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Boustead Holdings Bhd is a Malaysia-based conglomerate. The company operates in six segments. The plantation division primarily involves the planting of oil palm and processing of crude palm oil. The heavy industries division primarily involves shipbuilding, fabrication of offshore structures, and vessel restoration and maintenance. The property division primarily involves real estate development and leasing, as well as hotel operation. The finance and investment division comprises the company's investing activities. The pharmaceutical division manufactures, trades, and markets pharmaceutical products. The trading and industrial division primarily operates a petrol station network and manufactures and trades building materials.

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Go see FGV for reference.

2023-04-07 10:27


TheContrarian, with such high NTA why are the minority so willing to settle with 85.5 cent? Ltat con job with minorities shareholders.

2023-04-07 10:30


did you guys receive a phone call from Boardroom Share? They called me asking if I want to take up the offer.

2023-04-07 13:12


Maybank investment whatapp me giving dateline to reply by 20th May 4pm. Still praying for higher offer price

2023-04-07 15:10


Agreed to dumb888, almost 50% discount on NTA, better wind up and liquidate the company, then distribute the NTA to shareholders.

2023-04-07 16:25


As at 3rd April , LTAT owns 74.3% only . The chance to secure at least 90% control looks very challenging.
There is still about 540 mil shares in minority hands . Assuming LTAT has to revise the offer to $1.00 that will cost LTAT another $78 mil only . You think LTAT will give up the privatization because of additional $78 mil ?
Minorities who have sold in open market will not be entitled to any price revision.

2023-04-08 10:08


@beluga, I guess LTAT is trying to feel if they will achieve at least 90% .

2023-04-08 10:12


Most minority shareholders who were willing to accept the offer would have sold in open market at the same price instead of holding out . I guess the remaining are not easily giving in without a ‘fight’. Just my view

2023-04-08 10:19


After settling Boustead (hopefully at higher price), direct my fund to Bplant. I think quicker asset monetisation activities will happen in Bplant satisfying LTAT’s objective of realizing higher shareholder’s value and generating cash which are needed for paring high debts in LTAT and Boustead holdings.
LTAT will effectively control 68% Bplant after Bstead privatization ( 10.6% LTAT + 57.4% thru boustead holdings). Generous dividend payout from Bplant is expect to ease LTAT and boustead debts burden. Just my view

2023-04-08 10:35


Hi Johnzhang, I intend to wait till the last moment before making any accepting offer at 85.5. Do you mind sharing with me where is the link that would show me the latest shareholding % by ltat so I can know my position better? Tqvm

2023-04-08 16:32


what will be happen if not take up the offer?

2023-04-11 16:13


Posting date is 23 March
1st closing date is 22 May ie 60 days from posting date.
Revise offer , if any , to be declared by 8 May ie 46 days from posting date .

2023-04-12 10:18


If you don’t need the cash No hurry to sell or accept the offer before 8 May. Just hold out until then to see what happens. Just my view

2023-04-12 10:20

dumb8888 higher than offer price. There is a sign of urgency from ltat?

2023-04-12 22:11


Interesting show this morning!

2023-04-14 10:00

Lester Teow

I think it reacted to this news:
LTAT sells 112.56 million shares in Affin Bank to Sarawak state entity

2023-04-14 11:37


As at 11 April, LTAT only secures about 75% from open market purchases and from the acceptance .
Judging from today’s price movement and the very low sell orders above 85.5 sen, LTAT shall face uphill task to get 90% by the closing date . LTAT better listen to all the remaining minority, especially the corporate shareholders to close the price expectation gap.
Book value of boustead is about $1.60. Realizable value of all the assets is much higher than $1.60. It is palatable for LTAT to even consider $1.20 as their gain will eventually be very huge and it doesn’t cost LTAT a bomb to up the offer for the remaining 25%.

2023-04-14 12:57

Lester Teow

Sure they will raise the offer, but not now. They will take the chance to buy as much as they can.

2023-04-14 14:04

Lester Teow


Fairness of the Offer
We are of the view that the Offer is NOT FAIR as the Offer Price of RM0.855 represents a
discount of RM0.708 and RM0.896 or approximately 45.30% to 51.17% over the estimated
value per BHB Share ranging between RM1.563 and RM1.751 derived using the SOPV

2023-04-18 08:42


Dateline to accept coming closer but still no sign of any counteroffer. Haiz....

2023-05-08 14:40


when is the last day to sell?
After take over the share still be there right?

2023-05-11 11:30


yes how now? keep or sell?

2023-05-15 08:02


Look out for the announcement that the takeover offer being declared unconditional. After the offer being declared unconditional, we still have at least 14 days to accept the takeover offer .
Do you own analysis and make your own decision.

2023-05-15 21:24


look like LTAT can't get 90%. better pile up as it can be another FGV. don't meet public spread and price fly high.

2023-05-15 23:44


or drop first and than bounce... acceptance is too low.

2023-05-15 23:47


Read that LTAT has crossed 90% and will be delisted.

2023-05-18 09:50


That means that they can compulsorily aquire the balance 10 % dissenting shareholders. Those who still hold Bstead shares now no need to do anything.

2023-05-18 10:15


Note that the offer has not yet become unconditional ( still conditional on the approval by regulatory authorities ). But very slim possibility that the whole offer could be withdrawn.

2023-05-18 11:00


There are 2 very important dates we have to keep in mind, i.e. (i) 12 June 2023 the date on which the Offeror must fulfil the BNM Conditions, otherwise the Offer will lapse and (ii) 26 June 2023 on which the Offer will remain open if the BNM Conditions are fulfilled after the First Closing Date 22 May 2023.
Of course there is a real risk that if the Offer will lapse then the market price of 85.5 sen per share cannot be sustained.

2023-05-18 15:55



2023-05-19 11:46


Cannot up.

2023-05-21 17:04

Lester Teow

I am not going to sell, LTAT need Boustead to pay dividend then LTAT can pay their members every year. So i will maintain as Boustead shareholder as LTAT to receive dividend every year. Other company may have risk, but Boustead is bonded to pay dividend to LTAT

2023-05-24 08:21

Lester Teow

IF you need your money then sell, because this money will be locked until they offer u to sell again

2023-05-24 08:24


Not sure if the 90 % compulsory acquisition rule applies to total number of shares in the company OR 90% of shares not held by LTAT at the time of offer ( which is 40 % or 27.2% ?)

2023-05-24 09:37

Lester Teow

Now definitely will be delisted, you can't sell after that, think twice if you wanna hold

2023-05-24 10:16

Lester Teow

there will be no higher offer price since alr exceeded 90%

2023-05-24 10:17


Who still holding?

2023-06-12 22:15


Kindly be advised that trading in the securities relating to Boustead Holdings Berhad will be suspended with effect from 9.00 a.m., Tuesday, 20 June 2023, pursuant to Paragraph 16.02(3) of the Main Market Listing Requirements

2023-06-14 10:31


Still got people buying at 86 sen.

2023-06-14 15:36


As expected.

2023-06-23 12:38


Jialat,,,Boustead pon kena tong tong chiang,,,wong fei hong sao tong,,,,wakakaka,,,,

2023-06-23 16:05


Hi, any existing bstead shareholder around??

1 week ago


May i know what happen during the egm on 9th Sep?

1 week ago


Or any shareholder receive cash from bstead?

1 week ago


They took away all your shares and bank in the amount but called it "Dividend Payment" 🤣

1 week ago


@Thinkerbell, you received the money?

1 week ago


The offer price 0.855 was 33% below NTA of 1.28. Initially they called a few times asking if I wanted to sell which I said “No not selling”. Yes it was snatched away and they just deposited the amount into my bank account yesterday. When I first saw the amount in the bank account I was surprised and when I login to check it was humorously stated as “Dividend payment Boustead Holdings”.

1 week ago

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