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Publish date: Tue, 02 Jan 2024, 12:11 PM
Koon Yew Yin
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Koon Yew Yin, 2 Jan 2024

Someone has been using my name to promote initial public offer (IPO) shares. I just received this last night.

I have complained to Securities Commission about a year ago. If you have received a similar scam, you can write to ​aduan@seccom.com.my to make a complaint.

I do not want to ask anyone to buy IPO shares because statistics show that almost all the IPO projected profit are not achievable.

Guidelines for investing in the stock market 

If you Google” percentage of investors lose money in the stock market”, you will be shocked to know that 90% of investors lose money. If you have no experience in investing in the stock before, you should not start. If your track record shows that you have been losing money, you should stop investing.

Losers are very egoistic and they will not stop investing. The reason is that fools and fanatics are always so sure of themselves and the wiser investors are always in doubt.

Since my retirement as director from IJM Corporation Bhd. about 40 years ago, I have been investing in the stock market. There are always some unforeseen risk in buying stocks. I have made many expensive mistakes. I must remember not to repeat the same mistake and I did not give up.

When I made mistakes, my ego is hurt but I have the courage to take calculated risk to find good growth stocks to invest to make back some money.

Stock selection criteria:

Among all the criteria of any listed company such as NTA, dividend yield, debt, cash rich, profit and loss etc, profit growth is the most powerful criterion to push up share price.

Only buy when the company reported increase profit.

Never buy any stock if it has reported reduced profit.

Do not buy stocks just based on dividend yield because almost all the listed companies give out less than 6% per year.

There are about 1,100 listed companies and as normal investor, you have only money to buy a few stocks. Just carefully select a few good growth stocks to buy. Never take unnecessary risk.

I only buy when the share can pass the financial and technical analysis.

Price chart cannot lie

The share price chart is a record of the daily closing price of a stock. If there are more sellers than buyers, the share price will drop and if there are more buyers than sellers the price will go up. All these daily transactions are recorded to form the price charts. Never buy any shock with a down trending price chart because after you have bought it, the price will continue to drop. Only buy stock when its price chart is showing up-trend.

Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Never buy Initial Public Offer (IPO) shares because record shows almost all IPO projections are not achievable.

Companies for initial public offer (IPO) usually don't have a long history of disclosing their financial information and they don't have an established trading history for investors to analyze. Moreover, IPO companies usually engage professionals to promote and sell their shares. What they say in the campaign can be misleading.

Free tips

This is a big mistake that most people commit when they start investing in the stock market. They easily trust the tips they hear from a friend, neighbor, colleague, brokerage firm, news from a financial channel. Most investors blindly trust these recommendations and lose money.


People are always in a hurry to make money. They always want to become rich quickly. Investors can lose money if they do not have patience. Investors must be patient.

Blind leads the blind

Investors should not follow the crowd blindly to buy stocks. After researching the company properly, if you are satisfied, then only invest in that stock.

Never sell good winning stocks to buy bad losing stocks

After careful research, you bought a few stocks. The good stocks continue to go up higher and higher and the bad stock went up a bit but keep dropping. Don’t sell the good stocks to buy the bad stock.


After careful research, you might have bought 1 or 2 stocks. It is safer to buy a couple of other stocks to diversify to reduce risk.

I only buy when the share can pass the financial and technical analysis.

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the fact that someone used your name, means you are FAMOUS person!
anyway Happy New Year KYY!

2024-01-03 07:49


Only scam groups will still make use of your "reputation" in stock mkt

2024-01-03 08:07


Why KYY is famous not OTB or i3investor stock competition winners?

2024-01-03 10:02


Subur Tiasa why KYY no more promote? Still a laggard compared to Ranhill, Teo Seng which KYY promoted before.

2024-01-03 10:06


If only KYY talk the talk and walk the walk then he would not have made so many expensive mistakes.

2024-01-03 10:59


Kyy first appeared in i3 forum year 2014 and promoted two stocks

Jaya tiasa

Jaya TIASA was Rm2.40 and it went up to the high of Rm2.60 to Rm2.70 quite a lofty price then and so we did not follow

When we saw Shale oil emanating from USA we told Kyy to sell his Jtiasa

He sold like no tomorrow and Jtiasa crashed to the low of Rm1.20

At that time Jtiasa was full of debts and Cpo prices below Rm3000

Now Cpo ranges Rm3600 to Rm4300 and Jtiasa below Rm1.00

Plus jtiasa then had very high debt while it is now almost going debt free and cash rich

Also it's palm oil estates now 171,000 Fully matured at 14 years age

171,000 acres are about 97% of Singapore land mass of 177000 acres
All producing the most productive vege oil

Now this Jtiasa should see Real Value compared to year 2014 highs
As a yardstick when Kyy comes out to promote the stock is already too high to chase

2024-01-03 11:20


kyy is a great man.

2024-01-03 16:22


For humility and sincerity very few could match Ah Bah in i3 Forum


To Ah Bah

2024-01-03 16:29


scammer. ask you to join group promising daily tips. talk big only, no tips released. Then ask ppl to pm them for more info. big scammer. per trade talking about 500k😅

2024-01-03 17:30

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Looks like KYY has a check list he uses for stock selection. Even then, this did not prevent him from some big mistakes. From my observation of his past actions, it was not easy for him to stick to his check list strategy. At times, he deviated, perhaps even carried away. In any case, these aren't important.

Protecting the downsides, ensures that the upsides take care of themselves.

KYY, thanks for sharing.

2024-01-04 07:03


Kyy already loss his reputation this few years as you will hear a lot of saying " When Kyy ask you to buy it is time to sell."

2024-01-04 08:35


Posted by gladiator > 11 minutes ago | Report Abuse

Kyy already loss his reputation this few years as you will hear a lot of saying " When Kyy ask you to buy it is time to sell."

Shit...it sounds familiar to me.....I think I was the first one to make such a remark

2024-01-04 08:48


I guess this is the only legacy KYY left in I3.

2024-01-04 08:50


Most importantly he taught a lot of waterfish here a good lesson that there is no free lunch in this world.

Everyone is for his own in stock mkt.


2024-01-04 08:52


02-Jan-2024 Board Member Executive Director Appointment - MISS KU EK MEI on 01-jan-2024
02-Jan-2024 Board Member Executive Director Appointment - MISS KHOO LEE FENG on 01-Jan-2024.

KSL is a profitable company but the 3 Ku/Khoo brothers pay themselve RM10+ million per year and no dividend to shareholders.

Now their daughters are appointed as executive directors and how much KSL will pay them?

2024-01-04 09:00


sy pun kena. Orang menipu kata dia 'KYY'. This 'KYY' asked me to join advanced investor group and asked me to buy ALPHA. I didnt buy. Yang beli banyak sudah rugi banyak

3 weeks ago

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