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I bet PAS will win 100% majority malay areas! In fact PAS will win 80 seats!
Unfortunately for PAS, post GE16, Malaysia will be totally different nation! We are running out of oil!
Perhaps even before GE16, Malaysia will have very little oil export and reality will come crashing! Malaysia can no longer afford subsidies! Zero!
Civil servants will face prospect of drastic trimming! Pensioners will see their pension drastically reduced!
If unity government fail to find new source of revenue which they will fail, then 'Demi agama, bangsa dan negara' will be history!

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As for me, i am well prepared for gloom Malaysia ahead! I intend to store my currency in gold! Gold is the only currency that will be of value in future Malaysia!
If Malaysia fail to expendite shift from ICE to EV, then majority will find themselves paying premium for fuel!
That is why i will replace my Honda Civic soon for EV! And most probably BYD will be my choice! But i will wait until better BYD model is available!
I mean, BYD will offer many new EVs to Malaysia by next year so the wait is worthwhile!

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The reason i mention PAS is because, we need to be prepared for the worst! PAS is riding on green wave! Majority malays no longer able to think rationally!
Instead i see that they are so engross with their own version of Islam, that i am worry they will fall of the cliff!
I do see races that turn inward and rely on their religion becoming obsolete in current world!
But you may say, look at Saudi and UAE! Despite been islamic nation, they are wealthy!
Dude, UEA is expat paradise! 90% of EUA population are expats! They are drawn by high perks offered by UAE!
As for Saudi, the Sauds are business savvy! They even transform Mecca into money making paradise! Saudi also building new mega projects that will create new source of revenue!
AS for Malaysia, the train has passed us! PM Anwar has no idea what he is doing! The LIms have no idea what to do! Hadi is as clueless as toilet janitors!
Malaysia is for certain heading into fail state status! We simple don't have the right leaders post oil export! Which is barely decade from now! or less!

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I am very pessimistic for the future of Malaysia! Najib would be the right leader but given his gullible nature, i am sure there's too many Jho Low that will que to milk him dry over and over again!
You see, no lawmakers what to do the rigth thing! I don't see any of our 222 lawmakers dare to say the obvious! Or highlight solutions! All are too buys playing politics just to ensure they get to be lawmakers and grap the chance to be millionaire or bilionaire for that matter!
AS for PAS leaders, they are driven by lust for power! But they have zero idea what to do with it once they get it!
Malaysia urgently need visionary lawmakers but we have none!


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yes Malaysia is running out of oil. that's the main reason why govt want to stop subsidy T20


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no worries
Malaysian Chinese women can go to India or Afghanistan or Somalia to become maids


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of course, pas has always wanted msia to be poor cause it's easier to control the poor than the rich!


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very true, PAS want malaysia to be poor

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PAS can only hookwink poor malays! Fortunately for them, with ever inward and conservative malays, Malaysia is their oyster now!

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One of PH greatest mistake is campaigning for removal of GST! Now they realise, money don't grow on trees! Malaysians are not prepared for the futures! Do you know developed countries not only have super high income tax but also high GST! This taxes in return used to build public infra!
Malaysia for far too long depended on oil export revenue! Now that it's drying up, politicians dare not mention this due to fear of losing votes!
In the end, Malaysia lose out big time! So please, don't blame PAS fake holymen for gaining so much traction!


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its ok. till we reach sri lanka, pakistan level bankrupt- then all irregardless of religion or race will achieve sudden awakening and enlightenment.

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no worries
Malaysian Chinese women can go to India or Afghanistan or Somalia to become maids

Answer : Post oil export, the local chinese will really feel the pitch! Malaysia will be totally different from what we know now! Can Malaysia move forward, i am very doubtful! Even during abundant oil revenue, previous PMs totally wasted it! We could have turn Malaysia into UAE! Instead, we are turning into Iran!

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