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Just imagine buying the shares with bright prospects at the price below RM0.50.

What would be the price be when its future projects generated much higher profits in the coming months ?

( Just my opinion. Not a buy or sell call. Trade at your own risks)

2023-06-22 11:18


Multibagger stock. Best "defensive" stock in unstable market.

2023-06-22 13:35


0.55 tp

2023-06-27 15:49


just wait patiently, trust Genetec and order will come in from tesla someday

2023-07-03 11:31


Yall forgot about this counter

2023-07-14 14:48


Next tp is around 0.630

2023-07-28 16:49

PureBULL ...

PureBULL >>>, [2023-07-31 3:08 PM]
has a substantial new owner, the co-founder of genetec.

SEAL will venture also into new beginning biz in SOLAR RE, the best huge biz now.

chart wise, it's close to or abt at euphoria level of std 6, I guess.
wish it goes into a mild CN, Correction:

2023-08-01 12:26


Speculative gurus attracting bilis in Whatapp and Telegrams to buy this counter, an opportunity for long-term holders to make a quick exit. Typical buy on rumours and sell on the news. How many will be caught?
Let's explore SEAL,
Rights issue (RI) to a corporate highflyer (so-called) at 26 sen for 69 mill shares and price now at 59 sen & RI money is to be used for solar ventures. SEAL is a lumber company or saw mill with declining turnover and losses for many quarters. Is it really worth 59 sen? Takes another 2 years for a new solar business to really move from ground zero. If the acquisition of an existing solar business has to be bought for a premium from its owners, at this time would have to be at a higher price considering the current energy and oil costs.

0 seconds ago

49 minutes ago

2023-08-11 11:31


Seal a bit move, trgt is on

2023-08-11 11:45


Hit 6. Thank you . Bye.

2023-08-15 17:01


Bilis following speculative gurus will be in panic mode soon as the market will turn down and syndicates will move to other counters.

2023-08-18 16:58


waiting for big player in .

2023-08-25 12:16


Gap up tomorrow

2023-09-06 21:53

The above depicts the potential earnings of biogas power plants. Seal has started with investing in 10MW initially which may translate into RM15m earnings a year based on a very rough estimation. Hopefully more RE investments to come.

2023-09-12 09:32


Informative article very good approach towards data you provides good work. May all your dreams come true and may you find happiness and success in all your endeavors. Best wishes to you always.

2023-10-12 17:20


Informative article very good approach towards data you provides good work. May all your dreams come true and may you find happiness and success in all your endeavors. Best wishes to you always.

2023-10-12 17:20

Awaiting Seal to act faster to secure more deals in RE

2023-12-22 09:43


Mr Chen keep buying, any story behind? This will going to be the next genetec citaglb?

2023-12-27 17:58

Not to be missed.
Another Mr Chen's company is going to be listed soon.

2023-12-28 09:41


lucky man, how you know this ocmpany related to Mr Chen, can't find the name on website

2023-12-31 15:44


page 55

2024-01-01 21:23


Star of 2024 possibly

2024-01-04 12:11


don't forget this super stock which is hibernating now.

2024-01-13 19:37


Seal Incorporated Berhad
Stocks to Watch 2024

2024-01-18 22:29


Any good news?

2024-02-06 13:24


Nope, but still holding

2024-02-06 16:20


Not yet

2024-02-06 16:20


Seal Incorporated Bhd is diversifying into solar project engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) by subscribing for ordinary and preference shares of MSR Green Energy Sdn Bhd (MSRGE) in a RM15m deal which could see it raising its stake in the solar EPCC outfit to 20%. The proposed subscription is a related party transaction, as MSRGE is 50.96%-owned by KVC Corp Sdn Bhd, which is in turn linked to Seal’s 29.22% shareholder Aaron Chen Khai Voon. The injection comes a little over six months after Chen, who has direct and indirect interest of 12.32% in Genetec Technology Bhd, emerged as a substantial shareholder in Seal back in July 2023. (The Edge)

2024-02-07 17:49


happy new years @Rocket888

2024-02-08 16:23


Happy Chinese New Year 2024 @wallstreetrookieNEW

2024-02-09 21:09


MR CHEN KHAI VOON (a substantial shareholder) acquired 1,065,000 shares on 08-Feb-2024.

2024-02-09 21:14

Michael Kwok

Seal 53
Suppory 52 cents
If breach the support;
Tp in 40 cents lower range.
9/2/24 11.28pm

2024-02-09 23:28



2024-02-15 15:10


Wait until retail investor fully washed out

2024-02-15 15:13


Sending you the best wishes for success, happiness,, and all the good things life has to offer
May your journey be filled with positivity,, and may each day bring you closer to your dreams.

2 months ago


Upon the Subscription Shares being allotted to the Company, the Company will have an
equity stake of 20% in MSRGE. MSRGE shall have the right to convert the MSRGE ICPS
to ordinary shares in MSRGE at a conversion ratio of one (1) new ordinary share in
MSRGE for every one (1) MSRGE ICPS as and when MSRGE allot and issue any ordinary share to other shareholders of MSRGE, so that the Company’s 20% equity stake in
MSRGE will be maintained at all times.

The Proposed MSRGE Investment will also provide an avenue for Seal Group to progressively transform into an environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) entity which will accord Seal Group with greater recognition and support amongst investors, in particular among the larger institutional investors who invest based on ESG criteria.
Every year, about 43% of climate finance (USD30.6 billion) flowing from developed to developing countries is channelled to Asia.

MSRGE, with a solid track record in commissioning more than approximately 140MWp solar PV, expects to benefit from the above programme launched by the government as these new quotas will come with EPCC works which is one of MSRGE’s key strength. The key management of MSRGE also equipped with experience in commissioning the floating solar PV in Malaysia as well as the large-scale solar which will provide competitive advantages to MSRGE in EPCC jobs bidding for the solar PV quota launched by the government.

MSRGE also aims to become a RE assets owner and venture into EPCC for other RE

In essence, SEAL will transform into a Renewable Energy player which will ride on the robust and growing RE business sector for the next 5 years especially in relation to the on-going booming development of data centers which normally prefer to be partially powered by solar energy in order to be in compliance with the ESG requirements.

2 months ago

This article may help explain why it is good to capitalize and ride on the data centre industry which should be blooming for the next 5 years given that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become more and more important in all industries. AI needs a lot more of data centres which also need a lot more of solar power to comply with ESG thingy. Malaysia is also an ideal place for data centres due to abundance of sunlights and relatively cheap land.

2 months ago

The above article helps explain why the solar energy and data centre sectors in Malaysia are kind of in the sweet spot now to capitalize the growth of AI businesses.

2 months ago


The Group is currently focusing on the Queensville Phase 2 construction project located in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Kuala Lumpur (“Queensville”) and a property development project in Penang, Bayan Suites. Queensville with an estimated gross development value RM806 million comprises of 3 blocks of service apartments with a total of 972 units of service apartments and a shopping mall while Bayan Suites with an estimated gross development value of RM204 million comprises of 20 units of shop lots and 326 units of residential units. Queensville is expected to bring in revenue to the Group in the next quarter while Bayan Suites is expected to be launched in the 4th quarter of FY2024.

The Group will continue to explore other opportunities, such as venturing into renewable energy industries. The venturing into renewable energy by the Group
is expected to contribute positively to the Group’s earnings.

2 months ago


Your informative article reflects a commendable approach to handling data, showcasing your diligent work. May your aspirations be fulfilled, and may joy and triumph accompany you in all your pursuits. Best wishes to you, always

2 months ago


Your informative article showcases a commendable approach to handling data, reflecting your dedication to quality work. I extend my best wishes for the realization of all your dreams, and may happiness and success accompany you in every endeavor. Wishing you continuous success and fulfillment in all your pursuits.

2 months ago


The major shareholder Aaron Chen is still busy collecting....whilst the minority shareholders are selling....

I guess that many people may not realize that its on-going RM806 mil Queensville Phase 2 may contribute significantly to its P&L for FY2024. The project is located in a very matured area in KL where demand for residential properties remains robust.

2 months ago


The Board wishes to announce that the Proposed MSRGE Investment has been completed on 8 April 2024 in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Subscription Agreement.

Upon completion of the Proposed MSRGE Investment, MSRGE has become a 20%-owned associated company of Seal. The Proposed MSRGE Investment is expected to benefit the Group from the prospects, potentials, and growth of the renewable energy industry in Malaysia and contribute positively to the earnings of the Group in the future.

MSRGE is expected to undertake various EPCC works for solar and renewable energy segment. MSRGE is principally involved in the business of installation and servicing of solar PV system, renewable energy projects management, consultancy and construction, electrical works and any other ancillary business.

1 month ago

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