Investing theory 2 - IPO valuation


Huawei just launched it's new foldable phone at the 2019 mobile conference.

It is beyond impressive especially knowing that Apple has yet to come out with a foldable phone of it's own, and Samsung will not be sharing it's flexible plastic OLED technology anytime soon.


Shows you how difficult investing in technology can be.


This is a really advanced piece of technological advancement that makes me want to go out there and buy a phone, instead of upgrading just for the sake of upgrading.


I remember commenting to my colleague once when we were doing a site survey deep in the plantation roads of kalimantan.


How wonderful would it be if we could have a foldable electronic map with wireless GPS and wireless solar charging. We would never get lost! Especially when my Garmin ran out of battery.


The future of foldable electronic books, and OLED newspapers are upon us!


For those who remember the good old days watching bladerunner with Harrison Ford, the future is here!


That, and the future of pollution.


Funnily enough, the original bladerunner movie starring Harrison Ford released in 1982, was an eerily prescient vision of the future in 2019.


Especially with the Chinese as the most technologicly advanced nation in the future where everyone starts learning Mandarin.




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