Genetec - A baby step

For knowledge sharing - Tesla Q1 Earnings Call // The 4680 Ramp & Raw Materials for Extreme Scaling

Genetec A baby step
Publish date: Thu, 05 May 2022, 09:22 AM
Genetec - A baby step

A Baby Steps is very important to achieve success.

Give GENE another few years and we will see. I hope we can achieve the plan as presented on the Battery Day


This video will cover the Tesla Q1 Earnings Call, which answered so many questions about the 4680 ramp and the raw materials needed for extreme scaling.


00:00 Introduction
00:59 Slide Deck // Battery and Powertrain
03:47 Slide Deck // 2170 and 4680 Packs
05:33 Pack Interchangeability
09:45 50-80% Growth Rate?
10:39 Robotaxi
13:19 50% Per Year for Several Years
14:03 Elon’s Confidence
14:47 FSD and the Path to AGI
16:30 Raw Material Cost Exposure
18:10 400- vs 800-Volt Architectures
22:31 4680 Cost and Performance
28:11 Raw Materials for Extreme Scale
33:53 Recycling Battery Materials
35:52 Recycling Aluminum into Gigacastings
37:06 Berlin and Austin Ramp Rate
40:11 Don’t Wait for the Best Tesla
41:51 Leadership All Pulling in the Same Direction
42:58 4680 Run Rates
48:29 Will Legacy OEMs Secure Materials?
50:52 Tesla’s Limiting Factor
53:35 Tesla Pushing Miners, but Will Mine if they Must
57:17 Cybertruck Number of Parts
59:46 Giga Nevada Expansion
01:01:01 LFP and Alternative Cathodes
01:02:26 Iron Availability
01:03:54 Time Required to Ramp Raw Materials
01:08:52 Tesla Insurance
01:09:34 Full Summary // 15 Key Points


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