby throw tantrum? It seems you did follow thoroughly on Asiaply
This penny stock already gone south to the bottom
What’s the point of winning and cursing here? Boss already finish goreng and most retailers already throw and gone
Fluffy just said hi once a while
Are you seeking attention here?
If you are then you are doing great job!! Seem like there’s still a lot of Asiaply supporters here!! Asiaply won’t simply PN17 because with the money they sapu from WA and WB they still can lurk around for many years..
You take care Bobby boy.. take it easy..

2023-06-04 00:29


Haha 0.06 goreng until 0.6, few days ago back to 0.06, still not wake up ?

2023-06-07 17:03


They have eyes to look at 2 cents ctr????

Posted by Bettyem > 2 minutes ago | Report Abuse

Good news Norges Bank & other institutional funds like Black Rock will invest in more Renewable energy solutions provider like Asiaply?

2023-06-08 15:42


Do we need to listen to lies??........In April the price dropped from 11.5c to 6c in May...and there were no apparent high volume.....

Posted by Bettyem > 1 minute ago | Report Abuse
Norges Bank, Urusharta & Areca already increased shares in Asiaply as of April 2023, soon will be Blackrock's turn?

2023-06-08 16:01


Are you aware of the percentage required to qualify as a Substantial shareholder????.....laugh die YOU!!!.....hahaha

Posted by Bettyem > 5 minutes ago | Report Abuse
List of Top 22 shareholders of Asiaply including Boon Yeo & Norges Bank as of 12 April 2023.

2023-06-08 16:20


Yup, you mentioned Top 22 shareholders, but you also said they bought in.... in April...??

2023-06-08 16:33


World got many water fish

2023-06-13 17:21


Sometimes TOP 30 shareholders also make mistake, remember those that bought GLOVE stock? Ark Invest? Cathie Wood? She miss out on Nvidea!! The differences between TOP 30 shareholders and normal retailers are the got big chunk of cash and their holding in Asiaply only account peanut portion of their portfolio. They don't mind their money rot over there for many years and they are insider, you donno what they are conspire about.
Asiaply earnings are like abysmal ever since the beginning and thanks to COVID19 they hit jackpot!! How lucky are Asiaply!! Once in a life time opportunity to make money both from their business and from retailers!! Especially retailers, seeing the news that COVID19 spread via droplets and acrylic shield can prevent, they SAPU like no tomorrow. Pls think again, most virus spread via airborne and the hype already long gone.
See what happen to GLOVE makers now, rock bottom, shun their production line. Asiaply is 6 cents before COVID19 with TINY profit, now after their thoughtless crazy expansion their overhead is skyrocket and cause 6 consecutive quarters loss making. Even 9 cents now seems like an illusion, it might be an opportunity for those TOP 30 shareholders to flee!! With current economy outlook domestically and internationally, you don't need a genius to tell you the outcome. Property sector in deep trouble, scratching their head, YBS and Sunsuria diversify to EV. Asiaply wanna sell to who? coming QR ought to DOOM, there will be no mistake it will plummet to 6 cents and then 3 cents!! Catch the falling knives? Anybody?

2023-06-19 17:47


Atlast good Q2 result tomorrow can fly high

2023-08-28 18:58


Do you know how to study QR?
Disposal of associate!!
Loss 2M on main biz!!
The loss is double of Q1!!
Even worse than before!!
ASP plummet!! Overhead skyrocketed!!
Get ready to bite the dust!!

2023-08-28 21:31


Post removed.Why?

2023-08-29 15:57


Bobby pls don’t degrade yourself with such vulgar words.
Investing is not easy, Betty just don’t get it and by looking at the chart won’t get you anywhere. Go read the QR!! If it just as simple as looking at the chart everybody would be a millionaire!!
3 cents is coming!!!!

2023-08-29 17:11


That's why fools like Sailang and Fluffy Clouds are luring investors to their death since above 30c.......still telling cock and bulls stories at 9c......

2023-09-15 11:56


Post removed.Why?

2023-09-15 11:58


lol... profits partly attributed from shares trades activities ...

2023-09-21 15:17


if acrylic is so good why not known to many ?? not price friendly ? not durable? not ESG? many better substitutes ??

2023-09-27 23:03


Methyl methacrylate prices in the United States averaged at USD 2273/ton in 2022, reflecting the demand decline amid soaring inflation. Fall in the prices can also be attributed to the decline in prices of feedstock acetone cyanohydrin.
prices were assessed at USD 1905/ton in 2022, amid slowdown in domestic demand. Prices continued to remain bearish, driven by weak market conditions and consumer sentiment, following a period of strict lockdowns ordered in the beginning of the year.

To know more read

2023-11-30 19:39


Lol told you all from 40 cent already need to sell yet no listen . Now 0.085

2023-12-29 10:54



2024-01-04 18:06


In memory of fluffycloud

2024-01-16 15:37


New production line is a reality, not just talk....

2024-01-19 18:07


Got to wait for the new production line to start kicking in some profit....always said that. Everyone though jumps on the band wagon on the news...

2024-01-31 17:04


Apa macam now?

2024-02-01 22:36


Let's goooo.. boss say got customer taking on new production line. Hopefully q2 result good

1 month ago


Yes! Buy Low & Sell high! Something must be up when Director Lim buys from open market! Coming Qtr. must be profitable already? Will History Repeats?
#New production lines committed to new buyer/contracts.
#MMA resin price is down.
#Increased exports overseas
#Asiapoly Green - Increased income from renewable energy supply to TNB.
Key Projects and Future Plans
Asia Poly Green Energy Sdn Bhd pioneers renewable energy innovation with key projects, including the Run-of-River 35.4 MW small hydropower initiative in Pahang, Malaysia, tapping into natural resources for sustainable energy. Positioned for future growth, Asia Poly Green Energy Sdn Bhd aims to invest in regional concession assets, solidifying its commitment to a sustainable future and establishing leadership in the dynamic green energy landscape.

Biogas Power Plant and Green Energy Initiatives
Asia Poly’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions is channeled through its subsidiary. Through Biogas Sulpom Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Asia Poly Green Energy Sdn Bhd, the completed biogas project signifies a pivotal step in diversifying energy sources. This collaboration underscores Asia Poly’s dedication to environmental stewardship, contributing significantly to the global movement for sustainable energy solutions and solidifying its position as a key player in the renewable energy sector.

#Asiapoly Business Park- New property development ventures.
Located in the prime, high-traffic, and strategic area of Semenyih, Asia Poly Business Park is drawing the interest of commercial and retail businesses, due to Malaysia’s economic growth in the past year. To further improve occupancy, sales and marketing campaigns are being conducted on multiple channels, including social media and collaborations with real estate agencies.

1 month ago


This commercial project called Asia Poly Business Park is developed by Asiaply in Semenyih is just in front of Vista Valley@Semenyih and Kiara Plaza. Just next to Kiara Business Centre, Green Park Village@Semenyih (residential, business, office space, commercial and probably hotel skyscrapers in the South of Klang Valley with shopping mall in a park) and Volkswagen Semenyih showroom.

Seems like a new booming commercial area in Semenyih are coming up within these projects. Already Vista Valley@Semenyih which is in front of it has shop lots mostly occupied, and the Vista Valley Mall got anchor tenant which is a department store/hypermarket/supermarket. Kiara Business Centre front row all occupied and some lots occupied here and there within Kiara Business Centre. Greene Park Village land clearing and earthworks being done. Volkswagen showroom been there for a long time. In front of it is Kiara Plaza and big Shell petrol station. Nearby is also a big Petronas station.

Price for Asiapoly Business Centre shoplots starts from RM2.25 million each.

1 month ago


Ya. See can close above 8 cents then bullish.

1 month ago


yesterday close 8.5 today 9.5

2 weeks ago


Already Breakout! Yes! Buy Low & Sell high! Something must be up when Director Lim buys again from open market! Latest Qtr. already shows promising improvements, next Qtr will profitable soon? Will History Repeats?
#New production lines committed to new buyer/contracts.
#MMA resin price is down.
#Increased exports overseas
#Asiapoly Green - Increased income from renewable energy supply to TNB.

1 week ago


Yes. Mma price down, investor briefing they mentioned new customer taking up new production line. Worst is over. I guess time to huat for asiapoly. Q2 result apparently will show profit liao.

1 week ago


Show profit to convince

1 week ago


Accumulate on any weakness since most weak holders has been flushed out. After last week's Breakout to 0.11, once Market & Foreign Funds are alerted! It's time for Asiaply to retest 0.15 followed by 0.175 and thereafter in a Bullish Market?

Key Takeaways On Asiaply

It's time to Rerate Asiaply by a Bullish Market!
Asiaply has improved it's Revenue by 13% & narrowed loss by 47% compared to 1Q 2023 with Plant Automation, Higher recurring income from Hydro Plant RE business, lower MMA price & better profit margin from Exports with stronger RM.
Asiaply Mgt. has done a good job to turnaround it's Business. Over the last 3 years on average, the company's share price growth rate has exceeded its earnings growth rate by 51 percentage points per year, which is a significant difference in performance.

First quarter 2024 results:
#Revenue: RM33.2m (up 13% from 1Q 2023).
#Net loss: RM1.18m (loss narrowed 47% from 1Q 2023).

6 days ago


The Case For Asiaply Group's Re-evaluation by Market
#Asia Poly Industrial
Sdn. Bhd.
A pioneer in the production of a broad variety of high-quality cast acrylic sheets, recognised globally by the trademark A-Cast®.
#Asia Poly Green Energy Sdn. Bhd.
Leading Malaysia’s sustainability growth through strategic investments toward renewable energy and environmental initiatives.
#High Reserve Land Sdn. Bhd.
The forefront of Asia Poly’s property ventures in developing strategic business centers.

If we review the last year of revenue growth, Asiaply posted a terrific increase of 20%. The strong recent performance means Asiaply Mgt lead by Dato' Yeo was able to grow revenue by 38% in total over the last three years. So we can start by confirming that Asiaply has done a great job of growing revenue over that time.

Comparing that recent medium-term revenue trajectory with the industry's one-year growth forecast of 5.5% shows it's noticeably more attractive. Considering around half the companies operating in Malaysia's Chemicals industry have price-to-sales ratios (or "P/S") above 1.5x, you may still consider Asia Poly Holdings Berhad as an solid investment opportunity with its 0.7x P/S ratio.

The Key Takeaways
Asia Poly Holdings Berhad's stock price has surged recently, but its P/S of 0.7x still remains modest with a Debt to Equity ratio of 54.3% and big landbank in Semenyih & Klang for property ventures & development. While the price-to-sales ratio shouldn't be the defining factor in whether you buy a stock or not, it's quite a capable barometer of revenue expectations.

Accumulate Asiaply on any weakness. With good Revenue Growth, Recurring Income from Hydroplant RE Business, NTA of 13 sen and Big Landbank for property ventures, Asiaply should revisit 15 sen & 17.5 sen soon once the roadblock at 0.12 sen is broken.

5 days ago


Bursa is Bullish today!
Accumulate Asiaply on any weakness. With good Revenue Growth, Recurring Income from Hydroplant RE Business, NTA of 13 sen and Big Landbank for property ventures, Asiaply should revisit 15 sen & 17.5 sen soon once the roadblock at 0.12 sen is broken.

3 days ago


big landbank? how many acres?

3 days ago


Asiaply has developed Asiapoly Business Park in Semenyih, multi storey shoplots princing starts from RM2.5 million to 4.4 million each?. It also has about 5 acres of prime land purchased many years ago at 24 million located around Jalan Kapar near Klang? The land value should be worth more now after development?

3 days ago


Congrats to those who believed in my Recommendation. Apparently Big Bro Yeo & Supporters has lent their support! If you have the time pls have a look at my other recommendations for Iris, Kobay & Engtek.

2 days ago


Will go to 40cnts end of year.. mw3 90cents

5 hours ago

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