Ultimate Stock Tips

Value Investing based on Fundamentals

Publish date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022, 11:59 PM
Unique content created once in a blue moon to increase the quality of articles of klse.i3investor.com. (used to be weekly)

This week's posting departs from my usual writing style. 

Today, I paraphrase investment tenets from an altruistic value investor. IYKYK. 

1. Avoid speculative stocks. Pick quality business with good earnings visibility. 

​2. ​Don't invest emotionally. Panic selling is not recommended. Invest objectively. 

3. Buy low. Sell high. Enter on weakness, Leave on Strength.

4. Criteria of a good stock includes: Good earnings, strong balance sheet, decent dividend yield. 

5. ​Invest based on facts, not hearsay. 

6. Prepare a list of stocks you want. Wait until your desired price is reached. 

7. Stocks take a long time to rise, but a short time to fall. 

8. Better to avoid losing money, than risking to earn a potential profit. 

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