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CES 2019 gaming roundup: HTC Vive Eye, Nvidia and AMD cards, handheld NES

Tan KW
Publish date: Tue, 15 Jan 2019, 10:37 AM
Tan KW
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HTC introduced two variations on its Vive VR headsets, Nvidia and AMD both unveiled new graphics cards, and MyArcade's Retro Champ made waves as a distinctly vintage twist on the Nintendo Switch. 
HTC announced not one but two revisions to its Vive VR headset at CES 2019: the Vive Cosmos and the Vive Pro Eye. 
The Cosmos does away with the need for two base stations that locate a user within a fixed space and promises an overhauled user interface. 
It's set for some point in 2019 and it will eventually come to unspecified platforms other than the PC – perhaps a new range of flagship HTC smartphones, one might suggest. 
If the Cosmos is intended to offer a more accessible introduction to the world of VR, the Vive Pro Eye upgrades HTC's top-end offering. 
The Vive Pro starts at US$799 with the standard Vive setup at US$499 and, as its name suggests, the Vive Pro Eye adds eye-tracking into the mix of features. At this point there's neither date nor price. 
Hardware component manufacturers Nvidia and AMD were on hand to show off new PC graphics cards, each with their own advantages. 
Nvidia's RTX 2060 card offers a relatively budget-friendly route into its gaming-focused RTX line, offering a 6GB card for US$349. It's available imminently, from January 15, and its specifications outperform both the old GTX 1060 and the 1070Ti, per the company's presentation. 
By contrast, the AMD Radeon VIII goes up against the RTX 2080 with performance on a par if not a sniff ahead. With 16GB of on-board graphics memory, it also claims to be the "world's first 7nm gaming GPU". 
As such, it's to retail for US$699 when it arrives from Feb 7 onwards. 
Elsewhere, My Arcade's Retro Champ angled for a fresh take on two Nintendo concepts. 
Nintendo had already shrunk the early '80s Nintendo Entertainment System to produce 2016's NES Classic Edition mini console. 
It came with 30 games built-in, but no way to expand that selection without overriding the Classic's operating system and, quite possibly, relevant copyright laws. 
The Retro Champ proposed a different solution. 
It's an unofficial NES inside a portable case. For US$79 – US$20 more than the NES Classic's MSRP – owners have a built-in 7in screen, control buttons, and Bluetooth controller compatibility. 
Yet while the hardware might be an unlicensed riff on old-school gaming, combined with Nintendo's portable hybrid Switch, the Retro Champ only accepts vintage console cartridges for the NES and its Japanese equivalent, the Famicom. 
In fact, there's no card reader or external storage connection with which to load digitised game files. 
Like the Switch, there's a kickstand and a way to hook it up with an external screen; here, though, there's no upscaling TV dock but a standard HDMI connector port instead. It's tracking towards a June 2019 release. – AFP Relaxnews 
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