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Posted by Asia88 > 2022-02-11 16:15 | Report Abuse

AlsvinChangan Manager Fees is based on what?
21/01/2022 12:42 PM << The fees charged by manager to manage sentral reit for u.


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Posted by zen_2k > 2022-02-17 05:33 | Report Abuse

good yield... didnt expect to perform this well


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Posted by kllee > 2022-02-28 13:10 | Report Abuse

Received the dividend . Reinvest again .

Posted by Apeinvestor > 2022-03-03 20:40 | Report Abuse

8.19% dividend yield, NTA currently RM1.19 and price is ranging around RM0.90. What more to say?

Khai Zam

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Posted by Khai Zam > 2022-03-29 15:36 | Report Abuse

coming quarter will be good?


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-03-30 15:57 | Report Abuse

suddenly so much buying interest?

Posted by Ivan_Invest > 2022-03-30 16:02 | Report Abuse

@Yippy68 , yeah one of the more stable REITs on the market

Posted by huat2223 > 2022-03-31 11:57 | Report Abuse

Hi all sifu-sifu, just started to learn on reits recently, anyone can advise do we still need to submit tax for the dividends received?


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-03-31 13:18 | Report Abuse

No need


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-03-31 17:15 | Report Abuse

@bkokyew distributable income =/= earning

Earning a.k.a. profit is after deducting non-cash expenses like depreciation, amortisation etc

Give u an example, I make it a simple scenario so easier to understand the principle that I'm trying to illustrate

ABC REIT every year rental income RM100M
Its salaries to staff and manager RM5M
Property maintenance expenses RM3M
Depreciation of fixed assets RM7M
Earnings = RM85M

However, it's perfectly fine for it to pay out RM90M as dividends


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-03-31 17:18 | Report Abuse

E.g. accounting policy said to depreciate building cost over 20 years

Building cost was RM140M

But actually the building can tahan for more than 20 years, at most kena spend a bit money to refurbish or renovate a bit

That is why depreciation is an accounting "cost" that can be added back to earnings to get DISTRIBUTABLE INCOME


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Posted by Bao2lai > 2022-04-04 14:39 | Report Abuse

Hi Pinky, I hear some rumored about QB2-HSBC Cyberjaya will migrate to Tun Razak Exchange (Trx). It might potentially effected company future profit. Any idea ?


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-04-04 15:06 | Report Abuse

From what I understand they are only moving out from the HSBC HQ along Jln Sultan Ismail-Jln Raja Chulan intersection...

The one at Cyberjaya is their data processing centre


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Posted by Bao2lai > 2022-04-06 19:19 | Report Abuse

"After lunch today, I went to QB2-HSBC CYBER JAYA for a walk. Sure enough, I asked the security guard that they had moved."


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Posted by Bao2lai > 2022-04-06 19:24 | Report Abuse

The above is source from klse sceener , feedback by one of the investor holder. Im just curious apart from him why no any information announce.. if this situation was true , estimation 5 to10 percents company profit might effected.


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-04-06 20:12 | Report Abuse

See page 29 of the slide


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Posted by Bao2lai > 2022-04-06 21:13 | Report Abuse

Pinky, thanks for you sharing.

--- "HSBC’s tenancy renewal is due in year 2022. The Manager will keep the unitholders
updated on the renewal status during its quarterly results announcements." ---

From what the management said, I think they didn't reveal the truth because the company has a good reason to explain that the HSBC deadline is 2022. Assuming that HSBC does not plan to renew the contract, the relocation of HSBC staff will be carried out ahead of schedule, which is in line with what the investor said he observed in Cyberjaya today. I hope this assumption is wrong, or sooner or later the price of the stock to buy tomorrow will face a severe price. .


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-04-06 21:17 | Report Abuse

But then again, if I'm not wrong, the plot/location of thar building is quite nice, no? If HSBC data processing really were to move out, the REIT won't have too much problem to find new tenant, or maybe just sold it off like how they sold Quill IBM building? I think I'm not overly concerned la. Main driver of income still its KL Sentral area properties.


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-04-07 16:35 | Report Abuse

Huhu market reacting to Quill HSBC news?


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Posted by Bao2lai > 2022-04-07 19:15 | Report Abuse

Retail investors are usually used to only looking at stock prices, because not many people know the truth. I'm guessing that some people use the rising stock price to create a false impression to attract more people to invest and then sell at a high profit. This event may be just the tip of the iceberg, and it may be the same in other regions. I hope it doesn't happen but not everyone wants to share the truth. .


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-05-09 15:22 | Report Abuse

I exited at 96 sen, shift to KLCC. More upside potential from retail and hotel, while office segment no need to worry at all for years to come.


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Posted by SHOB > 2022-05-11 07:09 | Report Abuse

Pinky , the dividend for KLCC reit will it be higher.


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-05-13 10:51 | Report Abuse

Read the latest analyst reports - got KEY tenants moved out from Wisma Technip and Quill BMW buildings. Phew! Luckily I exited

KLCC yield lower but very low risk...what is the risk of Petronas, Maxis and ExxonMobil shifting out from their HQ?

Posted by NoBrainerLor > 2022-05-13 15:07 | Report Abuse

I has been investing Sentral (was Quill) since 2012, dividend was 7% and cost around 1.02.Two years ago Add on a lot more during the dipped in 2020 and now my average only 55c after disposing some overbought at 90c. At my cost yields 12% and current price of 96c still yields 7.1%. I witness a lot of Tenants come and go. When someone leave, price stagnant or drop. I add more if the yields is attractive. When new tenants moves in, price will shoot up. Then is time unload some overbought position. After all, assets value at RM1.18 now fire sell at RM0.96 with potential dividend 7.1%. Mana cari assets like this. Who cares tenants leaving Wisma Technic and BMW


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Posted by SHOB > 2022-05-13 15:42 | Report Abuse

thanks for the value sharing Pinky & NoBrainerLor.


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Posted by kllee > 2022-08-05 11:22 | Report Abuse

Today QR out ?

Posted by snowball2000 > 2022-08-05 11:59 | Report Abuse

should be either today or next week..


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Posted by kllee > 2022-08-07 22:39 | Report Abuse

Thanks snowball2000 .


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Posted by kllee > 2022-08-10 22:11 | Report Abuse

Rm1 , long time no see

Posted by snowball2000 > 2022-08-11 11:06 | Report Abuse

who's buying? sign of good QR to come?


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Posted by choysun > 2022-08-12 23:12 | Report Abuse

Hmm, how come quarter result taking so long to announce this time around...

Posted by Nightblade > 2022-08-13 08:32 | Report Abuse

...delay announcement...not a good sign...


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Posted by kllee > 2022-08-13 21:46 | Report Abuse

Good or bad still need to announce .

Posted by snowball2000 > 2022-08-15 16:02 | Report Abuse

Price has a positive bias, fingers crossed on QR..


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Posted by kllee > 2022-08-18 23:07 | Report Abuse

Maybe want to give surprise !


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Posted by smartly > 2022-08-19 01:00 | Report Abuse

tomorrow gua ?


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Posted by kinuxian > 2022-08-19 15:14 | Report Abuse

Seems like market still react to HSBC move out from Quill2 since many months back. Congrate to those do reverse trade.


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Posted by Pinky > 2022-08-19 19:06 | Report Abuse

“SENTRAL has approximately
511,000 sq. ft. (or 28% of its total committed net lettable area) due for renewal in 2022, with
68% of these leases due in 1H 2022. Approximately 51,000 sq. ft. or 15% of leases due in 1H
2022 have been successfully renewed. The non-renewals for the said period were due to
the departure of tenants at Quill Building 2 and Wisma Technip.

Posted by huat2223 > 2022-08-24 21:04 | Report Abuse

Sifu can advise how to calculate the final dividend will receive? Abit confused on the 10%


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Posted by davidtcf > 2022-09-28 10:25 | Report Abuse

price drop so much.. wth happened?


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Posted by kllee > 2022-09-28 23:07 | Report Abuse

Probably estimate next QR not good due to occupancy rate is down .


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Posted by awp380 > 2022-10-07 08:48 | Report Abuse

Good or bad news?

Posted by longtermvalue > 2022-10-07 19:28 | Report Abuse

Hi any Rakuten users here? Have you received your sentral dividend pay? Thanks


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Posted by kllee > 2022-10-09 14:12 | Report Abuse

I'm not rakuten user , already received sentral dividend .


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Posted by kllee > 2022-12-13 12:28 | Report Abuse

Any body know the latest progressive of tenant occupancy for QB2 & wisma Techniq ?


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Posted by kllee > 2 months ago | Report Abuse

1st time Q to Q make lose .


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Posted by Yippy68 > 2 days ago | Report Abuse

like many, i am also a dividend lover. Sentral reit is at the lowest 0.855sen, if the dividend can stay at 6.82, the yield will give you a good earning of nearly 8 %, it is good to me.

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