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Posted by Crystal7 > 2020-10-09 09:53 | Report Abuse

No mco going to be implemented .. Hexza no issue wood alrdy


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Posted by ICUTrader > 2020-10-09 12:31 | Report Abuse

Crystal7 tqvm


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Posted by Diamond7 > 2020-10-09 14:19 | Report Abuse

The demand for HEXZA's ethanol products has increased substantially as a result of COVID-19. Currently with increasing number of Covid cases, the coming quarterly report will be very good....


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Posted by kongming1 > 2020-06-14 14:45 | Report Abuse

it will oly fly high when div approve in AGM and date fix.
but it is worth for waiting.


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Posted by ICUTrader > 2020-10-14 16:22 | Report Abuse

Goreng time?

Poh Chye

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Posted by Poh Chye > 2020-10-11 09:02 | Report Abuse

past week very steady increase. better than limit up???


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Posted by MoneyShow3 > 2020-10-11 22:43 | Report Abuse

The article in the edge weekly is negative. The CEO mentioned the demand is back down and its just business as usual like before and they are not behind any rise in share price. Seems to indicate that the game is over and they are back to being a boring counter... Should paint a more optimistic picture...


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Posted by paperplane > 2020-10-12 09:42 | Report Abuse

4% duv yield, apa lagi mahu

Posted by All_win_money > 2020-10-12 10:52 | Report Abuse

Will benefit from average higher sales price of products, especially ethanol and recent resin price also increased, should be better quarter result if factory got wood to burn hahaha


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Posted by Crystal7 > 2020-10-12 11:04 | Report Abuse

You cleverer than Ceo? Diff ppl got diff way of presenting info .. Just see your ownself how u process info .. Read everything everywhere and assess before commenting ! Say supernormal profit due to pandemic u say not sustainable ... Say biz as usual u say gg & -ve ... So what Ceo supposed to say woh .. Ethanol & Resins prove a good mix for Hexza Corp! It’s good news! Biz as usual means Hexza’s biz is defensive regardless of covid 19! W covid 19, now they good biz as sales of sanitizer & disinfectant soar! W’out covid 19, still good biz with steady demand fr their industrial ethanol customers! It means long term results! .. Now they r expanding .. Smart !


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Posted by Diamond7 > 2020-10-12 12:19 | Report Abuse

Hezxa very very strong!
Like top glove n supermax!
Moving up.steadily!!!

Covid on the rise?
Needs sanitisers n disinfectants!!

Very strong fundamentals!
Good dividend yield....
Now investors starting to see its potential!!


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Posted by zigua > 2020-10-12 12:46 | Report Abuse

A boss invest in US stocks for the company to make money, but does not goreng his own stocks!


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Posted by Diamond7 > 2020-10-12 13:20 | Report Abuse

No need goreng!
Auto up
Because of its good fundamentals!
Good dividend yield..
Good company business with good profits!

Posted by hayashi2073 > 2020-10-12 18:11 | Report Abuse

Once announce of 7.5 cents dividen will be another high up.. let's wait and see.


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Posted by Loh6185 > 2020-10-12 21:46 | Report Abuse

When they will announce the dividend?


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Posted by Zrenxy > 2020-10-12 22:03 | Report Abuse

get Hextar Global Bhd agri stocks


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Posted by Diamond7 > 2020-10-12 22:34 | Report Abuse

Probably on Wednesday
Not too sure!

Posted by MoneyTVM > 2020-10-13 11:54 | Report Abuse

forecasted strong demand for powder resin . It will be good buy at this reasonable price .


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Posted by ICUTrader > 2020-10-13 20:38 | Report Abuse

Dividend already told is 7.5 sen in quarterly announcement why still will go up


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Posted by ICUTrader > 2020-10-15 01:09 | Report Abuse

Interview on edge sounds like want to press down price to buy more. CEO is the shark!

Posted by MoneyTVM > 2020-10-15 23:00 | Report Abuse

Hand sanitizer can also be used as surface sanitizer . This company definitely gain big from this covid pandemic .


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Posted by richcares > 2020-10-18 21:53 | Report Abuse

Hezxa produces ethanol?


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Posted by Crystal7 > 2020-10-19 01:00 | Report Abuse

Hexza produces pharma grade ethanol from molasses from sugar cane which they ferment with yeast. Covid can survive on skin for 9 hours, inactivates in 15 seconds with ethanol, which is used in hand sanitizers. https://www.thestar.com.my/aseanplus/aseanplus-news/2020/10/18/study-coronavirus-survives-on-skin-five-times-longer-than-flu


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Posted by ivanlau > 2020-10-19 21:09 | Report Abuse

if based on forward eps 8 x average pe 22, the fair value will be 1.92, today closing 1.36, think about that............


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Posted by ICUTrader > 2020-10-19 21:30 | Report Abuse

But CEO wants to push down price.


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Posted by okh4710 > 2020-10-20 12:39 | Report Abuse

Wait patiently, results will come out.


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Posted by Crystal7 > 2020-10-20 18:11 | Report Abuse

Source : The Edge Corporate
Ethanol and resins prove a good mix for Hexza Corp


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Posted by Diamond7 > 2020-10-20 18:52 | Report Abuse

Hexza profits will be excellent!
With Covid on the rise ...more sanitisers n disinfectants will be used!

Hope this cash rich company will give bonus like rubberex!


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Posted by cbkia4896 > 2020-10-20 22:05 | Report Abuse

we need to limit up tgt Baru SYOKKK
all in both counters!


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Posted by jenq123 > 2020-10-21 00:07 | Report Abuse

The good thing is new management got the plan to expand the business compared with old mamagement in stead of only giving divident only.


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Posted by ICUTrader > 2020-10-21 09:33 | Report Abuse

CEO say he is no shark. You believe? Speculators. We need more speculators since we want someone to push it up.

Foong attributes Hexza’s share price movement over the past few months to market speculation.

“I think there was a lot of speculation in the market. It drove our share price all the way to over RM2.20 (intraday), and then it came right back down just as fast. It has absolutely nothing to do with our business and it’s not us doing it,” he stresses.

“As far as we are concerned, it is really business as usual. While there has been a lot of volatility in the market, my message to our shareholders is to be patient, and give us time to let the company’s fundamentals show through.”

So buy and hold. Give them time.

Posted by babe_girl_girl > 2020-10-21 18:45 | Report Abuse

it's very torturing.
i am at 1.67. and now it drops again. i want back my money and win in other easy stock.


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Posted by bluebayou > 2020-10-27 21:05 | Report Abuse

Dividend coming


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Posted by Diamond7 > 2020-10-28 09:49 | Report Abuse

Hexza moving up
7.5 cents dividend!!!!


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Posted by tradeview > 2020-10-28 11:26 | Report Abuse

Remarkable. Generous management that shares the profit with shareholders. DY translates to almost 5.76% at current price of RM1.30.


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Posted by Diamond7 > 2020-10-30 15:49 | Report Abuse


Still green!
Thanks to its high dividend yield!
An undervalue counter with great potential of going up up up....


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Posted by BATFLY > 2020-11-03 21:54 | Report Abuse

Fundamental strong counter with good dividend.


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Posted by ICUTrader > 2020-11-04 20:55 | Report Abuse

1.50 coming ?


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Posted by ivanlau > 2020-11-11 20:04 | Report Abuse

insider news, coming QR will be damn good , it is time to collecting more .........


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Posted by ivanlau > 2020-11-11 20:11 | Report Abuse

Wasting_time_only ... why u want F your mother ?? disgusting .....

Posted by flyingtomoon2020 > 2020-11-12 22:01 | Report Abuse

Hexza gogogo

Posted by flyingtomoon2020 > 2020-11-12 22:01 |

Post removed.Why?


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Posted by Gunners78 > 2020-11-16 20:28 | Report Abuse

When is the QR release date? It was Nov 15 2019 last year


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Posted by jenq123 > 2020-11-16 20:30 | Report Abuse

QR expect not surprised.

Posted by littlefish90 > 2020-11-20 18:10 | Report Abuse

when is the qr release?


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Posted by BATFLY > 2020-11-26 10:47 | Report Abuse

Something is brewing. Counter is climbing up slow and steady..

Posted by littlefish90 > 2020-11-27 13:11 | Report Abuse

this wasting time only always talk nonsense at here..so annoying


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Posted by ICUTrader > 2020-11-27 22:28 | Report Abuse

Good or bad

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