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Prolexus Berhad's Warrant B is coming soon !!!!!

Publish date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021, 03:56 PM

Warrant B is coming soon !!!!!


@top_aspen @Newbieinshare @Jason

Do you know why Warrants B has not been listed yet?

There are actually conspiracies and reasons. That's why I replied @Jason said "maybe the Warrants B will list out after the bad result QR."

Think about it, everyone:
1. Is Warrants B issue free for everyone?

2. After you get Warrants B, will you consider selling it? Directly in exchange for cash?

3. If (1) & (2) your answers are both Yes. Then think about it, when you sell Warrants B, who is responsible for paying? Of course it is the person who issued Warrants B. That is Prolexus.

4. According to the announment before, the Warrant exercise price is 0.56. It means that they will buy it back at a price of 0.56 (if you sell it at the moment).

5. Assuming that the stock price continues to decline (it has fallen by 31.88%), how much should the price of Warrants B shoule be fall now?

6. Assuming that QR comes out very unsatisfactorily and the stock price continues to fall, Warrants B is released at that time. The price of Warrants B may drop directly to 0.3. At that time, Prolexus only needs to use 0.30 to buy back Warrants (if you sell at the moment). They can save 46.43% immediately. Are they very smart?

Smart but treacherous enough!

Everyone understands that how Prolexus and his team are playing the dirty games now!

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