Genetec - A baby step

Tom Zhu Reveals Key Details on Tesla's Gen 3 Platform and Future Plans During Investor Day Presentation

Genetec A baby step
Publish date: Tue, 07 Mar 2023, 11:34 AM
Start small, dream big, and take those crucial baby steps - they're the key to unlocking success

Just give GENETEC a little more time, and mark my words - we'll witness our Battery Day plans come to glorious fruition!

I encourage fellow investor to visit my blog and gain a deeper understanding of the company and industry. By making an informed decision, you can invest wisely and make the most of your investment.


"During the #InvestorDay presentation, I spoke with Tom Zhu and he shared key information that is not known until now. I’m convinced he will be @Tesla’s next CEO after @elonmusk. He’s charismatic, succinct, incredibly intelligent and acts with a great sense of urgency. He will be our Tim Cook!," said Matthew Donegan-Ryan, as per his tweet on


He also shared some details that Tom Zhu revealed to him during their conversation, "The Gen 3 platform will be built in Mexico first, then they will copy & paste production to other Giga Factories. The first Gen 3 vehicle will roll off the production line in 18-24 months!


I asked if the Gen 3 will be painted or stainless steel he smirked and said “paint is expensive”.


Giga Mexico will be built AT THE SAME TIME AS ANOTHER GIGA!


All Giga Factory architecture, design, and construction is done in-house.


Shanghai ramped faster than Austin/Berlin because Shanghai copied Fremont’s production and the Austin/Berlin had to figure out the structural pack."


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