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Anthony Loke needs to take care of ehailer workers or risk seeing PH supporters dwindle!
You just need to go to edriver forums and read all the negative comments!
While very low fare has been very good for customers, it's totally different story for edrivers!
One must remember, edrivers are not public transportation! They are there for the last mile!
Unless Anthony Loke steps in and make sure the fare are fair for both edrivers and customers, then you are looking at PH voters who are many in ehailing turn their back!


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Let the market decide. E-halers can always decide to change jobs.
Only in Malaysia, politicians are held accountable for these lazy bums.

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LIke it or not, there will be huge backlash against PH! Anthony Loke need to take care of edrivers! The edrivers community is something one must not take for granted! They are PH voters!


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sugar.. oil... inflation. anwar going to lose.

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