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Why Anwar is a better PM choice than Zahid, Ismail Sabri, Muhyiddin and Hadi

Publish date: Mon, 24 Oct 2022, 01:41 PM

DAP VETERAN Lim Kit Siang has shortlisted five candidates for the 10th Prime Minister (PM) of Malaysia post in which he described Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the “superior candidate”.

The other four candidates are UMNO president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, caretaker PM Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, former PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang.

“At present, there are only three coalitions which could form the Federal Government in Putrajaya after the 15th General Election (GE15) on Nov 19: (i) UMNO-Barisan Nasional (BN); (ii) Perikatan Nasional (PN) coalition of Bersatu and PAS; and (iii) the Pakatan Harapan coalition of PKR, DAP, Amanah and UPKO,” rationalised the 81-year-old Iskandar Puteri MP.

Lim Kit Siang

“There is no doubt that from the slate of candidates for the 10th PM of Malaysia, Anwar is a superior candidate as compared to Zahid or Ismail Sabri of the UMNO/BN coalition and Muhyiddin or Hadi of the PN coalition,” he stated in his speech in conjunction with the unveiling of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sarikei candidate for GE15 yesterday (Oct 23).

(Editor’s note: DAP Sarawak will be fielding 32-year-old former banker Roderick Wong who is the son of incumbent Andrew Wong Ling Biu as its candidate.)

For Zahid who claims that the UMNO/BN coalition has achieved great things for Malaysia, Kit Siang challenged him to explain the following developments:

  • What he meant by progress when in 1965 one Singapore dollar was worth RM1 but after 60 years, S$1 is now worth RM3.30?;
  • Why is Malaysia losing out to Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Vietnam – and probably to many more nations soon – at the rate the country is regressing?;
  • Why is it that Malaysia is drifting lower and lower in the Transparency International’s (TI) annual Corruption Perception Index (CPI)? Since 1995, China, India and Indonesia have closed the gap of a clean and honest government with China likely to overtake Malaysia in the TI CPI this decade, and India and Indonesia to follow suit in the next;
  • Malaysia had good schools and universities in the early decades but is now losing out to other countries with the country finding itself in the bottom third of the world in maths and science education.

As for Ismail Sabri, Kit Siang doubts that the Bera MP will be able to retain his premiership even if the UMNO/BN coalition emerges victorious in GE15.

“Zahid says that Ismail Sabri will be the PM if the UMNO/BN coalition wins. I do not think that Ismail Sabri fully trusts Zahid although he has to pretend that Zahid will be true in his words,” reckons the DAP supremo who has devoted 57 years of his life in pursuit of his Malaysian Dream.

“Do we want Muhyiddin the “back-stabber” or Hadi, the extremist Islamist who says that corruption among Muslims is all right but not among the non-Muslims to be PM?

Apart from PH, Kit Siang opined that neither the UMNO/BN nor the PN coalitions embrace Malaysia as a plural society of diverse races, languages, religions and cultures.

“Only Anwar and PH embrace the concept that Malaysia must be for all races and religions who have made a home in Malaysia – that for Malaysia to become a great world-class nation, we must unite all races, religions and regions in the country,” he asserted.

“This is why Anwar is the superior candidate to be the 10th PM of Malaysia as compared to the other candidates from the other two coalitions – UMNO/BN and PN.” – Oct 24, 2022

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2022-10-25 15:38

Michael Kwok

Wht rubbish anwar is talking.reform,wht reform.2018 mei till feb 2020 is enough.almost 2 years pakatan harapan in power,
I)Stock market down on tht time
II)ringgit down on tht time from average rm 3.70 to average rm 4.30
III)Failure of gst policy promise goods price will go down and ringgit will go up.but till now seing average rm go down,price of good go up after gst not in our country any more.
Iv)Please sarawak and bersatu dun simply tear the agreement and be frog but because of LGE doings not fullfill wht promise.always say bankcrupt when people asking for helps.
V)wht cut wastage.rubbish wht anwar say.everything increase in price year 2018 till to reduce costs.even lge(finance minister)year 2018 mei-year 2022 feb,ask people reduce costs on tht time.wrong visions and policy cost many businesses reeling into bigger losses(where in reality need to increase price not reduce).This bring even poorer businesses which in reality businesses can't spend more or economy getting weaker.
VI)Anwar was the father of political frog.the first.then other follows.please dun twist the facts.
VII)The cut cost lead by Lim Guan Eng year mei 2018-feb 2020 many projects cancel.the big flood in Selangor and KL was cause by Pakatan doing as many projects was shelve or cancel.even the state of selangor cut cost save billion if not wrong rm 5 billion maximum during first term takeover of selangor.wht project akready cancel cause the flood in selangor.

2022-10-25 15:51


They cant even get implement their 100 days promises or manifesto. They almost destroy the country. Stop ongoing project, renegotiate contract which drop investor confident, borrow money from Japan, sell our national assets including in Khazanah, PNB, Tabung Haji which end up this major investment arm of government unable to inject fund even into local Market and PH also keep fight with China and India our major trading partner, causing our palm oil price crash and bring suffer to all Felda settler and later they come flip flop policies which also destroy the country and its hormany. Not to mention their involvement in juriciaries where they appoint tommy tomas....later they appoint Koya kutty ....which also destroy our legal system. Just 22 month, Negara hampir hancur dibuatnye. It is a nightmare. Thanks GOD PH collapse. Kalau bagi 5 tahun lagi tak tau apa akan jadi pada Malaysia.

2022-10-25 17:01


Senior Lim should stop talking! Enough is enough! Retire for good! Honestly, we don't have any good lawmakers! May end up like UK where politics are now total joke!

2022-10-25 17:06


How DSAI could do reforms when Tun M didn’t want to hand over PM seat to DSAI as promised after 2 years???
Don’t talk Coke lah.
With Tun M controlling PM seat during PH 22 months, even LGE had to obey Tun M orders. Tahu tak???

LGE save Felda and Tabung Haji, 2 icons of Malay identity. You all ungrateful creatures. I don’t want to say more And Talk Coke here.

2022-10-25 19:47


1990s...........Mahathir Anwar pair............budget surplus........PH surely more prudent with money than Ismail Budget which is deficit of $ 100 B out of $ 350 B budget.

there are no more leaders who talk about prudence with money other than PH/ Mahathir.

2022-10-25 21:25


PH 5 years can see results but 22 months got kick out...............too unlucky.

2022-10-25 21:26


but now talk what no use........BN will win big.

2022-10-25 21:27


buy more stock and say goodbye

2022-10-26 03:53


I found that most politicians particularly DAP are lawyers. How lawyers know about economics ? Hopeful to have one PM with economics background preferably professor.

2022-10-26 06:57


Only need to have common sense to know economics. Economics is not science.

2022-10-26 14:09

Michael Kwok

LGE is in tokong ready to say die die die.means down down down in stock market.his behsviour of strong cursing like country bankcrupt,sabah,sarawak bankcrupt lead to demise of LGE in power.

2022-10-26 14:12


Who cares?

2022-10-26 14:17

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