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The Taman Sri Muda Residents Have Had Enough

Tan KW
Publish date: Sat, 02 Jul 2022, 07:30 AM
The Taman Sri Muda Residents Have Had Enough

01-Jul-22 19:00

Vemal Arasan, Lawyer | Siti Aisyah, Lead Plaintiff

50 Residents from Taman Sri Muda who were affected by the floods on December last year are suing the Malaysian government and nine others for negligence and breach of statutory duties. A resident and one of the lawyers representing their case tells us more about this lawsuit.

Image Source: Syafiq Adnan, Shutterstock

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100 year flood event last year was triggered by climate change due to "River in the Sky" when the Amazonian forest was cut down

In the 1980s NEW ACRES DEVELOPER built Taman Sri Muda on these low lying swampy lands where it was water logged by Meandering River.

New Acres then built a Rm6 Million Bridge to link it with access

However, the 100 year flood was just too much for it to bear

Taman Sri Muda flood is a specimen day for what is happening elsewhere on planet earth as we are in the end times where the Book says there will be earthquakes, pestilences(coronavirus) and famines

Mankind must look up to the 2nd Coming of Jesus and get ready

1 month ago


calvin plantation gg.. sure 2nd coming. haha.

1 month ago

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