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Publish date: Sat, 09 Feb 2019, 11:34 AM
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Yes this "harassment" of Huawei is unfair from an eastern (especially Chinese) view point while of course from a western view point, it is right.
How did the west got so rich, well they plundered and copied, steal etc. US in particular stole the loom design from the English and with their army and navy protected US companies' banana interest in the Caribbean islands and so on.
This is the DNA of US and all the past colonizers.
But with the stock exchange, all can participate in the wealth of most of these companies. Whether one participate or not is a different matter all together.
Japan went through this in the late 70s early 80s, but they were smarter in placating US. South Korea learnt form the Japanese in the 90s, Samsung had no problem (I'm sure there were but not like Huawei).
One thing I noticed in Huawei case, their set-up is not inclusive. Only Chinese nationals (employees) are allowed to own shares while foreign employees are not allowed. Also I think because they are not publicly listed is a disadvantage.
SONY was in similar position when they dominated the electronic sphere (Walkman and the likes), but Morita was better in managing this, he internationalized the company and of course it is listed in the Tokyo stock exchange and most probably in the US as well. Samsung is also a listed entity.
And from i3 KYY: 
Alibaba's profit is 23.4 billion, Tencent 24.2 billion, Baidu 10.5 billion, and their profits total 58 billion, but 70% is taken away by foreigners. Since 2000, Huawei has earned 1.39 trillion yuan from abroad.
Huawei is just NOT inclusive! There is nothing to be proud off for the rest of the world (ex China). So if the rest of the world decide since you do not want to share then close my market to you, simple (especially the West, see DNA of above and they will use all the tricks (security especially) avaliable.
Huawei just stick to China (& emerging market and those outside the sphere of influence of US) then, hero in the kampong ONLY.
Prosper thy neighbour is the way forward. Everyone must have the opportunity to participate .
I believe if Hwawei is listed, allowing the many western pension funds (especially) to invest, US and its allies will not be so aggressive while there may be legitimate reasons for industrial espionage or wrong doing (who do not have - .Qualcomm vs Apple, VW diesel debacle, etc.)
ZTE is a listed company, punished (fined) and then moved on.
This is just business at the end of the day.
Just my musing.
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agree on that Bull...

Posted by Fortune Bull > Feb 9, 2019 01:24 PM | Report Abuse

Common people don't understand about Huawei! Huawei is a major treat to humanity! Huawei is the backbone of CCP! Because 5G is the future and 5G will be like water, food, electricity and so forth! The moment Huawei control 5G the world over, democracy is dead! You think CCP just want to dominate China! CCP not only want to survive but thrive in next millennia! Just look at Donald Trump now, the globalists are paying too dollar to remove him! CCP will do more than just remove Donald Trump, they will elect presidents, and PMs the world over since they know every single dirt this influential people have!

Posted by Fortune Bull > Feb 9, 2019 01:26 PM | Report Abuse

Huawei is CCP greatest weapon! It's the best communist weapon to dominate the world through 5G!

2019-02-09 13:28


you can liken them to the bad ágents' in movie matrix....

2019-02-09 13:37


Huawei is humanity's future.....

Huawei believes in open source, every thing for humanity....that is the Huawei way.....check this out too

U never heard of him because he is not American.....but he is the inventor of the code that makes Hua wei number one in 5G https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I2lg7Biyts&t=629s

2019-02-09 13:44


that is why i have been advocating this:

the poor especially have to get out of the hook....they need to have a way of living independent of these manipulative systems...

these systems can even manipulate what are the fundamentals drives in humans...

Posted by probability> Feb 4, 2019 02:26 AM | Report Abuse

That is why, I firmly believe in adding capital punishment to people who have a control or influence over the financial wealth of the community.


interesting opinion above

better if we have transparent monitoring of government decisions...and high taxation on higher income individuals...

the world truly needs to control the population, and increase the education level.

they have to build quality children

actually, we need to have sustainable - truly independent living...where one can farm and live for them self independently..this is indeed possible and especially true in equatorial countries like malaysia and indonesia...

we have fertile land...sunlight...and plenty of water..what else do you need?

countries income has to be diversified...it should not be overly dependent on a single economic contributor say like palm oil..

the moment the population gets hooked into economics to justify living & population growth, what we see in Venezuela can happen to any country..

2019-02-09 13:47


the article above (with due respect for teoct), appears as if written by a human zombie which makes investment return / money as the number 1 need...utmost priority....as if its the fundamental justification 'for all decision makings...

i think thats not true...

are we justifying another's bad act...for another?

2019-02-09 13:56


even 3 month old baby can stay away from mother's breast...but not a second away from smartphone!

Posted by Fortune Bull > Feb 9, 2019 02:22 PM | Report Abuse

Purebull! What you said is absolutely true! Whoever control data control the world! And Huawei has the very best 5G tech, and US don't have what Huawei has right now! What is Facebook! Most have woken up and close their account! But can you close your smartphone account! You can't use fake ID for your smartphone! And Huawei will dominate and control world data through 5G! And 5G is more powerful that any presidents out there! Even US have to bow to China in future if Huawei succeeded in controlling 5G worldover! Democracy will be dead by then!

2019-02-09 14:24


Thank you all for reading and commenting. Most interesting ideology differences, especially about CCP which can also stand for chinese chauvinist pigs which also include me as I am a chinese too (but not from China).

In investment there is also the triple bottom lines - social, environment and financial.

I think in the social sphere that is where Huawei is lacking. In the social sphere there is stakeholders that also include shareholders, here the shareholders are all China Chinese. And they are collecting everything from the world (sapu all) and we all just suppose to look only??

Please don't get me wrong, I am also concern about climate change, inequality, justices, rule of law, etc., but to just sit and watch one person (entity-Huawei) take all, that is not on for me and I think for US too as they are going to lose big. So US fight as they know how.

So my thesis (ideology) is share the wealth - prosper thy neighbour and all will be well under the heaven.

2019-02-09 14:52


Why no one talk about security threat from US tech supremacy back then or now?

2019-02-09 15:41


U.S had shown greater transparency...and democratic exercise for ages....

they have shown freedom of expression, lgbt rights, racial rights, women's rights, legalization of drugs etc, they are 100 times more civilized than asian...

china we have people who had even played on altering human genetics..

Posted by lizi > Feb 9, 2019 03:41 PM | Report Abuse

Why no one talk about security threat from US tech supremacy back then or now?

2019-02-09 15:45


I thought we already got spied when using google or facebook? So it is between two who less evil? Or between two evil who we trust more..

2019-02-09 16:01


with U.S you are at least able to know you got spied..
but with the other, u wont even know such ability exist...

Posted by lizi > Feb 9, 2019 04:01 PM | Report Abuse

I thought we already got spied when using google or facebook? So it is between two who less evil? Or between two evil who we trust more..

2019-02-09 16:04


Yeah....but that's the case when the news broke out...did u know it 10 year ago? Who knows the american purposely want u to know u are spied in order to launch propaganda war to stop china?

2019-02-09 16:08


You watch hitman: Agent 47?
CIA already using that to trace its target years ago.

Come to listening/tracing and linking telecommunication network, there are many digital forensic investigation tools like EnCase, which were developed by US, Israel, Russia and even Australia.
Just wonder who are talking all the craps all along the way.

Now you watch drone show in Shenzhen 2 days ago:


Do you still believe theft of IP by Huawei as what Donald Duck claimed?
China has pool of talents to convert drone technology into military capabilities.
That is exactly Donald Duck wanted to avoid before he becomes a roasted Peking duck..........

2019-02-09 16:17


I don't get it purebull....are u trying to say we should discriminate a rising race or country? Like deny the smart chinese from entering havards because they are too many of them?

2019-02-09 16:27

Haw Liao

hey bull...

chinese civilization is oldest and continue till now

if not u still be running naked in the forest

be thankful the chinese come here and trade

2019-02-09 16:32

Haw Liao

every country has agenda...

the agenda is the agenda itself...

as long its beneficial, be grateful...

don't bite the hands that feed u

we need chinese angpow and they need ur nasi lemak too

2019-02-09 16:45

Haw Liao

as long as u use tech, u will be monitored...

how sure CIA never spy u...

u think u hide in cave don't use tech u safe...

go ask osama


2019-02-09 16:48


I am thinking about our tech sector....all this while we depends on US....our e&e sector in penang booming due to major investment from US, from setting company to giving us assembly/testing jobs to local company. I just worry if china take the lead, can our country still benefit or not?

2019-02-09 16:50

Haw Liao

they afraid is not huawei, but the perception...

they want u to perceive apple is better than chinese tech...

all must use apple only...

its all about perception

control perception, control ur behavior

2019-02-09 16:53


Huawei....with 1.4 billion customers in China big enough for them to be very competitive......

There is nothing the duck can do...except punishing his own people and boycott the cheaper and better Huawei products......

2019-02-09 16:55

Haw Liao

why nestle stock so high...

because u perceive wake up must drink milo

must maggi for supper...

control ur behavior, control ur pocket

2019-02-09 16:56

Haw Liao

its all about cash flow

cash is still king

2019-02-09 16:56

Haw Liao

uncle aunty...

its not a trade war...

its a war of perception

2019-02-09 16:58

Haw Liao

hey bull...

yes im grateful for british...

for teaching me english...

if not, will be difficult to find employment

2019-02-09 17:15

Haw Liao

trust me, chinese is not ur threat...

the real threat is extremist...

this cannot that cannot...

and thats the worst kind of perception

2019-02-09 17:17

Haw Liao

i would rather spend every penny fighting those extremist than submitting

2019-02-09 17:19

Haw Liao

see kukumanis...

u spilled the beans...

later extremist raid there no more honey liao


2019-02-09 17:27

Haw Liao

ohh sorry my bad...

sorry kukumanis...

i thought u refer to lrg aji taib


2019-02-09 17:30

Haw Liao

every where got lah...

only u know or dont know nia...

i observed only ma...

cannot ahhh...

2019-02-09 17:33

Haw Liao

thats why i warning...

better try profit this 5 years...

later some extramist takeover no more chance

2019-02-09 17:37

Haw Liao

hey bull...

atleast if matrix u still can choose blue or red pill

if extremist they force u swallow one pill


2019-02-09 17:46

Haw Liao

force u green pill


2019-02-09 17:47


there is still no proof to support any of the western world accusations against Huawei............

2019-02-09 17:48

Haw Liao


u sure take green pill

virgins waiting for u


2019-02-09 17:49


US are more civilized, all these are nonsense. In history who has colonized other countries...it is western countries. The one suspecting others doing spying data or whatsoever are the one who has doing it long times ago." Don't do thing unto others if you don't want other do thing unto you".

2019-02-10 06:17


Dear all,
I received below article from my whatsApp group comment on USA against Huawei why?

Toshiba yesterday, Huawei today! (2019)Thirty years ago, Toshiba exported precision instruments to Russia. The United States has imposed the following penalties on Toshiba Group
1: The Japanese Police Department was ordered to arrest Erhe Lin, President of Toshiba Machinery Foundry, and Hiroshima Tanamura, President of Machine Tool Business, and sentenced to 10 years'imprisonment.
2: Closing Toshiba's factory in the United States
3: A 100% tariff on Toshiba products sold to the United States
4: As an alternative punishment to the previous one, Toshiba's exports to the United States were banned for five years.
5: A huge fine of 1 trillion yen was imposed on Toshiba, equivalent to $16 billion today.

In order to calm the anger of the United States, Japan has imposed severe penalties on Toshiba Group:
First, Japan's semiconductor industry will unconditionally share technology with American companies.
Second, Toshiba spent 100 million yen to publish a full-page apology advertisement in all major newspapers in the United States.
Thirdly, Japan Semiconductor Association invested 9 million US dollars to launch various relations lobbying in the US Congress, and this lobbying has become the most costly lobbying war in history.
Fourthly, the chairman and general manager of Toshiba Group resigned.
Fifthly, by an administrative order issued by the Ministry of Communications, Toshiba is prohibited from exporting any products to 14 countries for a period of one year.

The United States is the master of Japan, Japan can only apologize, which has led to Toshiba gradually losing its past glory.
Toshiba was the hope of Japan's science and technology industry, and also the hope and pillar of Japan's manufacturing. After suffering a heavy blow from the United States, Toshiba went downhill thoroughly.
The U.S. attacked Toshiba not because it sold equipment to the Soviet Union, but because it affected U.S. interests. The United States believes that the Japanese semiconductor industry represented by Toshiba Group seriously threatens the economic interests of the United States, while the Japanese high-end manufacturing plan threatens the United States and challenges the technological hegemony of the United States.

Looking back more than 30 years ago, the experience of Toshiba, Japan, and looking at what the United States is doing today, there are indeed many similarities.
The United States does not allow its high-end manufacturing industry to be challenged at all, nor does it allow its technological hegemony to be challenged. The United States hopes that other countries will all be American workers and will never allow other countries to become shareholders of American interests.

Thank you
P/S: USA do not allowed even palm oil industry to survive in the 80s https://www.joc.com/maritime-news/malaysia-considers-suing-us-group-palm-oil-fight_19890402.html
I miss the late Tun Dr. Lim Keng Yaik taking up the fight and schooled the American Soybean Association and legislators on facts and figures on Palm oil and oil palm tree. The rest is history.

2019-02-10 09:04


US always the devil.

2019-02-10 09:44


Exactly, she is just a liars tantamount to a world Gangster.

2019-02-10 09:56


what to do?

2019-02-10 09:59


China today has learnt from the Japan's Toshiba lesson, and they will not let the same incident repeat itself this time. Last year, ZTE has swallowed a bitter pill and this is great humiliation to China.

USA thought they could do the same thing through trade war and hitting hard on Huawei by arresting their CFO Meng wanzhou, and I guess this time it will be a different situation altogether.

China will definitely retaliate and Apple will suffer the most, and this will bring down NASDAQ and Dow Jones if the trade war continues after Mac 2019. Another gigantic financial tsunami will come in due course. That is the reason why USA hopes to win the trade war as soon as possible, but China is not Japan, they will fight to the end.

Trade war will bring harm to every nation including all the USA allies. None will be spared. USA cannot last forever but China can last because many countries are willing to trade with China. For example, Malaysia and Indonesia are most willing to sell palm oil to China if China stop import of soya bean oil from USA.

USA can force some of their allies to shun away from Huawei 5G, but UK, and many other European countries are singing a different tune. Even our neighbour Thailand is also working closely with Huawei 5G besides Ericson. (Malayia is working with Ericson 5G instead if I am not mistaken).

Why? As the CEO of Huawei, Ren zhengfei said in a recent interview, "Huawei 5G is the most advanced technology in the world, it is the world leader of 5G, USA is far lagging behind and therefore they are spreading all kinds of lies and using dirty tactics in order to knock down Huawei. Any country which does not want to align with Huawei 5G now, will still have to use Huawei 5G technology in the future because it is still the most affordable and most advanced in the market. The wise will choose Huawei as it is the ultimate choice."

2019-02-10 19:27


China has a huge domestic market...Japan doesn't have.....

The duck will not gets his way so easily......

2019-02-10 21:27

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