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Can masuk ka. Risk reward ratio bagus

2022-08-31 17:14


thanks mgrc..paktua done sold back all from 0.78-0.76

tut tut
bye bye

2022-09-01 14:46


paktua grab his balls and run first so clever hahaha

2022-09-01 16:38


Will it drop again or not? Scary like Jadem, SMi etc...

2022-09-07 09:34

charlie chia

Well maintained around 68.5 CTS
Being for weeks hanging a that range

2022-09-16 10:31


Post removed.Why?

2022-09-21 12:28

charlie chia

Saw strong buyers coming in, hope to break 79.5 CTS soon

2022-09-22 17:35


everytime 1 day show

2022-09-26 10:45


Can go hear Mgrc Ceo interview in Bfm
Podcast if interest

2022-09-26 22:51


No worry
Market will up 1400 above

2022-10-18 13:49


Kenanga Research starts coverage on MGRC, target price RM1.07

2022-10-31 11:09


slow slow panjat , minggu lepas hijau , minggu ni hijau , minggu depan hijau , tiap tiap minggu hijau !

2022-11-07 13:43



2022-11-07 13:44


0.705 besok rebound ?

2022-11-08 16:58

Michael Kwok

Price 77.5 cenrs
Sell on strength 80 cents range.
1/12/22 3.00pm

2022-12-01 14:58


Thanks for the tip Michael Kwok. I took profit already

2022-12-01 16:06


Take profit

2022-12-01 16:06

charlie chia

Keep on cumulation at 79.5cts
Good sign to shoot up soon

2022-12-09 10:47


This counter can out of sudden dropped 0.30 in a day ,happened before and Director said not sure what causes UMA. scary

2022-12-15 16:44


Azri actually just one of director , Mgrc helm by Sasha who is ceo of mgrc

2022-12-19 19:31


very active today...any good news eh?

2022-12-20 14:46


no power

2022-12-21 16:38


no eyes see

2022-12-30 10:37


aduh...0.77...mana 0.80, 0.90 and up????

2023-01-04 10:47


Later sudden dropped in a day to 0.50,, kena baham lagi

2023-01-04 10:48


See, promoter deleted the comments.

2023-01-04 15:07


No need to be bad mood, you may continue to promote. we all can have a free speech and opinion in i3.

2023-01-05 14:30


Hopefully with the exit of Bintai, this counter can move up, and seems like someone is collecting at 0.74

2023-02-22 12:20


WOW... lau sai

2023-03-02 16:22


come back here after 1 month, lower day by day...where is the promoter.

2023-03-03 10:03


RM0.53 is a good entry

2023-04-27 09:15



2023-04-27 09:21


single Horn Monster, why not?

2023-04-28 07:21


A lot of investors don't trust Azri aka the management because of his age. I am also from the younger generation and believe that the old investors should stop adopting the jaded and traditional mentality that youngsters cannot lead a company in the right direction. A short-term stagflation is upon us so this is a great opportunity for the company to seek the next trend in the healthcare/genomics space

2023-05-05 10:26


suddenly huge volume. haha this is so fake

2023-05-10 15:29


tutup 0.610 , isnin boleh breakout ke ?

2023-05-12 16:49

charlie chia

Let put our fingers crossed
As highlighted by public bank security
On 28/4 first resistance at 65 Cts followed by 72.5

2023-05-13 14:16


QR is out. Probably need to wait a few more quarters for its new business to be profitable

2023-05-23 14:10


I simply don't understand the price can hold at 50c....
It shld be 20c range

2023-05-23 15:35


Even SCIB want to vote him out, maybe MGRC should consider too ... He is still too young to handle this. Very good example - Bintai and he end up resign.

2023-06-26 14:15


now got sarawak money wor

2023-07-26 20:26


hello peter sie, gambling away what is left of your dad's Ting Pek Khiing leftover cash

2023-07-26 20:26


Not sure what this new shareholder will bring to the tables, and how she can help to growth this company.

In fact, MGRC should not remove the previous director Mr Ku from the Board. He is the only one with actual management and biz skills. Mr. Ku Chong Hong is a well accomplished financial guru and began his career in auditing with several audit firms before joining Grant Thornton Malaysia as an Audit Senior Manager in 2017 .Throughout his career as an auditor for more than 8 years, he had gained vast exposure in audit and assurance, and business advisory related fields through his portfolios of various local and international companies.

He is also just appointed MD of SCIB. Look at all the positive developments he has displayed there. The share growth chart is amazing! People trust his ability and capabilities. Will drop MGRC and continue to long Bintai and SCIB...

2023-07-31 08:48


Super young Executive Chairman appointing his young gf to the board. Experienced management and directors leaving 1 by 1. Now you know why people don’t trust this greenhorn hamster. Thankfully sold all my shares here. Better follow Dato'Ku in SCIB/BKCB.

2023-08-22 07:31


Something big coming soon...

2023-09-13 13:39

Michael Kwok

Is the bull coming.mgrc 50 cents.Let see in next few days.
24/10/23 2.05pm

2023-10-24 14:06


No one talks about the latest practice of ID?

2023-10-30 22:38


Haha mafia sudah kena tangkap


KUALA LUMPUR: The Securities Commission (SC) has charged two individuals in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court with 11 offences of money laundering involving over RM119 million.

The two individuals are Ang Jen Chuen (Dexter Ang), former director of Pixelvest Sdn Bhd, and Syaiful Riezal Ahmad, former chief executive officer of Infinity Trustee Bhd, the SC said in a statement today.

They were charged with receiving proceeds of unlawful activity under section 4(1)(b) of the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities 2001.

Dexter Ang and Syaiful Riezal faced eight and three charges respectively.

The alleged money laundering offences took place between Dec 1, 2020 and Jan 9, 2023 in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

The individuals claimed trial to their respective charges.

Sessions Court judge Tuan Azrul Darus granted bail at RM8.01 million with two sureties to Dexter Ang and RM100,000 with one surety to Syaiful Riezal.

They were also ordered to surrender their passports to the court and to report to the SC on a monthly basis until the completion of the trial.

If convicted, these individuals shall be liable to imprisonment for up to 15 years and shall also be liable to a fine of not less than five times the sum or value of the proceeds of the unlawful activities at the time the offence was committed or RM5 million, whichever is higher.

2024-01-10 21:27

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