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@begineer if go below 40 whats ur target price to cut profit

2022-07-13 20:47

Sebastian Power

good counter

2022-07-28 23:26


Cash on hand is 121M ,
FCF generated is 40M for this 9 month , with capex of only 3M.

BUT they only declare 6 Million as dividend ... yet they didn't use the money to generate more cash...

This is what causes it's poor valuation...

2022-08-05 07:54

Sebastian Power

USD-MYS everyday record high, keep an eye on this sleeping beauty

2022-08-19 14:03


Sapuuuuuuuu la apa tunggu.

2022-09-07 09:14


since RM to USD depreciate, should be a bit contribute to homeriz eventhough the raw mat - cow leather also import from oversea.

2022-10-18 23:24


Feel like home

2022-10-25 11:12



2022-12-29 22:01


What a shame! Supposed to expand their factory but ended up being conned by the agent/land owner. Legal case has been happening since 2019 and till now still no result!

2023-01-03 19:59


Not bad closing . Hope next week will maintain move to north .

2023-01-06 17:23


This fake breakout, can tabao

2023-01-10 17:54


still no special bonus.. give 10 cents per share and the company still got huge cash...

2023-01-13 23:33


I think is 1sen dividend per share.

2023-01-14 18:15


sorry but what i meant is if they give 10 cents per share, they still got plenty of huge cash... about ~100M cash

2023-01-15 09:48

Michael Kwok

The different is the dividend in malaysia snd japan.
I)price will be adjusted 70-100 percents while japan a no).
II)When calculation,the money before and after adjustment usually the same.

Give message if wanted to join in fb.
Come to join me.situation very critical.u need some advice and tweaking.
3 as below;
I)teach some
II)shares review every one or 2 weeks III)share recommendation or ask to buy or sell share u have.
IV)tell u shares to avoid if overbought (mainly people no knowledge)
Sifu Michael(with ang pow picture) in FB. Charging rm 200 per month.left a message.
5)Free swarovski pendant 17mm necklace(basic) worth rm 150(year 2018-2019 pricing) 4 month subcribe.
6)Free swarovski pendant necklace 14mm(basic) worth rm 250(more cutting) 6 month subcribe.
Please inform me if reach due date for message 5 to 6 to get free gift or equivalent(if product out of stock).

2023-01-15 10:58

Michael Kwok

Price 54.5 cents
Buy after 12pm monday 16/1/23
16/1/23 11 am.

2023-01-15 11:00


Anyone attending the AGM?

2023-01-17 10:15


U attend today?

2023-01-17 14:51


Review of Performance
Comparison with Last Year Correspodance Quarter’s Results
The Group’s revenue and PBT for the Q1FY2023 decreased by 33.5% and 23.3% respectively compared with the corresponding period last financial year. The decrease in revenue and PBT were mainly attributed to the lower volume of product sold but partially cushioned by a stronger USD in the current quarter. In Q1FY2022, revenue was commendable also partly due to deliver the orders previously delayed during Movement Control Order 3.0.

Comparison with Preceding Quarter’s Results
The Group’s revenue and PBT for the Q1FY2023 decreased by 23.9% and 35.9 % compared with the preceding quarter Q4FY2022. These was mainly attributed to the lower volume sold as consumer demand was slower in Q1FY2023.

2023-01-17 20:37


banyak kuat today

2023-01-27 10:28


Next week, kuat kuat lagi

2023-01-27 23:13



2023-02-09 16:18

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Security LastPr PE DY% Divcts ROE ttm-marg
HOMERIZ (Household) 0.485 5.79 4.1 2 14.7 17.4

2023-03-30 16:35


The name should not call Homeriz, shoudl call "Hopeless".
Other counters start on uptrend but this counter going to south.

2023-04-03 23:31


homeless soon

2023-04-14 21:51

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Furniture manufacturers maybe in for a hard period. Orders from US drying up.

2023-04-14 22:38


The Group’s revenue of RM39.8 million for Q2FY2023 and RM78.7 million for the 1HFY2023 decreased by 42.2% and 38.2% respectively compared with the corresponding period last financial year. The decrease in revenue of Q2FY2023 was mainly attributed to the decrease in the volume sold. The revenue of the previous corresponding periods (September 2021 to February 2022) were exceptionally high as the Group enjoyed a spike in top line production after temporarily stop work which started from 1 June 2021 until mid of Sept 2021 during Movement Control Order 3.0 (“MCO 3.0”).

The Group’s PBT of RM6.869 million for Q2FY2023 and RM15.277 million for the 1HFY2023 decreased by 50.4% and 38.4% respectively compared with the corresponding period last financial year. This was mainly attributed to the decrease of revenue as a result of decrease in volume sold.

2023-04-14 22:56

Patient Investor

Anyone attended AGM? why the company keep such high cash holdings?

2023-04-20 12:12


keep high cash due to the management do not know how to spend.
No plan no project and not wiling share with minor shareholder.

2023-04-20 19:56


Post removed.Why?

2023-05-16 19:20


goreng soon when synergy red on its first day ipo

2023-05-16 20:01


all furniture counter will not perform well recently

2023-05-16 23:19


is the company yoy shares dilution increment is a concern to you all?

2017 Feb 300,010
2018 Feb 300,010 0.00%
2019 Feb 300,010 0.00%
2020 Feb 375,026 25.00%
2021 Feb 411,237 9.66%
2022 Feb 415,272 0.98%
2023 Feb 463,238 11.55%

2023-05-20 09:53


2023 May 463,238
share number stay the same this quarter, if number continue increase exponentially, is a critical sign for me

2023-07-29 10:13


how much cash Homeritz got?

2023-07-29 10:48


As of Dec 2022, it had RM 152 m of cash and cash equivalents (short term investments). This is about half of its total assets. Over the past 13 years, the company achieved an average ROA of 13% compared to the mean ROA of the Bursa furniture companies of 5%. Refer to https://focusmalaysia.my/covid-19-doesnt-affect-performance-bursa-malaysia-listed-furniture-companies/. I would consider this a fantastic performance. The next question is whether the price is reasonable. Well, the current price is around the 3 years low. But you should compare it with the intrinsic value rather than just looking at historical prices

2023-07-29 11:19


Countdown Countdown Countdown

2023-08-11 16:38


What Happend HERE??!

2023-08-11 19:20


cash cow

2023-08-14 17:29



2023-08-14 17:34


even cash cow but management will not sharing with shareholder.

2023-08-14 23:32


Homeriz-WC expiring soon
Wang Mali Wang Mali WangMali

2023-08-23 15:18


Countdown Countdown Countdown

2023-08-23 15:58


Need to break 0.50 first .

2023-08-23 22:32


Zero Borrowing
Cash in hand 164 millions
Wang Mali Wang Mali Wang Mali

2023-08-24 15:52


Hahahaha waran sila goreng sebelum expired

2023-08-26 18:33


Any good news from cash cow ?

2 months ago


The furniture market is still not up yet, especially for companies that mainly export to the US/ Europe/ Middle East. May need to wait until 2024/2025 depending on how the overseas economy performs.

1 month ago


Hello, just entered a small position today. Swing trader here and seeing potential in some movement based on technical chart. Let's Huat together.

1 month ago

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