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Me and wifey have been super busy since our part time property business thrive! Little did we knew that we would end up more busy compare to our previous salary earning era!

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When i first retire like few years ago, i got pretty restless! And my health also suffered! My eyes became blurry! And i had to undergo cataract surgery which is quite expensive! 8k!
And also many other health issues popped up! My wife on the other hand, kept herself busy with church activities! I never say anything about her church activities nor i advise her not to do so! Instead i am happy she is happy despite the fact that i don't really into her faith thingy!
Then i brought few houses in Johor, did reno and stuff, and slowly selling them off one by one!
At the same time, i also out of boredom read those certified property consultant thingy! And during Covid, i manage to study and sit for exams! Me! A retiree! Going back to school! Ha!

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Few years back before getting interest in doing it as full time business, ee and wifey vast church contacts, we were initially doing stuff for singaporeans who are interested in buying property in Johor!
But this year, we are more focusing on singaporeans who are interested in renting in Johor! And that was our jackpot!
It seems, renting is better option compare to actually buying property for those above 60!
I mean, retired singaporeans can rent property in Johor totally covered by renting their property in Singapore! I mean, basically this retired singaporeans are living free in Malaysia!

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With gross income of 60k a month, i mean, not bad for seniors like us! In fact we are earning more than during our previous salaries! Much more!

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In perspective, i have different view of life totally nowadays! No longer i see the word 'retirement' as good thing!
I mean, what do you do when you retire! Sit around watching cartoons and wait for the day where the man upstair call you up!
Or would you rather spend you life without the western propaganda of doing nothing living on you little pension or savings that you know will eventually dry up before the man upstairs call you!

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In olden days, there's no such thing as retirement for chinese! The old chinese era would work and work and work until they die standing! You still see this thing! Have you notice how even 80 year old uncle or auntie still doing their gig in the hawker stall! You may pity them because they still have to work late in their sunset age but you should pity yourselves because so many retirees suffer so much illness upon their retirement!
Use it or lose it! Make a plan to continue working even late into you 70s! Work and work! Keep life productive as long as you can!

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European countries are in to this new mantra of working 4 days and go on holiday for the rest of 3 days! I mean, eventually europe will be garbage nation eventually as nation like China and Japan do no follow this dumbass belief!
Japanese are known to be workaholic throughout their lives! Which actually a bit problematic as the older generation refuse to give way to younger generation in private sector! Which is why innovations have stood still in Japan! If only Japan make way for younger generation to innovate and the older generation continue on different career path, then Japan would have been great again!
Anyway, the point is, there's a point in life where the older generation need to leave their comfort zone! Some prefer 55, some 60 but not beyond that! And they also need to accept new role that do not compete with younger generation!

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One of my ex colleque is doing this GIG thingy, you know Grab or Indriver or whatever you call it nowadays!
So i asked him how is it! He said, doing ehailing is only suited for B40! The pay is low despite working 8 hours a day! But he said, he rather drive around earning peanuts than to sit around the house which is far torturous! I get it, he is doing ehailing just for the heck of it! To pass time! But at least he has something to do!

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Anyway, for the younger generation, don't waste your time with this GIG economy! The golden era has passed! You hare nothing to very vampire industry! You can only consider it as a part time job! Get yourselves educated! A skill like been a certified mechanic, electrician or whatever! The demand is good and you get rewarded for your skill! While any Sam, Wong or Ramamuttu who are lowly educated and too lazy to learn new skills consider GIG as full time career only to end up where they started! In short, GIG industry is a career trap! Destine to make you poorer or worse killed in the process! I mean, how many food delivery guys have been in accident! Worse end up without a leg or an arm!
So yeah, GIG industry is the worse career choice ever!
Only do so to get extra donuts every now and then but nothing more!

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For those who recently retired, i say, please, don't think that your pension or EPF will be enough for the rest of your life! Because even if you have a million in EPF now, it only takes 20 years to totally dry it up even how careful you manage it! You know, the unexpected surgery every now and then! Yeah, you body do get the usually wear and tear and it's expensive!

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Instead, try to create new post retirement career! Just a gig to keep you busy! Yeah, you can try ehailing like my ex collegue but don't expect much! It just good enough to keep you busy and earn some donuts so you can enjoy your kopitiam session!

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Or you can do like me! As certified property agent! But again, doing expect instant success! In my case, i have to thanked by wifey! Her investment in church activities paid off! So i don't even mind if she donate 1k every month to the church! Hihihaha!

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Nowadays i rarely come here because you know i know hou lousy bursa has been lately! So i do drop by just to say hi and perhaps remind the small crowd here i am still alive! And of course i do miss my fanatic fans, but of late, they also have disappeared!

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