Serba Dinamik- victims of speculation

Serba Dinamik current share price does not make sense

Publish date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021, 12:44 PM

Recently Serba Dinamik dunked a record profit in the latest quarterly report by the company. At the current swing, Serba Dinamik fundamentals are still solid because their cash flow is still hevaily backed up by the current oil & gas market. Unfortunately the stock price keeps going down.

This in a way opens the Malaysian stock market to the power of speculation. For years, BURSA remained steadfast and try to remain bullet proof to speculation.


Unfortunately what is happening to Serba Dinamik is worrying. It is true that they are facing a few stumbling blocks in regards to their audit report. However, the audit report is not finalised yet but people are quick to jump on the bandwagon to cry foul. Our society's long standing culture and principle has always been innocent until proven guilty. That is why we have proper legal mechanism to ensure all parties are equally protected.

But the sad reality is the stock market is strengtening by mob mentality, a hint of speculation and people are quick to pass judgment. This not some random coffee shop gossip hour. This is a billion dollar mark on the economy. Words hurt real working class people.

Serba Dinamik has been open so far. They want another auditor to close the report, willing to cooperate with SC and open to legal channel to clear their name. Most importantly, they want business to continue as usual and have maintained the confidence of their oversea business partners.

Their profit in this quarter is a good sign. Do not succumb to market speculation. Do not start a mob economy. Innocent until proven guilty.

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Haha, joke, doesn’t make sense? When people start to shout this statement, you better run

Because most of the time, the market almost right over time.

Those who shout, will remain shouting all the time

2021-06-28 13:21


u can try call up their office and ask why.


they should give u some sense ..

2021-06-28 13:32


obviously this writer owns Serba flow still heavily back up by O&G?

Their net cash flow has reduced significantly based on latest QR and oil prices are famously violatile.

5 independent directors have resigned together..bro do u even know the meaning of this?

stay far far away from this stock

2021-06-28 13:34


If you don't sell now and buy back later, EPF and other investment banks (forced margin calls) will sell it for you.

2021-06-28 13:39


Another Kyy I can say haha. At the end, this guy will confirm publish everything make sense. Confirm 100%

2021-06-28 14:32


If so, did you see directors and top management aggressively scooping up the shares?

2021-06-28 14:36


innocent until guilty is for lawyers not for investment

2021-06-28 14:50


stronger companies have been killed by rumors

2021-06-28 14:52


price and sense..... like pride and prejudice

2021-06-28 14:53


people who buys today will be called smart if they make money and not so smart if they lose money. that is all to it.

2021-06-28 15:00


lol, Good luck in your "non-sense" and stay safe

2021-06-28 15:37


EPF & KWAP think the same too...
Really not make sense.

2021-06-28 15:52


Goreng goreng aku

2021-06-28 15:55


serba should trade at 0.005-0.05c in the near future. It's make sense at current price. Low will become lower.
However gloves trade at PE2-3 are not make sence at all. FYI I didnt own any glove share I talk is based on fact & figures.

2021-06-28 16:02

Michael Kwok

I nearly buy Serba when is on 70 over cents the latest but not too buy.My goodness it tank to 30 over cents accounting scandal.

2021-06-28 16:08

Jack Khan

Haha It also remind me of Kyy title about glove stock 2 months ago! Use this type of title to encourage others retailer to buy!
Stockisnotfun Another Kyy I can say haha. At the end, this guy will confirm publish everything make sense. Confirm 100%

2021-06-28 16:16


All the institutional players had already gone by now. Left the bitter gourd. Never trust a Malay company.

2021-06-28 16:18


kpower & SD in the careful

2021-06-28 16:25


You sure their cash flow is heavily backed by the current O&G market? Not through constant issuance of PP and loan?

Take a look at their cash flow statement, net operating cash flow only 9m+, less than 2% of net profit. Free cash flow at -1.2b. Profit can be inflated easily. Time to brush up on your accounting knowledge before giving out statements.

2021-06-28 16:38


Really not make sense.

How those KPMG issue has been tarnished Serba image.

2021-06-28 16:38


really hates it when people says makes no sense.... makes to sense to them.

2021-06-28 16:43


SD at this price surely not making any sense!
Should at best be 20 sen right now.
When not able to submit 6th QR by Sept, will be at 2 sen then.

2021-06-28 16:43


shares always make sense.... up or down..... it's your priority only

2021-06-28 16:44


Not much different from Xingquan.

2021-06-28 16:44


cheap stuff no good, good stuff no cheap.

2021-06-28 17:44


At least it may have the honour to lead PENNY stocks.

2021-06-28 17:47


Sc should have suspended the counter from the very beginning inorder to protect minority shareholders from huge losses suffer. Nothing can stop speculators from dumping the shares price until today if the SD counter continued to remain open . Investors tend to react more to the negative news than positive news that is quite obvious to protect their capital.

2021-06-28 19:49


Sure it make sense, people sell because many uncertainty, include EPF.

2021-06-28 20:34


Margin call incoming

2021-06-28 22:13


15 cents sell to me..hi..hi...

2021-06-29 07:25


10sen soon

2021-06-29 07:28


Long waiting 15 cents. Good enough. no more no less.

2021-06-29 07:43


Even PN 17 companies also got value mah ..not referring to SD.

2021-06-29 07:45

Morning $tar

very similar to 1MDB

2021-06-29 11:07


How do you all see about these resignation of directors? when time is good they get their fees and time bad they leave without care! Where is the codes of ethic of company directors? There is no solidarity of the board in solving the issues but just about their own interest?

2021-06-29 11:08


Yes doesn't make sense. It should be lower at 0.12

2021-06-29 16:20


Not guilty until proven only valid in USA. In bolehland its guilty until proven otherwise. 1MDB is the best example.

2021-06-29 16:23


Current price makes more sense for me.
Not sure how EPF & KWAP think?

As usual, they're much more prudent in their investment.

2021-06-29 17:00


you think it doesn't make sense but market think it make sense.
you think it doesn't make sense means you thought was wrong and causing you losing money.

may be market also think it doesn't make sense because now still too high.

2021-06-29 20:36


Post removed.Why?

2021-06-29 22:08


errrrrrr. that statement, UNAUDITED one right?
By the way, KPMG so many years auditor, how only find the problem eh? why ah? no explanation also

2021-06-29 22:18


But enough to make sand ?

2021-06-30 10:59

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