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IGB Bhd, formerly known as Goldis Bhd was incorporated on June 1, 2000. The Company is an investment company with private equity investments in Malaysia and China. The Company is organised into five segments namely Property investment and management, Property development, Hotel, Construction and Investment holding.


199 Jalan Tun Razak Suite 28-03, Level 28, GTower, Kuala Lumpur, 50400, Malaysia



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You are welcome. Tauke-tauke all converted because of this good deal.

2021-06-01 15:29


And normal normal and possible special dividend declared in August.

2021-06-01 20:37


normal dividend

2021-06-02 10:05


Sorry, need to ask about the corporate action again. As a shareholder of IGBB, what do I need to do to accept the offer? Do I have to fill up any form to subscribe and pay for the shares offered to me?

2021-06-03 09:57


IGBC REIT issued 2,307M shares and RM 8.5M cash to IGBB for buying properties. Where the cash come from? (IGBC REIT only get RM378 + RM 282 = RM 660 cash after listing)

2021-06-03 10:45


So for every 1000 IGBB shares (assuming I bought it at RM2,800 prior to ex-date), I can buy 400 IGBREIT shares (by paying RM400). And by buying the 400 IGBREIT, I will get another 600 IGBREIT shares for free.

So my total cost is RM3,200

Effectively, I will end up with
a) 1000 IGBB shares (now valued at RM2.100)
b) 1000 IGBB REIT shares (now valued at RM1,700)

My total market value is now RM3,800. So I gained about 15% from this corporate action???

2021-06-03 14:36


Doubt IGB cReits wud hav similar prc w Igbreits. As d former is very much less popular than d latter, oso d former is an entirely new listing vehicles, no proper listed track records b referred thus far.

All based on forecasts & implications

2021-06-04 07:07


The acceptance offer form for the ROFS of this Commercial REIT can only be delivered manually only - unlike others like rights issue, DRP etc which can be done online where purchase of bank draft and revenue stamp could be dispense with.

2021-06-10 16:03


Thx for d efforts, v r in digitalised era; y still talking abt physical application? Sounded like create difficulties to investors, so the comp can absorb those whom had given up

2021-06-11 05:24


I have emailed my dissatisfaction over the above matter to IGBB Investor Relations Enquiries and cc a copy of the email to the General Manager of Bursa Malaysia to look into this issue.

2021-06-11 16:06


Good news. There was immediate response from Bursa2U : " ....we have escalated the email to our department for their further action. The Exchange will initiate all necessary enforcement actions should there be any breach of Listing Requirements",

2021-06-11 17:06


@Kensington, many thx for d efforts made & feedback. Nevertheless, if d comp not providing e-applicatns, this doesn't mean d comp had breached d listing requirements rite.

As it doesn't govern by bursa to offer this e-applicatn facility as a 'compulsory' option to investor. Probably Bursa juz reply to ease our angers ony

Pardon me for my shallow view if it is

2021-06-13 18:46


IGB has now offered online subscriptions (email + payment via internet banking. Need to make the paying account is the shareholder).

2021-06-14 21:55


IGB berhad braves the rough and tough market for office real estates. I believe it says something about the underlying asset quality. There is no retail IPO but only through the current routes (buy 2 free 3) for retail investors, perhaps fearing of under subscriptions? I believe eventually the big part will be offered to EPF and KWAP, both are the current major shareholders of sister REIT, IGBREIT.

2021-06-14 22:03


The future road map for IGB points to this. They will finally list their final part in their portfolio -- hotel assets --as REIT too, may be after 5 years from now. Eventually the parent IGBB itself will be delisted. There is little merits to be listed as such an illiquid stock. What is special about IGBB is that almost all of their assets are of top quality, including the precious land they own in London.

2021-06-14 22:09


Hi, you can check the announcement on Bursa. Stock code 5299. Thanks.

2021-06-15 09:31


Here you hv

2021-06-15 09:32


Cool...! Finally, v can apply via digital instead of d usual physical handing overs or postal

2021-06-18 06:20


Hi, am newbie here.. may I ask means if we are not IGBB shareholders, we can’t apply correct? there will Not be IPO for retails investor to apply?

2021-06-18 13:45


IGBC REIT cannot apply excess shares? sad for my odd lot

2021-06-22 01:50


Wonder y extension of ipo closing dare caused its mkt prc heading south immediately

2021-07-05 01:16

Bgt 9963

Post removed.Why?

2021-07-05 07:35


walao, I already make payment. now, just realized the subscription date has been extended.

2021-07-05 10:57


Ony a little dividen being announced, but share prc dropped so much.... Indicating dissatisfied emotions to d board decision???

2021-07-27 07:54

Bgt 9963

Post removed.Why?

2021-07-27 08:32


Hopefully IGB Bhd will wake up in 2022.

2021-12-31 10:51


Potential privatisation for IGBB.

2021-12-31 21:28


Might as well since IGBB is worth more dead than alive. It will cut short the agony of the long suffering minorities.

2022-01-02 18:41


Thank you.

2022-08-12 14:15


No need thanks. Do not expect IGBB to surge up suddenly, it is not a goreng stock. It is a fundamentally sound company with deep values and strong cashflows. Sooner or later the market will realise its value.

2022-08-14 10:52


Potential catalysts are:
1) a strong set of quarterly result in 2 weeks time and a decent interim dividend plus a special dividend using part of the proceeds from the UK land disposal.
2) receipt of remaining disposal proceeds from the proposed disposal of UK land for RM550 million. In its Q4FY2021 result, IGBB received a total of RM338.569 million from disposal of a joint venture. It is not clear to me if this disposal of joint venture refers to the 50% joint venture in the UK Bkackfair land. If it is, there should be a remaining disposal proceed of RM211.4 million to be received by IGBB. Even half of this remaining proceeds is to be declared as special dividend, we could expect a special dividend of at least 10 sen per share.

3) Continued strong footfalls to IGBB shopping malls to support rental revision and higher occupancy rate in its Mid Valley Southkey Mall in JB. These would bring the timing of injection of Mid Valley Southkey into IGB REIT closer to fruition once IGBB achieves the required valuation for Mid Valley Southkey injection.

4) Continued rebounds in its hotel business to achieve back steady high occupancy rates and potential creation of a new hospitality REIT to house all its hotels

5) Successful development and commercialisation of its new quality office buildings North Tower and South Tower at Mid Valley Southkey and potential injection into IGB Commercial REIT

6) Successful launch of 18@Medini quality housing project in Johor

7) Any plan for development of new Mid Valley megamall brand in other states

2022-08-14 11:13


grab ticket now

2022-08-19 10:16


grab ticket now

2022-08-19 10:16


Company share buyback gains more tractions, it only shows that the management also sees that its company share price is very much undervalued.

2022-08-20 14:23


IGB Bhd has appointed Tan Boon Lee as group chief executive officer (CEO), succeeding Datuk Seri Robert Tan Chung Meng effective Jan 1, 2023.

Robert will remain with IGB in the role of non-independent non-executive director to facilitate the change in leadership during the transition.

Boon Lee, who is currently the deputy group CEO, holds a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University, Australia, and a Master in Business Administration from Cranfield School of Management, United Kingdom.

2022-11-30 16:53


After the privatisation of IGB on March 16, 2018, Boon Lee was appointed deputy group CEO of IGB on June 1, 2018 and alternate to Robert on the board on Aug 30, 2018.

In addition, Tan Mei Sian, the current head of group strategy and risk will assume the role of deputy group CEO. She will remain as alternate director to Tan Lei Cheng.

2022-11-30 16:53


quietly going up to RM2.70. Love it!

2023-03-13 15:16


broke up 3.00!!

2023-03-30 16:31


Up continuously for 10 days!

2023-03-31 10:17


Dispose Midvalley Southkey to IGB Reit ?

2023-03-31 10:18


goldenhope, it is possible as the timing is ripe for the injection as borders fully reopened and Southkey Mid Valley enjoys high occupancy rates now

2023-03-31 14:29


some HSBC funds have been accumulating IGBB almost on daily basis to a stake of over 7% now, greatly undervalued stock that has attracted funds for long term investment

2023-04-02 16:01


If you are a long-term fundamental investor, you will realize that IGBB is underpriced as its assets are not going to be "written down". The Malaysian property sector is also turning around after Covid based on my analysis in my blog article "Will the Malaysian Property industry turn around by 2024?" All these point to positive news. Read my article if you want proof.

2023-07-08 10:26

Teo Cher Ming

7 sen dividend before Christmas

2023-11-28 23:43


Investors in Bursa Malaysia tend to look at earnings rather than assets. This does not make sense when you consider sectors such as utility and real estate where assets play a central role.
A case in point is Bursa IGB Berhad, a real estate group with investment properties, hospitality and property development activities.
It current trades at RM 2.49 vs its book value of RM 2.98 per share. The 2023 book value of its investment properties was stated as RM 3.9 billion. However, in the Notes to the Accounts, IGBB reported that the fair market value of its investment properties totalled RM 10.7 billion.
The realistic asset value is then not what is stated in its book, but has to include what is not captured. On such a basis the asset value should be more than RM 7 per share.
So why has the market not recognized this? This is because IBGG latest EPS is only RM 0.23. Of course, the market does not expect IGBB to sell off all the assets and return the money to shareholders. So the market ignores the value of the assets. But what if there are other ways to unlock the value of the assets? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvLahVbOmjc

1 month ago

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