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Seems only Raja Petra is so fired up talking about recent fail Dubai Move! And he added so much fairy tales into it as he goes on!
Look! The current Agong is no longer having any say! He is only waiting for another month before the next Agong takes over his place!
And you know i know how the next Agong not in good terms with Mahathir, Mohiden and Hadi!
In short, all this change of PM is just a fail backdoor attempt!

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First of all, Agong cannot simply change a PM! You cannot simply present 120 SD and decided that Anwar lost his majority! Agong has no power!
Instead Agong will ask Anwar to prove himself in parliment! And Anwar can do so or just reject such motion! Unless of course majority of Madani MPs decided to walk over the other side!
Actually the act of MPs remaining in Madani block already enough to prove that Anwar still have majority support! As simple as that!

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Only when motion of VONC receive overwelming rejection of Anwar as PM, only then Agong of the day will call Anwar to either resign or make way for GE!

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And if Anwar decided to dissolve parliment, and so be it! We will then go for another GE! And Anwar will not to be blame as it's Mahathir, Mohiden, Daim and so forth so desperate to unseat Anwar in the first place!

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Anyway, Dubai Move is total failure! Mahathir, Mohiden, Daim and Hadi, so forth can't even decide who will be their PM! In fact there's no cooperation among them as many secret meetings end up in fights! Of course during such secret meeting, Hadi was very vocal and supportive for Mahathir to be PM! But i guess no one told Hadi that Mahathir can't be PM as he is not an MP! Langkawi has long kicked Mahathir!

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And Raja Petra mentioned that Tok Mat will be PM of this new backdoor government is nothing more that a barrel of jokes!
You see, Mahathir and Mohiden tried to buried Tok Mat political career! They want Tok Mat to end up in jail! Tell me, how can Tok Mat work with such backstabbers! He can't! I mean, why would Tok Mat want to spoil his relationship with Anwar when he is having at least some peace of mind!

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One can throw Dubai Move in the dustbin! It was total failure from the start given how Mahathir, Mohiden, Hadi, Daim and so forth constantly on each other throat!
So yeah, Raja Petra is senile and it's really time for him to stop talking rubbish about Malaysia's politics!


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Why is Backdoor changing of governments a favourite pastime of Malay politicians?
Malay politics and corruption are reasons for regression in Malaysia.


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Currently we are having the useless opposition bloc in our parliamentary history. This group of people couldn't perform their role of check and balance. For the 12 months, almost every month we can hear about tebuk atap. They want to go the simplest route to become the next govt by another Sheraton Move. They can't even come out with an alternative budget. In our history, never we had this kind of weak opposition. They failed in their own ruling states too. Unemployment is high in those states governed by PN. Lack of basic ammenies. Just name it and you will get it. It is even worse than some parts of Africa.


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anwar has found the perfect strategy for gaining votes by going after ex PMs and big fish ....judging from social media, its a popular strategy and even foreign funds are attracted by this strategy. I don't agree with this strategy which is also another form of political prosecution but its a winning strategy.

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