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Johor, MPC & federal agencies to enhance modern chicken farm development

Publish date: Sun, 16 Jun 2024, 05:54 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: The Johor state government, along with the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) and federal agencies, is collaborating to improve the efficiency of modern chicken farm development in Johor through regulatory reforms.

MPC said Johor is the largest producer of poultry meat in Malaysia, contributing 30 per cent of the nation's total production. 

"Considering current developments, various emerging issues and challenges need to be addressed wisely and effectively.

"To date, 75 per cent of chicken farms are still managed under an open system, resulting in low production productivity," it added.

MPC said the country's livestock industry has significant potential for growth, whether for domestic use or export based on demand.

"Through this initiative, several expected positive outcomes and impacts can be achieved, including a 20 per cent increase in production, a 15 per cent reduction in business operation costs, and raising the country's poultry production self-sufficiency level to 140 per cent by 2030," it noted.

MPC stated one of the challenges hindering existing farmers from transitioning to closed systems is the process of obtaining Planning Permission (KM) approval and the complex and costly land status conversion process.

"In response, the MPC is conducting several engagement sessions and workshops involving state stakeholders, federal agencies, and Johor poultry farmers' associations to ensure these issues are handled efficiently and effectively.

"MPC is committed to facilitating more efficient and expeditious regulatory implementation to support modern farming, rather than becoming an undue burden on industry players. 

"Excessive regulatory burdens on businesses can negatively impact production productivity and industry competitiveness," it said.

According to MPC, implementing a more efficient and simplified approval process ensures adherence to established regulations, benefiting stakeholders such as local authorities, farmers, and the community.

This initiative not only aims to stabilise chicken prices and ensure food security but also aligns with the National Agrofood Policy 2021-2030.

It seeks to foster a sustainable development environment, enhancing productivity and competitiveness in Johor.

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