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Why doesn't Taiwan unify with China? Koon Yew Yin

Koon Yew Yin
Publish date: Wed, 03 Aug 2022, 05:46 PM
Koon Yew Yin
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An official blog in i3investor to publish sharing by Mr. Koon Yew Yin.

All materials published here are prepared by Mr. Koon Yew Yin

In the last 2 days everybody wants to see China's reaction over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit. I made some research and found out that US CIA has this secret operation in Taiwan. 

When US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flew into Taiwan on an Air Force passenger jet on Tuesday 2nd August, she became the highest-ranking American official in 25 years to visit the self-ruled island.

China expressed anger and announced military maneuvers in retaliation, even as Taiwanese officials welcomed her and she headed to her hotel.

The reason her visit ratcheted up tension between China and the United States: China claims Taiwan as part of its territory

A common nation, a common cultural tradition, a common historical background, a common language, the China mainland can give Taiwan huge economic benefits, such as a broad market, why doesn't Taiwan return?

The reason is Taiwanese do not have the right to decide their own destiny. Even if Taiwanese wanted to be unified by China, they couldn't do it.

If the local leaders of Taiwan show any intention of yearning for reunification, then his/her fate is to be ousted by the United States.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen reports to U.S. congressmen as shown on the photo below.

There is an organization in Taiwan called "Taipei district attorney's Office", in which there are many prosecutors who are specialized in handling all kinds of corruption cases.

This department is not an independent Taiwanese government department at all. This is a division controlled by the United States.

All prosecutors are carefully selected by the CIA, and sent to the CIA headquarters in the United States for training, and then sent back to Taiwan. In other words, the United States is aware of all the corrupt behaviors of all Taiwan officials, and they are all in the hands of American politicians.

If he/she have any signs of breaking away from American control, The United States can expose the he/she's corruption cases through the "Taipei district attorney's Office", talk to the he/she at the same time, and order he/she to resign.

Once he/she plans/starts implementing policies that deviate from the US global strategy, he/she will get involved in corruption and other scandals, the media publicity will start flooding the air, and then he/she will lose his/her political career.

For example Chen Shui-Bian, former leader of Taiwan, is one of them. Former Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian arrested for corruption case, as shown on the photo below.

Taiwan is similar to cows raised on American farms. They're just American marionette or puppet! When America has no money, America blackmails them and forces them to buy more military weapons to protect themselves against China.

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Why Xi jinping keep sending his daughter to US to study if the US is as bad as the CCP says. Lmaooo

2022-08-04 18:10


enemy infiltration

2022-08-04 18:17


Posted by Cupcakes69 > Aug 4, 2022 6:06 PM | Report Abuse


Why stop at 2014 XD?

In 2019 that Xi's daughter has returned to the US after living in China for 5 years. She is still living in the same Cambridge area (Massachusetts, place of Harvard University), and is a research student there now.

Where you get this information?
If it is true do you think all this US media and paparazzi will allowed her to live a normal life in US.

2022-08-04 19:07



The information was released by a US senator. If not true, then China would have released a statement of denial. But they didn't. Why would they? Chinese still see a degree from a top western university as a source of pride.

2022-08-04 19:48



And why would she have any problems with paparazi? You said so yourself, the daughter..

"...enrolled in Harvard University in the US in 2010..She enrolled under a pseudonym, and maintained a low profile..."

Do you even read the things you post??

2022-08-04 20:07


Well, look what happens to Hong Kong post 1997. Surely, the world wont want to see the same fate happening to Taiwan if the "big bully red faced" China wants it back!!!!

2022-08-04 20:10


Firstly, there was God's constitution. The Creator gave the rules, commandments, laws and the precepts.

Any violation of the commandment, the Kings/Emperors/Sultans would pass the sentences such chopping the heads of the criminals or stone to death without going through lengthy court proceedings as the result of those "runaways" from the Kings.
SO, they started their style of constitutions, in the new found lands, that are denying the existence of God...laws about democracy, rights to protest, animal rights, women's rights, gay & lesbian rights, human rights...committed crime again God.

2022-08-04 21:37


A certain faction of people in a country/nation, went against their nation will be punished by the nation.
One faction of people went against Moses, the followers of Korah, were destroyed/punished.
God would raise up a king and God also remove a king. Anyone go against the king/nation, the king would drag/send the criminals to be executed straight away. No need defence lawyers to buy time, witness on MC, judge being bribed..
Anyone go against his nation, will be executed..

2022-08-04 22:00


sslee:china is really joke 2 hour finished blockage..perhaps its just the show to be recorded for brainwash the ppl.. so that no ppl to care about he nang scandal..the missile is built onto mouth as i said..hahaha

2022-08-05 00:02


NOBODY can get in and out of taiwan ?

2022-08-05 11:19


Malaysian Chinese do know chinese culture. It's China Chinese who don't know the culture because they tried to destroy it in their cultural revolution.

2022-08-05 11:44


Not gonna let China chinese tell us what traditional chinese culture is, they have no right.

2022-08-05 11:46


If China chinese says traditional chinese culture is one thing, but Malaysian chinese says it's something else, better follow what Malaysian chinese said. The china chinese dont know wan because they destroyed and and tainted traditional chinese culture in their cultural revolution.

2022-08-05 11:51


Boils down to the people, not with one man that can rule for life. If most of the Taiwanese want's independence, that says it all.
Hong Kong, if given the same freedom, by the looks of it they would have preferred independence.
There is a lot of things that are happening in China, that are hidden, no media freedom, etc., a country where you can't criticize the government/leader says it all.

2022-08-05 11:54


People in China are known to have a full blown obsession with money. so are taiwanese and other chinese around the globe . taiwanese especially adults do not give a damn about democracy . only the young brainwashed taiwanese care about democracy because they do not need to worry about livelihood.

2022-08-05 15:42


taiwan people unify with thug gang , u must be craxy, out of your mind.

2022-08-05 16:43


The Chinese Civil War was fought between the Kuomintang (KMT)-led government of the Republic of China (ROC) and forces of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), lasting from 1927 till today

The Communists gained control of mainland China and established the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949, forcing the leadership of the Republic of China to retreat to the island of Taiwan.[9] Starting in the 1950s, a lasting political and military standoff between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait has ensued, with the ROC in Taiwan and the PRC in mainland China both officially claiming to be the legitimate government of all China. After the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, both tacitly ceased fire in 1979; however, no armistice or peace treaty has ever been signed.

Tecnically China and Taiwan is still at war whether you like it or not and the only thing from an all out war is Mainland China hope upon hope one day Taiwan will unite with China peacefully.

Taiwan people need to know this fact and decide for themselve whether they want to talk peace with mainland China or risk a war with mainland China.

2022-08-05 17:45


KMT lost the civil war because it has lost support for refusing to fight the Japanese invaders.

2022-08-05 17:56


President Tsai have the history record landslide won in her election already to proved that what is Taiwanese want.

2022-08-05 18:52


China will invasion Taiwan or not I don't know, but now what I know is Chairman Xi worry is how to firm his post more than Taiwan issue.

2022-08-05 18:52


Same word, I support democracy and freedom, no need to be a fans of other countries, this is stuxxd behavior, whether how struggle to promote with them they never give to you even 1 cent.

2022-08-05 18:55


Appreciate our country Malaysia have peace and harmony

2022-08-05 18:55


Sun Yat-Sen travelled to Penang, Taiping

He went to Japan...friendship with the Japanese

2022-08-05 20:02


US kaki kacau dunia.

2022-08-05 20:13


Taiwan is obviously a paper tiger . when the war comes , Taiwan will surrender soon for a simple reason. most of Taiwanese don't want to fight.

2022-08-05 21:14


all of Taiwan's friends suddenly become silent on China's Taiwan military drills .It signals no nations will help Taiwan when the real war comes.

2022-08-05 21:41


Posted by Anthonyloh > Aug 5, 2022 6:52 PM | Report Abuse

President Tsai have the history record landslide won in her election already to proved that what is Taiwanese want

What is Taiwanese want??
Know what happen during 2018 Taiwan local election?
By 2020 DPP use the Hongkong summer of unrest to their full advantage to swing opinion/vote to DPP.

So what really Taiwanese want?

For me what I really want for Malaysia are:

1. A truly mature democratic society where two truly capable parties competing with each other on merit and idea to govern this country.

2. A JUST and CARING society where his entire citizen will have the opportunity to truly realise his/her full potential. And the weaker one given assistant and support to at least able to live a decent life.

3. A truly confident and competitive society where we can take on the best of the best globally.

4. A religion practices in moderation that promote acquired all type of worthy knowledge that will enhance our value system and make Malaysia a moral, ethical, scientific and progressive society.

5. A psychologically liberated, secure, tolerant and developed society that truly embrace and celebrate our diversity where different ethnicity, religions and cultures live in peace and harmony with mutual understanding, respect and acceptance.

6. An open and color blind society where issues can be debate constructively on its merit and demerit without fear and favor or name-calling.

7. Lastly a government that is Clean, Honest, Responsible, Competent, Just and respecting our diverse multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual heritage

2022-08-06 10:23


More like Malay holding Chinese happy and smilling face

Like i holding my LOYAL Dog Face

2022-08-06 10:31



The fact that the Taiwanese responded to what happened in HK by voting for pro-independence DPP proves what Taiwanese want. And that is to not reunify and to not be a subject of dictatorship CCP. Why would they? Taiwanese have far better living standards than the Chinese. To reunify is to downgrade, no point.

2022-08-06 13:27


hahah mach10 is so stup*d. eh please stay out of politics if you know dogshi*. Taiwan will just surrender is the most stup*d comment I've heard

2022-08-06 13:41


The war for reunification is inevitable mah!

China is hoping not to fight the war over the next 10 yrs....hoping some peaceful means of reunification can be achieved loh!
But if cannot be done....then war ....to achieve its aim will be likely loh!

The USA action...recently had narrow down the timeline....from 10 yrs....to lightly not more than 5 yrs b4 decisive action is taken mah!

2022-08-06 14:46


Someone forward this to my whatsApp group.

Sorry to pop your bubble but I am American. Served during desert storm. 11B. A military assessment is done by not being “patriotic” but by being non-biased and looking at the evidence.

I don’t assume anything. Where do you get your assessment from? I get mine from the Pentagon’s papers on China.

China has far better technology than Russia. And according to the Pentagon, there is no defense against China’s ship killer missiles.

So even if all of NATO and Japan’s ships show up along with the US, they would just get sunk. One shot, one kill. There is no way for anyone current military to stop a maneuverable mach 20 missile that can evade incoming fire.

China has proven it has the capabilities. They hit a moving ship in the SCS with 2 DF-26 and 2 DF-21. The DF-26 is a mach 18–20 missile. The DF-21 is a mach 10 missile.

China has nothing to lose because according to US simulations, the US loses badly. Losing every ship within 1,000 miles of China.

You can also go read the Rand Corporations simulation results if you don’t like the Pentagon’s. Their report is the same. They’ve been running simulations for 15 years and the US has lost badly every time.

15 years ago it was 90% aircraft lost. Today, it’s 100% and all ships.

China is the only nation to have landed on Mars on the first try. Even the US had to do it twice to land on Mars. The EU tried 3 times. All failed. Russia tried twice, all failed.

China has the best launch record in the world.

They landed on the dark side of the moon, first try. They docked a space station capsule 90 degrees to the orbiting space station. Never been done. Because it is much easier to dock with the same axis than 90 degrees.

China hit 6 out of 6 anti-missile mid course interceptor. US hit 10 out 20.

Currently, China’s missiles out class ours. Their air to air missiles out range ours. Their regular anti-ship missile out range ours and is supersonic. Harpoon is still subsonic.

They detected the F-35 stealth fighter and intercepted it before they reached the East China Sea.

I’m inclined to agree with the Pentagon. We fight China, it will be a one sided fight with US on the losing end. And this is my assessment as a scientist and a US Army vet.

While the US has been fighting Islamic fanatics for the last 30 years. China has been studying US air and sea battle tactics and designing weapons specifically to beat the US. They have succeeded quite well. All their weapons are designed to counter the US strengths and turn them into weaknesses.

And they have unlimited ammo. US ships have 90–120 VLS launch cells. At last half are land attack missiles and can’t be used to defend the ship.

Even if they don’t use the hypersonic missiles, just their supersonic anti-ship missiles can easily overwhelm our ships and sink them en mass.

Taking over Taiwan? Easy. Taiwan won’t fight. I am Taiwanese, most of my relatives are still in Taiwan. My mom watches Taiwan TV and she talks to her relatives every week.

Maybe this is before your time, check out Operation Just Cause. After suppressing Taiwan air defense, China will fly mechanized infantry and tank units over to Taoyuan airport and land there like we did in Panama. Then drive to Taipei and arrest the DPP, what’s left of them.

Every time there is an alarm about Chinese missiles, the President runs to her plane and takes off. But she doesn’t seem to realize that fighter planes are much much faster than commercial planes.

Felix Su
Economist, Biochemist

2022-08-06 15:59



#What is Taiwanese want??
Know what happen during 2018 Taiwan local election?
By 2020 DPP use the Hongkong summer of unrest to their full advantage to swing opinion/vote to DPP.,#

Don't only judge to review last 2020 Taiwan election, you should review back what happened before and after former President Ma, before Ma, Taiwanese hate the corruption by former President Chen and the vote swing to Ma for landslide won, not only corruption let Ma landslide won, another reason is Ma will resume the 92 Consensus talks, in that time I also have hopeful President Ma can solve the china and Taiwan issue via 92 Consensus, but disappoint that China rejected 92 Consensus and after that China's missile flight over Taiwan island, then the Taiwanese fully anger about the China's action and Ma's party also lost the president post in next election. In this trend, Taiwanese will choose 92 Consensus for peace and freedom, but if lost the freedom they prefer choose back the corruption's party. This trend similar our country before and after PH, only the issue different.

2022-08-06 18:49


ir-regardless of democracy or communist- both also generate bigger social gap. powerful elites become richer whereas poor become poorer. both also capitalist not real socialist. to avoid backlash from poor marginalised, china need to find an enemy i.e USA to divert from own local socio-economy issue and vice versa. using national sentiment as diversion from poor domestic governance

2022-08-06 19:14


to extend presidential terms or to save own political career- many used war, or covid pandemic to delay expired GE, or party election. sham democracy.

2022-08-06 19:51


War start because of unresolved historical grievances but Western wage war as a form of democracy agaist autocracy (ideology war) without thinking what war will do to the people and the world.

War should be outlaw as crime against humanity. The real war is to fight climate change and poverty.

2022-08-06 20:22


Many people around Mao committed atrocity using Mao name. This is why Deng put in the two term limit for CPP top leader.

When you have leader for life and when he is old and connot think clearly that is the time where people around him rule using the old man name.

2022-08-07 08:07


Aircraft carrier killer
The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has deployed the world's first ground launched hypersonic glide vehicle designed for anti ship missions, with a new variant of the DF-17 described in state media reports as an “aircraft carrier killer.”


2022-08-07 08:15


Taiwan president repeat same mistake of Ukraine Joker. choose to be puppet to barbarian US i/o showing strong independence, work with Russia. This is why Putin pissed off. Must sack Tsai first showing weakness as president

2022-08-07 10:08



#War start because of unresolved historical grievances but Western wage war as a form of democracy agaist autocracy (ideology war) without thinking what war will do to the people and the world.#

War should be outlaw as crime against humanity. The real war is to fight climate change and poverty.#

Agreed with you, our real enemy is climate change, you can win a piece of land via war, but you cannot use the war to win the earth from climate change.

2022-08-07 10:56


waloe. no wonder Tsai= Tahi in hokkien never intended to seek peace with china. intend to bring all innocent taiwanese to holland like Ukraine president-Jewish.

2022-08-07 13:01


yes tsai is half japs half chinese. but of course she doesn't recognize herself as Chinese. they suppress the opposition party with new law. then punish the pro china media. then have all the media sing song for them even when they do badly. this is akin to hitler maneuver.

2022-08-08 09:17


Felix Su
Economist, BiochemistMay 17
Can China sink U.S. carriers?

US Pentagon watched as China hit a moving ship in the SCS with 2 DF-26 and 2 DF-21 hypersonic missiles.

If they hit, only one is required to sink a ship of any kind. Reason is that the amount of energy in these two hypersonic missiles is equivalent to 10 tons of tnt and 2.5 tons of tnt.

Even for a civilian who doesn’t know anything about ships, anyone would know that when you are talking about tons of explosives inside a ship, that is the end of the ship.


2022-08-09 11:57


Felix Su
Economist, Biochemist
China is a communist nation and yet it has the fastest developing economy in the world. How does China balance the conflicting dynamics of this economic structure?

China is NOT a Communist nation. And hasn’t been since Mao died and Deng took over in 1970’s. Go get an economics textbook. Any first year textbook will do. Just look it up on Amazon.

Read it. You will be greatly enlightened. The fact that you think that China is Communist is ridiculous. It’s been 50 years of capitalism and you think China is Communist?!?

There is no conflict in the Chinese economic structure. The companies want to make money. The job of the government is to moderate that and ensure that the companies don’t get to do whatever they want.

The job of the government is to ensure a fair competition and to take care of the people. You know…We the people.

2022-08-09 12:11


This old Chinese Malaysian brain full of money and dirty things likes corruption. For his 70+ years living is Msia still didn’t learn the tolerance, humble and unity from local ethics. Hello apek when lee Kuan yew say to tunku Abdul Rahman he want to leave Malaya , Tunku just give it away without any threaten / military action / dirty way catch him up. Somehow support them with water supply and foods. Nowadays both country living peacefully and help each other , provide opportunities for a lot of Malaysia Chinese to Singapore working either successful in private / hold government high position.
Malaysia government really feed you with good rice, but u never learn how to be a humble and tolerance. As a Chinese local, I feel sad our old man Chinese in Malaysia mindset is so narrow.

2022-08-15 18:55


So Taiwan want to be independent, it should be encourage. Both will benefit each others someday, why must took it back ? Ah Pek Koon maybe just think of conquers others land and build his mansion …

2022-08-15 18:58


Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United States on Tuesday of whipping up tensions in Asia, describing a visit to Taiwan by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a "thoroughly planned provocation".

"The situation in Ukraine shows that the US is trying to prolong this conflict. And they act in exactly the same way, fuelling the potential for conflict in Asia, Africa and Latin America," Putin said in televised remarks



2022-08-18 11:21


There are many Japanese stay in Taiwan after World War II. They are third generation in Taiwan now. They will do whatever thing so that China will attack Taiwan. They will follow Japanese/US Governments. No way to differentiate those Japanese dogs or Taiwanese eg Taiwan President Tsai.

2022-08-18 15:44


Another Group of Chinese which influence by Japanese culture since 50 years Japanese occupa tion in Taiwan. They feel strongly that their 2nd hometown is from Japan. These group blindly follow Japanese government.

2022-08-18 16:20


We pray that War will not happen between China and Taiwan. We sincerely hope that Chinese will not fight Chinese.

2022-08-18 16:28

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