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Recession is a Reset

Publish date: Sun, 30 Oct 2022, 06:28 PM
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A recession is akin to the economy falling sick. Usually, after one falls sick, one recovers. 

The economy is the same. A recession is like an economy falling sick. It needs to reset. 

How strong or fast the human body recovers from a sickness, depends on the strength of the body, and what the human does with the body. 

Similarly, how strong an economy/country recovers from a recession, is reliant on the strength of the country and what the leaders do with the country.

Investors generally fear when a potential recession is about to occur.

Recessions are part and parcel of the economy. 

In the same vein, stockmarkets will have its fair share of downturns.

We have to accept that, and learn to manage better. 

Here is a good video of Peter Lynch about stockmarket declines:



Recovery takes time, be it for the human body, or the economy from a recession. Things will eventually get better. 

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We are in this Great Reset! You think current situation where super high inflation and broken supply chain is cause by normal boom and bust! No, it's all weel plan scheme by the enlightens!
But it's also golden opportunity for Asean if they play the card well! Supply chain are shifting out from China! It's up to respective Asean countries to capitalize on it!
Forget about recession, inflation or deflation! It's all up to right leadership of Asean countries as supply chain shift elsewhere!

2022-10-30 18:35


If there is danger ahead it will be due to dogmatism in the West not because of Xi's team

2022-10-30 21:14

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