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I think whether Indonesia ban crude palm oil or Palm olein, it will still boost the price of CPO. If there are less palm olein for sale to the world market, SBO and other oils demand will increase and push up the price. This will also cause the overseas refinery to increase the demand for CPO to refine into palm olein.

Does this sound logical? Please advise. Thanks.

2022-04-26 09:59


actually CRUDE palm oil is only a 20-40% of their palm oil export only. Majority of their export is PROCESSED palm oil which is currently ban.

2022-04-26 10:11


go google yourself.

2022-04-26 10:12


Don't forget to include the shortage of sunflower oil (interrupted due to the Ukraine war) into the palm oil equation. Also to factor in the impact of the affected supply of fertilizers from Russia onto the cost and yield on oilseed crops.

2022-04-26 10:36


@s3phiroth, Thanks.

BTW, based on the latest MHC's annual report, the following info are the positive :-

1. The management affirms that CPO price will remain at good price level for 2022.
2. Earning from power plant will likely increase as compare to last year ( equipment breakdown and MCO restrictions in 2021)
3. MHC uses organic fertilizers to reduce input cost.
4. Cash on hand + Investment is higher than the debt. Positive cash position.
5. Optimize replanting to achieve higher production.
6. In good compliance with ESG requirements.

This is a well managed company. Make your own investment judgement.

2022-04-26 10:37


Very steady loh!

2022-04-26 11:42


look forward record high dividend and profit! very well managed company

2022-04-26 14:13


Buying additional MHC today.

2022-04-27 10:09


price is still cheap

2022-04-29 22:09


Why plantation stock all drop today?

2022-05-09 12:15


mhc ,.....up like snail,......down like falling rock,......better play commodity than buying plantation stocks,.....plantation company like all poor farmer,.......they don`t make much money,.....only the middle man profiting their hard work,......

2022-05-09 12:39


Whole world stock market affected by US stock market.

2022-05-09 15:58


Foreign fund outflow from Malaysia.

2022-05-09 16:03


ports in ukraine will be allowed to export food ,.......ample supply of sun flower oil soon,.......

2022-05-10 13:49


Good production numbers in April whereby average CPO price was RM6678.

2022-05-11 16:21


Cepat has today reported 172% increase of profit yoy. MHC results will be fantastic too.

2022-05-11 20:21


Lu tau boh ??

At the moment plantation stock are price modestly using sustainable cpo price of Rm 4000 mah!

With the current price above Rm 6000, even if indonesia comeback to the export mkt....that will not affect plantation share price bcos it is not it is not value base on cpo rm 6000 mah!

2022-05-12 11:52


Do not be silly lah!

Must compare like with like mah!

That means q1 2022 v q1 2021 mah! In short u cannot compare winter season v summer season mah! U cannot compare q1 2022 with q4 2021 loh!

Bcos got seasonal production issue mah!
Posted by Jonathan Keung > 2 minutes ago | Report Abuse

That ku ku brain simply shout . ...blah blah. Cepatwawasan profit -36% QtoQ.... Actual profit triple up in 1st Qtr from 5.6 million to 15.2 million. BPlant earnings & profit will be higher similarly 3+ times and higher in coming QtoQ announcement

2022-05-12 12:30


Poor result

2022-05-17 21:54


Very good results instead! Profit increase 67% yoy!

2022-05-18 07:50


no need to c yoy. if yoy oso drop, can throw into dustbin oredi

2022-05-18 08:00


no need to c yoy. if yoy oso drop, can throw into dustbin oredi

2022-05-18 08:00


no need to c yoy. if yoy oso drop, can throw into dustbin oredi

2022-05-18 08:00


First quarter EPS of 5.84 cents for a stock price of RM1.20, this translates to a yield of 4.87%. How many stocks in KLSE with this kind of yield?. This is only for one quarter. With higher production figures in 2nd quarter and the good average CPO (easily above Rm6500) in April and May, what will be the estimated EPS in 2nd quarter? Based on these considerations, what will then be the qoq or yoy results comparison for 2nd quarter?

Be patient.

2022-05-18 09:34


Memang benar be patient loh!

2022-05-18 09:52


yup, very good result indeed.. comparing q1 to q1

2022-05-18 11:59


MHC coming AGM on 27/5, anyone attended past AGM before? mind to share whether it's worth to go or not

2022-05-20 08:35


Investors should try to attend to voice out strongly the requests for management to set very clear dividend policy. I will be there .

2022-05-20 08:46


U go so far away to attend AGM, worth it meh ?

2022-05-20 08:59


worth it if able to get confidents there

2022-05-20 09:04


The sustainable price for cpo should be Rm 4000 to Rm 4500, even if it is Rm 4000, it is already a historical record high mah!

Of course 2022 is exceptional....its yr record high todate is above rm 8,000 mah!

The plantation valuation is modest....using cpo price of Rm 4000 despite now still above rm 6000 loh.....!

Thus alot of value in plantation stock mah!

2022-05-20 09:05


should payout at least 50% of its profit..

2022-05-20 10:16


Good vibes loh!

Despite indo lift export ban which mean cpo price will fall......but the cpo price still shoot up mah!

2022-05-20 12:36


FCPO price up, stock price down. Apa ini?

2022-05-24 12:57


Good 2nd results. Cumulative EPS up to 2nd quarter is 14.1 cents. With remaining 2 quarters with higher production numbers ;may be at a lower CPO price, will the 2022's EPS surpass 2021's EPS?

2 quarters EPS of 14.1 cents for a share price of 92 cents, is this stock undervalue?

2022-07-26 13:58


This stock is undervalue but investors are not interested in this counter.

2022-07-27 09:29


The same situation in the past. The management is quite conservative, EPS of 8c but no dividend declared, this could be the reason.

2022-07-27 09:41


yup, undervalue but it is all back to dividend policy

2022-07-27 23:05


Kedekut dividen. No dividend policy?

2022-07-28 23:19


Sekarang kedekut, sikit hari nanti, dividend akan jadi bagus. What counts is that the company is well-run and has a solid track records and strong financial position.

If CPO price will remain firm in the second half of 2022 as mentioned in the recent quarterly report, 2022's EPS will likely to surpass 2021's EPS.

Disclaimer: Invest based on your own judgement.

2022-07-29 10:00



2022-08-12 16:38

Michael Kwok

Buy q 42 cents.
Tp:46-48 cents
Cut loss 39 cents.
15/9/2022 8.38pm

2022-09-15 20:38


It is a very good small plantation counter but most of the investors are not interested.

2022-09-20 16:19


1. The average CPO price for Q4 is about the same as Q3.
2. Q4 production figure is 10% higher than Q3

Considering points 1 and 2 above, what will be the estimated EPS for Q4? Another record earning in 2022?

2023-01-09 21:19


Bonus coming loh!

2023-01-12 12:18


Hopefully higher dividend than last year.

2023-02-08 10:50


Better dividend coming loh!

2023-02-11 10:06


6cents dividen!.. Plantation stock full of cash to distribute out.. safe stock to keep for long term...

2023-03-31 23:12


Dividen same as last year.

2023-04-03 09:39


Will CPO price stay above RM4,000 throughout 2023? There could be a correlation between crude oil price and palm oil price. If Opec+ maintains a production level that keeps Crude oil price around USD 80 per barrel, there is a possibility that palm oil price will remain above RM 4000. Additionally, with high crude oil price Indonesia will increase the production of Biodiesel. The earning outlook for palm oil sector will likely remain positive going forward.
Please make your own judgement when investing.

2023-04-11 10:50

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