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China exports to US and EU will be totally disappear in coming years! And it's no brainer few countries are now enjoying new found industrialization boom!
Countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and even Philippines become new manufacturing for US and EU!
Unfortunately, Malaysia is going getting peanuts! Even more shocking, few actually closing shop here like Panasonic!

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The only advantage Malaysia has is that Malacca Strait is strategically located along sea route from India to US! So we should see a boom for our ports!

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We are in the midst of changing status quo in world manufacturing power! And China will no longer be World's Factory as we knew before!
After 30 years of enjoying in fact walloping US and EU demands for goods, the table has turn! The bridge of trade between US and EU is burning! We won't see US and EU coming back anytime soon! Unless of course if CCP collapse! Which will never happen!
And so we need to embrace a new reality! China is not great anymore! But will be great in certain area like EV! Which China will be world No.1 no doubt! But that will not be enough!
Just like Japan, which saw many of it's world dominating players slowly dissappear, China too will go through such experience!
Today Xiaomi, DJI, and so forth dominate world markets! Tomorrow, perhaps overtaken by new players from Vietnam! Or India! But i won't place my bet on India!


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aduh! sell wprts?

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Speakup! You seems to know my game already! Whenever i am selling, you spot it ahead of time! Damn!


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india? india is western media favorite and stops there.

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