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Posted by haikeyila > 2014-02-11 11:02 | Report Abuse

Please stop quoting the bible unnecessarily.


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Posted by Stock168 > 2014-02-11 11:04 | Report Abuse


Dutaland owed 12000 ha plantation Land worth 840m (12000xrm70000 per ha), Abandant Duta Grand Hotel totalling build up to 29th floor (surpose to build 52 storey height) worth 350 m situated In Jalan Tun Ismail and Jalan Ampang KL Town, holding of 52% of 73 acres prime Land In montkiara worth 345m( 73 x rm9.1m/acre x 52%) value at 9.1m/acre consider very prudence as recent transacted price of jalan Ampang current RM 3000/ft. And a Few piece Land In Kl centre, shan alam, Melaka centre etc etc worth 200m and further more with only 80m debt, NTA=1.97. (840m+345m+350m +200m-80m debt)/840m share. besides this, year production of 125,000 ton of FFB Now trade at RM 540/ton.

Dutaland coming quarter result around 5m profit. The turnaround result come from the completion of 38 Shop Houses In Seremban by wholely subsidiary and quarter production of 25000 ton FFB. The FFB price currently trade at 540/ton campare to last quarter 400/ton. Further reduced some interest due to sold out Olympia Plaza. Good rating By analyst can be foresee.

Posted by KinSoon Kok > 2014-02-11 11:13 | Report Abuse

First of all, u can't use quote from bible coz bible is all about tree of life. This forem is all about tree of knowledge. If u r Christian, pls b sorry n ask for God's forgiveness. 2ndly, it's true tat JTiasa has increasing production down the road. Bear in mind tat increasing production doesn't mean increasing profit. It's commodity n it's price fluctuates. Wat if someone bet heavily in JTiasa with margin loan n expect profit in few yrs time but cpo price plunge 2 unprofitable level? How r they going 2 service their loan? They might end up selling red.


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Posted by cariyoyo > 2014-02-11 11:18 | Report Abuse

One would make money faster by buying Coastal Contracts. They have just announced winning a contract in Mexico which will set them ahead for RM155 million per annum starting year 2015. The contract would be for 8 years. In other words, Coastal is set for RM155 million per annum starting from 2015 for the next 8 years till 2023. On an average of 15 to 20% profit, Coastal is poised to make 23.50 to 31 million per annum just from this Mexican deal alone. Moreover, Coastal business module is you pay before they build. We foresee Coastal hitting RM6 or 44% increase from its current price of RM4.15 before year end. This is akin to buying the winning horse even after the race.

Posted by KinSoon Kok > 2014-02-11 11:19 | Report Abuse

I m a small holder myself n I've seen people fail in this bussiness. Some bought a plantation but fail 2 service the loan due 2 cpo price plunge. Some spent 5yrs time 2 cultivate but when it's time 2 harvest cpo price plunge. Again, share is equity. Oil palm is commodity. U r betting on commodity through equity. U r betting on uncertainties through uncertainties. U make it even more uncertain when it involve margin loan.


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Posted by lohman > 2014-02-11 11:36 | Report Abuse

Dutaland? Please check the chequered history of the principal before you promote his stock. How have minority shareholders fared? Can a leopard change its spots?


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Posted by dlsh2 > 2014-02-11 11:37 | Report Abuse

dear cariyoyo,

I noticed that you have correctly predicted the rise of Coastal Contracts from RM2.20 in May 2013 or earlier. You have also predicted the rise of KSL Holdings. I note that you are predicting stocks like P&O and IJM Land. What make you so sure that the deal in Mexico would not turn sour for Coastal? Anyway, you have predicted Coastal correctly since early last year and hope you are right this time that it will hit RM6 before end year. Looks like Coastal Contracts is in a more stable condition than Jaya Tiasa going by KinSoon Kok's reading / analogy.


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Posted by dlsh2 > 2014-02-11 11:38 | Report Abuse

what's your comment on Coastal Contracts, Mr. Koon. I noticed from the latest annual report that your buddy, Dato Yap Lin Sen holds more than 3 million shares in Coastal. Do you think Coastal is a better bet than Jaya Tiasa?

Posted by Jonathan Keung > 2014-02-11 11:50 | Report Abuse

Always buy at your own risks. we need to be fair to Mr Koon ( sharing his ideas) does NOT meant you need to follow his style. Cheers to everyone reading this blog. make money and stay healthy


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Posted by andyhard > 2014-02-11 12:50 | Report Abuse

Mr Koon, fwe questions in my mind, that may be you can help to clear

1) Why the log concessionaire business is doing so bad in recent years? Is it due to poor log price?

2) The FFB is increasing but JT is still not posing good profit yet?

3) The cash situation in JT is quite poor. I am doubt if JT still can go thru if the cashflow doesnt come on time. JT has called for a cashcall not too long ago.

Steven Yong

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Posted by Steven Yong > 2014-02-11 12:55 | Report Abuse

how about comparing JTiasa with WTK?


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Posted by mbge7clt > 2014-02-11 13:25 | Report Abuse

how about Subur? same shareholder as JT.

Posted by Sylvia Ryan > 2014-02-11 13:54 | Report Abuse

JTiasa, get some insights here http://stockpip.com/is-it-time-to-buy-palm-oil-shares/


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Posted by plumberii > 2014-02-11 14:50 | Report Abuse

I was studying JT earlier but did not go very far due to political strings/chains in there. Political connections can do wonders to a company but it can also do the reverse for their own gains. Appreciate your view and analysis on this political front, Mr Koon.

Ben Gan

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Posted by Ben Gan > 2014-02-11 14:57 | Report Abuse

Less than mediocre earnings in the last five quarters; high debt; current ratio less than 1; Calibre of management: incompetent to doubtful because of poor showings in earnings; dividend yield: less than 1. There are just too many red flags in the stock. Wait until you are close to the tunnel and can see the light more clearly. Better to buy high and sell higher than to buy low and sell high for those who do not have the financial muscle to buy and hold.

Posted by Koon Yew Yin > 2014-02-11 14:58 | Report Abuse

Since more than 100 people have requested for seat reservation, I have to change the venue to Ipoh YMCA because Meru Golf Club is too small. The time and date remain unchanged. I will try to inform all those who have requested seat reservation.


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Posted by Up_down > 2014-02-11 17:11 | Report Abuse

High FFB production doesn't automatically translate into higher profit.

JTiasa's plantation division was managed to produce high FFB of 708,859 tons for the past 12 months but it suffered a loss.

Look at TAAN, with FFB production of 531,744 tons for the past 12 months, it was able to deliver a profit of 61 million.

The latest financial results of both companies shows a profit. Jtiasa's plantation unit was delivered a minimal profit but its FFB production 38% higher comparing with TAAN. It seems something not right.

Quarter ended 30 Sep 2013 ( Palm oil segment )
FFB production - 234,052 tonnage
Turnover : RM 77,761,000
Profit : RM 9,577,000

Palm oil segment ( past 12 months )
FFB production: 708,859 tonnage
Turnover - 251,806,000
Loss before tax - ( 12,247,000 )

Quarter ended 30 Sep 13 ( Palm oil segment )
FFB production - 169,326 tonnage
Turnover - 88,495,000
Profit before tax - 29,582,000

Palm oil segment ( past 12 months )
FFB production - 531,744 tonnage
Turnover - 274,257,000
Profit before tax - 61,497,000

Posted by Koon Yew Yin > 2014-02-11 17:53 | Report Abuse

I have accepted 120 people to attend my talk. Since all the seats are taken, I have no more seats for new applicants. Thank you for showing your interest.


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Posted by plumberii > 2014-02-11 18:28 | Report Abuse

Mr Koon,

For the benefit of those who cannot make it to the gathering, possible to video tape it for wider audience? Or a copy of your slide presentation?


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Posted by Up_down > 2014-02-11 18:44 | Report Abuse

Weight average number of shares: 370,537,000 ( 38.3% of Jaya Tiasa )

Information as at 31 Dec 2012
Land bank: 97,855 hectare
Planted area : 35,345 hectare ( 55.6% of Jaya Tiasa )
Mature area: 26,161 hectare ( 47.2% of Jaya Tiasa )

Some may have a perception that Jtiasa is better than TAAN because Jtiasa would yield high FFB production given its large planted land. If you look into more detail analysis, you would see the difference.

Let say, price of CPO up by RM 100. Both Jtiasa and TAAN would enjoy higher profit from the price increase. But the number of ordinary shares of TAAN is lower than 61.7% comparing with Jtiasa. To achieve the equal EPS of both companies for the contribution from palm oil segment , Jtiasa would have to produce 61.7% higher of FFB.

Currently, the FFB production of Jtiasa is 38% higher than TAAN. Base on the existing planted area ( 55.6% of Jtiasa) of TAAN , It's unlikely Jtiasa would produce 61% more FFB than TAAN in the end.

Is It Jtiasa better than TAAN?


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Posted by Up_down > 2014-02-12 12:10 | Report Abuse

What is the longer future development for Jtiasa & TAAN?

Jtiasa owns 7,326 hectares of vacant plantable land and will be fully planted its 70,900 hectare of land in 2 years.

TAAN owns 97,855 hectares of land bank. It acquired 30,989 hectares of vacant land in year 2012. Plantable is of course more than 70,900 hectares. TAAN has the potential to double its planted area till 70,900 hectares in the next few years.

Further more, the costs of planting RM/hectare for TAAN is much lower. It costs about RM 9,000 to plant an hectare of oil palm land. To achieve 70,900 hectares of planted land, TAAN may have to spend additional RM 320 million ( 35,555 hectares x RM 9,000/hactare ) only. The total plantation expenditure would be RM 639 million.

What about JTiasa? It may spend another RM 157 million ( 7,326 hectares x RM 21,500/hectare ) to plant the remaining 7,326 hectares land. The total plantation expenditure would be RM 1.525 billion.

What a huge difference for planting the same size of land of two companies. It may costs RM 639 million to TAAN but RM 1.525 billion to Jtiasa.


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Posted by Up_down > 2014-02-12 21:07 | Report Abuse

I don't really know how the business run in Jtiasa. By looking at the past 12 months performance and planted costs/hectare, I would say Jtiasa's business has not been run effectively by the existing management team.

Posted by Koon Yew Yin > 2014-02-12 22:23 | Report Abuse

I have to changed the venue to Ipoh St. John Ambulance hall which is opposite the Ipoh YMCA. The time 11am and date 16th Feb Sunday remain unchanged. All the 150 seats have been taken and I cannot accept any more new applicants.

Posted by Koon Yew Yin > 2014-02-12 22:31 | Report Abuse

I wish to invite Up_down to my talk so that we can discuss because he seems very analytical and knowledgeable where as I just look at the broad picture.


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Posted by optimus2 > 2014-02-12 22:32 | Report Abuse

Soo high


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Posted by Saturn > 2014-02-12 22:32 | Report Abuse

Pls find out what is Up_Down in case it's not the stock....


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Posted by optimus2 > 2014-02-12 22:33 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by optimus2 > 2014-02-12 22:36 | Report Abuse

Incase foolish things happen lor. Thambi u lon unlestand meh


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Posted by Saturn > 2014-02-12 22:40 | Report Abuse

Uncle Koon! just joking ya.....life is boring without joke but of course Transformer is a joke on his own....lol


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Posted by optimus2 > 2014-02-12 22:42 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by optimus2 > 2014-02-12 22:50 | Report Abuse

Some of the transformers attending ymca incase there r decepticons...


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Posted by Saturn > 2014-02-12 22:51 | Report Abuse

Your buddies going ......no wonder ambulance


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Posted by optimus2 > 2014-02-12 22:52 | Report Abuse

Hahaha saturn..


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Posted by Saturn > 2014-02-12 22:53 | Report Abuse

Just don't make uncle Koon transform lah.....he is not just a proven super investor for no reason......don't make him turn green, you transformer cannot handle lar


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Posted by optimus2 > 2014-02-12 22:56 | Report Abuse

He think only lar, laugh die me...


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Posted by Saturn > 2014-02-12 22:58 | Report Abuse

I wonder if I say I love uncle Koon , I will get a flag......but I truly do......


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Posted by optimus2 > 2014-02-12 22:59 | Report Abuse

My sifu make enuf 15 yrs ago n bought a bank in oversea n retired liao... more super duper than him la.


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Posted by Saturn > 2014-02-12 23:00 | Report Abuse

But my uncle make so much he bought a plantation......but he cannot retire....aiya


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Posted by optimus2 > 2014-02-12 23:00 | Report Abuse

U stil get a flag. Trust me. Wakkkkkkkkk


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Posted by Up_down > 2014-02-12 23:33 | Report Abuse

Mr Koon, I did learn a lot from your article on how to become a super investor. In order to be more successful in investing, I have to think from the business perspective with the help of margin financing to increase my returns.


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Posted by wmliang > 2014-02-15 01:42 | Report Abuse

Wilmar to stop buying CPO fom Sarawak
February 14, 2014
Land Development minister James Masing said the livelihood of the people in the rural areas was not to be negotiated with the international community
KUCHING: Sarawak may lose some RM400 million in sales tax revenue a year from oil palm products following the decision of a multinational refinery company’s refusal to buy crude palm oil (CPO) from mills in the state.
A Singapore-based company, Wilmar International Limited, which has its refinery plant in Bintulu, has written to the state government to inform that the company would stop buying CPO produced from oil palm trees planted in forest areas and peat swamp land in the state from 2015 onwards.

Posted by Koon Yew Yin > 2014-02-15 12:24 | Report Abuse

Seminar at 11am on 16th Feb Sunday at Ipoh St John Ambulance hall. I have rearranged the seating and now I have an additional 40 seats to offer to those who are interested. Please write to me especially those whom I have turned down.

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