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Posted by trade766 > 2021-03-29 08:11 | Report Abuse

pkm, those fcxxing analysis all bull shit.being paid


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Posted by Jokers2020 > 2021-04-08 22:10 | Report Abuse

all glove stock moving..only this lagging...maybe wrong type of glove..lol


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Posted by thesteward > 2021-04-08 22:16 | Report Abuse

This one sud Move Soon. No controversy like others


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Posted by Jokers2020 > 2021-04-09 10:38 | Report Abuse

uselesz karex..all up but lagged..all down follow down.


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Posted by Diving > 2021-04-13 12:27 | Report Abuse

When can you go up?


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Posted by Fattymin > 2021-04-15 22:01 | Report Abuse



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Posted by vcinvestor > 2021-04-16 15:37 | Report Abuse

guys, i think Condom004 knows what they;re talking about. Look at their username.


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Posted by z5spyglass > 2021-04-19 22:46 | Report Abuse

Karex - Bloody hopeless

Posted by lianhai1996 > 2021-04-20 12:15 | Report Abuse

health index dropped in the morning washed down and now going up


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Posted by z5spyglass > 2021-04-21 09:51 | Report Abuse

karex flush down the toilet. full of tahi

Posted by lianhai1996 > 2021-04-21 15:23 | Report Abuse

it has MA line on the spot wait it stand on it to fly, be patient


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Posted by Fattymin > 2021-04-21 16:56 | Report Abuse

slowly collect...

Posted by lianhai1996 > 2021-04-23 01:13 | Report Abuse

it almost burst, lets see going down or going up, might fly tmr or next week because the BB needs to be open next week to fly up because consolidate under all the ma lines for so many days suddenly go up.


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Posted by DreamEmperor > 2021-04-23 01:51 | Report Abuse

Waah karex also up


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Posted by DreamEmperor > 2021-04-23 01:52 | Report Abuse

MCO time also using condoms so much kah


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Posted by DreamEmperor > 2021-04-23 01:52 | Report Abuse

ha ha ha

Posted by lianhai1996 > 2021-04-23 09:32 | Report Abuse

karex activate? XD dont hope so high because it BB not opening up


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Posted by cheeseburger > 2021-04-23 09:57 | Report Abuse

TP $1.19

Posted by lianhai1996 > 2021-04-23 10:05 | Report Abuse

lol cheeseburger it takes time lolXD rush up might need to bypass many resistance


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2021-04-23 10:30 | Report Abuse

It might be worth a buy and hold until at least the end of the year, to see how their profit projections turn out. I'm holding but not expecting any major price surges in the short term but perhaps a gradual move up throughout the rest of the year.

An article worth reading from about a month ago..............https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/802821/karex-to-see-earnings-recovery-from-obm-and-gloves-says-hlib


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2021-04-24 09:02 | Report Abuse

The highest volume for 4 months and closing only one cent off the day's high, not a bad effort.
Maybe (hope) it might follow a similar pathway as Mah Sing did leading up to confirmation of its first glove manufacture date. That was a very gradual move upwards over a month or two then the "bang" on news of first production confirmation. Check the Mah Sing chart to see what I mean.

We can only hope so :)

First glove production estimate for Karex is July. Until then, keep buying and using their condoms.....the serious bulls amongst us can maybe double up and use two for even more protection , it all helps the Karex business. :))


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Posted by thesteward > 2021-04-25 22:41 | Report Abuse

Old article to recap


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Posted by thesteward > 2021-04-26 11:49 | Report Abuse

Karex pls gogo . Not bad a co . Added abit more to invest . Thailand population so big .


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2021-04-29 10:05 | Report Abuse

The price action has behaved quite nicely over the past 2 or 3 weeks, with a gradual move up and solid volume on the up days.
Currently taking a breather for consolidation with lower volumes, which is nice to see.
Some price targets to look out for over the coming weeks:

TP1: 75.0
TP2: 78.0
TP3: 83.0

A slow and steady upward trend would be my hope. A solid Quarterly report may help support that theory. The next Quarterly is due in 3 to 4 weeks time. Beyond that, there should be more detail about timing of their first glove production run, so that news might come out sometime during June.
Perhaps an interesting couple of months coming up....I certainly hope so.


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Posted by deMusangking > 2021-04-29 17:43 | Report Abuse

2molo, Utara?


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Posted by henry888 > 2021-04-30 08:10 | Report Abuse

If you compare Adventa (up from 1.02 to 2.15 now) a loss making company for 2 months with Karex a profit company (although with thin margin due to increased in freight rate and raw materials), am really curious and surprising. May be those goreng kaki not interested and also this counter is subject to RSS. A bit out of logic...any sifu would have better explanations are welcomed.


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Posted by henry888 > 2021-04-30 08:20 | Report Abuse

HLIB TP is RM1.16


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2021-04-30 08:27 | Report Abuse

henry.........you brought up RSS, although I'm not sure why you did. There are no short positions listed for any short selling of Karex.
I think recent interest is mainly due to their planned "turnaround" story, meaning higher margins and profits anticipated this year after a few years of depressed profit margins. Also, you have the glove story which is expected to go into full production in July/August this year.

Take a look at the Mah Sing chart over the past 2 months and you may see some early sign similarities to the current Karex creep up in price. Similar story there regarding upcoming glove production.

I'm not saying Karex will follow the Mah Sing move but there is a possibility as we move closer to June/July.


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Posted by henry888 > 2021-04-30 08:49 | Report Abuse

Thank you for advice but i never touch RSS, i hate RSS..


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2021-05-01 08:00 | Report Abuse

It appears to be shaping up to take on TP1 (75 cents) sometime during the upcoming week. Slow and steady please, no silly price spikes to distort the chart :)

Posted by Investsucess Trader > 2021-05-02 13:04 | Report Abuse

MCO 3 tomorrow, karex sales will soar, all stay at home in the beadroom doing babies....

Posted by lianhai1996 > 2021-05-03 09:14 | Report Abuse

Karex still powerful, it breaks the line of 50 and 60, drop slow raise partially, recovery stock


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2021-05-08 12:04 | Report Abuse

Well, so much for Karex taking on TP1 at 75 cents during the past week, thank you very much Mr. Covid. All the good work that has been done during the last month of a nice steady price rise was flushed down the pan throughout the week, along with many other stocks.

The question now is, will it resume it's former upward momentum now that things have settled down a bit....for now anyway?

Only time will tell.....good luck to holders ( me included).

Posted by BilisMrJ39 > 2021-05-11 14:11 | Report Abuse

MCO=increase in condom usage=increase in revenue & profit

Posted by BilisMrJ39 > 2021-05-11 14:13 | Report Abuse

Forming triple bottom signal, sapu more while its still cheap


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Posted by yizzy > 2021-05-19 14:07 | Report Abuse

anyone know when the result will be out? by May or can extend?


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2021-05-19 15:05 | Report Abuse

It should be out sometime next week.

Posted by shjyiruma > 2021-05-24 18:42 | Report Abuse

jiak sai liao

Posted by steadylahbro > 2021-05-24 18:44 | Report Abuse

Holy cow what is wrong with the world's largest 'third leg' glove maker

Unless there is some huge provision or write off otherwise I would certainly like to know why are they doing so poorly, lets not even mention that their capex for the 2 darn glove lines are way above what the other competitors are paying for in the first place

Posted by steadylahbro > 2021-05-24 18:46 | Report Abuse

Really hoped that Mr. Goh could disclose what are his plans to turn this ship over or at least prevent it from capsizing

Holding on for so long edi cuz of the faith I have in the mmgt but well, it has not borne fruit just yet


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Posted by greedy44 > 2021-05-24 20:38 | Report Abuse

Other glove companies made millions profit but Karex loss more than 3m !? Something fishy.

Posted by BilisMrJ39 > 2021-05-24 22:02 | Report Abuse

Unexpected rubbish result. Cut loss and run

Posted by steadylahbro > 2021-05-24 22:28 | Report Abuse

@greedy44 nolaa actually they haven't start production of gloves as of now hahaha

Anyways, the only logical reasons I can come up with for the poor quarterly performance is due to the spike in raw mat around end of Feb - March plus with their factory having to close down for a few days due to positive cases amongst workers earlier this year


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Posted by eesquare > 2021-05-25 09:52 | Report Abuse

Still overpriced. 627million market cap.


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Posted by TreeTopView > 2021-05-25 09:57 | Report Abuse

If you scroll down to the last few pages of the report the company gives the various reasons for the quarterly loss.
Transportation/ logistic costs are one of the primary factors, all related to the price hikes worldwide due to Covid.Clearly this will gradually change as the logistic problems faced worldwide start to ease and return to some sort of normality.
I'll remain a holder with a six to twelve month investment focus to see how this eventually plays out.

Posted by EatCoconutCanWin > 2021-05-25 10:49 | Report Abuse

result loss is good ma... up la up la... mai keong kan ok

Posted by steadylahbro > 2021-05-25 11:58 | Report Abuse

Owhh thanks for the information @TreeTopView, did not see that

Posted by steadylahbro > 2021-05-25 11:59 | Report Abuse

Keonggan abit liao hahahha have to have strong conviction and holding power

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