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Now we knew insider disposed one week earlier due to dissapointing QR..

2021-11-23 18:37


Become dead stock. QR boom, insider won't hold this stock at this moment.

2021-11-23 22:05

Icon 888

Success .. Nama banyak bagus

2021-11-24 20:28


would the MCO truly have cut sales so much? i mean, they're not a retail business.

2021-11-25 17:46


Shark selling maybe,i also sell,rugi little bit..huh..from profit become lost

2021-11-25 21:24


This con stock, throw like this you know i know. cant use on TA or oversold, it can be low and low. let see

2021-11-26 00:52


LMAO 0.775. Problem of nt taking profit in Bursa is you lost more holding shares...

2021-11-26 08:10


Slap the ask

2021-12-13 11:39


Classic fear manipulation.

2021-12-13 11:39


check annoucement

2021-12-13 17:15


heard some people say got plan to evaluate proposal for EV?

2021-12-15 14:40


Surge in orders soon to replace flood lights and led lights in Malaysia

2022-01-01 18:07


EV + replacement of flood lights in Malaysia = TP RM2 at least

2022-01-05 10:58

Gerard Lam

Success' main business comprise of:

i. Manufacturing and selling of transfomers to municipal and governments (Malaysia, China, Australia, Singapore, Kenya)

ii. Manufacturing and selling of smart lighting ("ILCS") to municipal and governments

iii. Manufacturing and Fabrication of metal/steel/aluminium for smart lighting via its subsidiary Omega Steel Industries

iv. Portable air purifier (Kare4u) using Korean technology approved by FDA

The company is highly undervalued in terms of financials, as net cash of the company (including short term investments) are valued at RM0.55/share

The company's net assets or equity value is RM1.47 per share with zero borrowings.

The company's products are highly scalable into smart technologies in Electric Vehicles and Solar.

Based on Nov21 chart, the share price experienced a sell off post ex-dividend date and reporting of Q1 financials.

However, the company is widely expected to report better financials in FY22 as economies open up and municipal and governments replace conventional lighting with smart lighting with monitoring and sensor system.

Note that the company's intangible value is that they fabricate their own products, thus not being adversely affected in the purchase supply chain.

Further catalyst is the company's recently launched business on Korean air purifier approved by FDA. This product has been selling like hot cakes in recent months as the economy gradually opens up with the need for greater hygienic level.

During the recently concluded AGM, management did not rule out any business opportunities / collaboration in the EV industry.

At current price of RM0.795, the company is definitely worht a relook.

2022-01-06 16:30


just say all the pros.. didn't mention the cons..

2022-01-07 08:36


got contract soon. fly

2022-01-07 09:45


take note ESOS issued on 10-Jan.

2022-01-07 21:45


Post removed.Why?

2022-01-08 18:20


esos ........sien lah ,price how to up,will buy lower and lower.good luck

2022-01-15 15:01


OTB said in secret chat he begin to sai lang Success. Time to buy? Or sell?

2022-01-16 03:53


the name literally cannot go wrong!

2022-01-26 14:05

Gerard Lam

Note that all 3 of Success Transformers products has been receiving myriads of orders in recent months.

This is due to:
1. The replenishment exercise by major Municipals due to damages to street lights.
2. Air purifier product being sold like hot cake since end of last year.
3. Potential moving into EV segment via electric charging of batteries

At RM0.755 per share, the company is highly undervalued.

Expect Q4 results to show significant improvement due to factors 1 & 2 above.

Share price is expected to further propel once factor 3 is finalized.

2022-02-15 11:30


Gerald, are factors1 & 2 your assumptions or are they factual

2022-02-16 14:32


Nice success

2022-02-24 16:40


Time to buy-back. Fidelity is a bad investor

2022-03-22 14:27


They sell we buy from Fidelity

2022-03-22 14:28


I am in @ 0.805………..

2022-04-14 18:13


Managed to get some tickets at RM0.73.good luck guys.

2022-05-30 12:33


Good choice

2022-05-30 12:36


@wallstreetrookie.tks sifu

2022-05-30 13:10


1st time investing this stock at 0.745

2022-08-25 15:42


hidden gem... net cash company, should worth >RM1

Our country has entered into the endemic phase of Covid-19 beginning 1 April 2022, and this
recovery is expected to gain momentum in 2022. This is underpinned by several factors
including continued expansion in external demand, full upliftment of containment measures,
reopening of international borders, and further improvement in labour market conditions.
However, there are uncertainty in both marco and micro economy activities that is triggered by
geopolitical concerns, inflation, foreign exchange volatility and liquidity tightening across the
Despite all the uncertainty, the Group believes that the growth of the Group will be supported
by the steady demand for smart lighting and LED lighting in view of the increasing global
demand for LED lighting to replace conventional lighting in order to increase energy efficiency
and reducing in carbon footprint. Furthermore, the Group also believes it will benefit from the
global development of set up smart cities which helps to meet sustainability goals by enhancing
city living and utilise superior technology such as Intelligent Light Control System and sensors
to address economic, social and ecological challenges of the city while reducing costs.
For our transformer products, the established well-known brand name of QPS remain the key
player in the local low voltage transformer market. We believe the sales momentum will drive
upwards, particularly in data centres industry and with the implementation of “Industrial 4.0”
within the South East Asia (S.E.A.) region.
Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Group believes that the overall performance for the
financial year ending 30 June 2023 will remain satisfactory

2022-10-06 14:03

Gerard Lam

Company fundamentals remain strong.

Expected to benefit tremendously from KL Smart City 2030 as investments in Smart lighting picks up.

2023-02-02 13:13


Success Transformers upgraded to Trading Buy with a short term price target of RM0.85

2023-02-17 10:07


NTA: RM1.40
Positive cash-rich company to benefit from lower raw material cost, potential new contracts/projects as well as growing customer base

2023-02-17 10:09


Don’t enter now. Wait to collect and reload at 0.73

2023-02-17 10:21


reentered today at 0.705

2 months ago


Entered 0.685. Success mari.

1 month ago


Does anyone notice. The queue sell and buy is so fake.

1 month ago


Foreign Fund keeps selling the share down. Dont buy any share above 62cts. I guess the share will drop below 50cts in due course due to the persistent selling pressure as they are in a hurry to exit from Success Trans. Poor dividend return cant justify holding on to the shares - how can the fund perform with such low dividend payout?

6 days ago


3% dividend is not too bad. high NTA with net cash, good EPS.

disregard what other investors want to do, just buy if you think it is undervalued. it is all about the company value, unless you are a technical investor (gambler)

6 days ago


Abigail has 5% more to sell. Wait for bargain price on the way down. Have been collecting for sometime but felt frustrated with the downtrend. Have experienced the same situation in Star Media when ASB kept disposing their shares during the past few years. Good thing that The Edge bought over their remaining 5% + in Star recently. Just watching to see when the downtrend makes a turnaround before I buy again. Today hit 61cts!.

5 days ago


not cool, everything techinical, nothing fundamental

anyhow if you still got any share left with the company, you should encourage people to buy, not the otherway round which will cause you further paper loss, regardless it is temporary or not

5 days ago


I am a long term investor in stocks. Just being honest and not trying to people to buy so that I can sell for profit like some old uncle Koon. I am in the top 20 shareholders list and I feel that this is an opportunity to accumulate more shares as the price drops. Buy cheap and you already make money!.

4 days ago


if you agree price is cheap now just buy more la, why wait downtrend makes a turnaround, that doesn't make the price cheaper, instead make it more expensive. typical techinical thinking

4 days ago


I am a long term investor in stocks. Just being honest and not trying to people to buy so that I can sell for profit like some old uncle Koon. I am in the top 20 shareholders list and I feel that this is an opportunity to accumulate more shares as the price drops. Buy cheap and you already make money!.

Something that bothering many of us as a small bilis when substantial shareholders, not one but many keep dumping it, can someone enlighten what all it is about...?

4 days ago


@xiaoeh 1 of the top 20 ask you bilis don't buy you think what all it is about? they don't want you to buy so they can collect more lo. that's why we should do the otherway round.

3 days ago


think who dare to queue at RM0.61 now considering the stock is on downtrend? definitely not techinical investor. should be mostly substantial shareholders (with lot of cash to queue) and a few fundamental investors who think the stock is undervalue and not try to wait for trend turnaround to catch some

3 days ago

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