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The trend and behavior of AHealth for me resembles of Public Bank. Create value to shareholders in long term.

2023-02-24 14:50



2023-03-25 19:01


wow, broke RM4 on uptrend. Too bad took profit a bit early 3.90. Apex stock has outperformed Kotra this year by a country mile..

2023-03-29 09:58

Integrity. Intelligent. Industrious. 3iii (iiinvestsmart)$€£¥

Security LastPr PE DY% Divcts ROE ttm-marg
AHEALTH (Pharmaceuticals) 4.09 19.35 2.1 8.5 17.92 11.5

2023-03-30 16:14


In the light of these results, the Board has proposed
an increased final single-tier dividend of 3.5 sen per
share as well as a special dividend of 2.0 sen per share
in respect of financial year ended 31st December 2022
for shareholders’ approval at the forthcoming Annual
General Meeting (‘AGM’) scheduled in May 2023. In all,
total dividends paid and payable by the Group in respect
of financial year 2022 is 8.5 sen per ordinary share,
amounting to 40.2% of Group profit after tax.

2023-04-27 10:21


The Board is also proposing a 1 for 2 bonus issue of
new shares, without capitalization of retained earnings,
to reward shareholders for their continuous support
and loyalty. We trust the bonus issue will help improve
trading liquidity and enlarge our base of shareholders

2023-04-27 10:21


2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of the
Group in 1962. From a retail pharmacy in Melaka, AHB has
grown to a public company with a market capitalization
of RM 1.68 billion1
with operations and commercial
presence in 20 territories today. An initial investment in
1,000 shares at the time of AHB’s Initial Public Offering
(‘IPO’) in year 2000 would be approximately 9,375 shares
if held till today, after 4 bonus issues2
. At RM 1.50 per
share at IPO, the value of that investment would be RM
33,000 today, based on the closing share price of RM
3.52 on 31st December 2022. This is a compound annual
growth rate in value of 15.09% in each of the last 22
years and made possible through the support of every
stakeholder, foremost our people, our customers, and
our shareholders

2023-04-27 10:22


if this growth can persist, buy Ahealth let them runn our investment.
At 15% compound interest is very good already
not need hassle to buy what stocks to invest

2023-04-27 10:24


AHealth Power….

2023-04-27 23:24


If you have choice, which way you would prefer:
1). Kill a goose and collect all the gold eggs one off worth around RM 350 million. If you put in FD @3.25%, you get RM 10 million interest.

2). You continue to rear the goose and collect aboutRM 30 million gold eggs every year with compound increment of around 10% additional eggs. You have the risk of goose being die off anytime though not possible in a foresable future

2023-04-29 22:15


Why need to sale the good profit company?

2023-05-02 22:16


omg die kaw kaw, sb pls help..

2023-05-03 15:32


What die leh ???

Quickly sell & take profit loh!

2023-05-03 15:58


Healthcare is the only sector that will perform well alongside hard assets (gold/commodities) in an era of stagflation

2023-05-05 10:48


Amazing balance sheet and cash flow. HOLD

2023-05-05 10:48


Top up@RM 3.93
Hopefully not become water fish

2023-05-10 15:24


Ahealth vs Kotra, at present price, which one has more potential?

2023-05-20 09:14


Cum dividend price RM 3.99
Dividend RM 0.06
Wondering ex dividend price can stabilise at how much?
Today is 1 Jun 23
Happy Gawai

2023-06-01 08:20


Ahealth RM 3.93
WCE RM 0.40
Padini RM 3.70
Pchem RM 6.52

Which counter has the best potential after 5 years?
Anyone veteran can tell me..?

Dated today 5 Jun 23
Five years later, which counters mentioned above has the best potential or best ROE?

2023-06-05 17:16


Any clue? Dr Kee

2023-06-05 22:07


After Ex-Bonus, price stabilize at RM 2.60 which means any price below RM 2.50 is worth to top-up

2023-06-08 11:41


feeling pleasure today because no one comments here. I am the one who dominate this place
it likes your are king in this place right now

2023-06-08 11:42


yes, i already topped up
it is one of the counter in klse i long term buy in.
i trust this mgt and hoping Dr Kee continues keep it upp..

2023-06-10 09:38


best is below RM2.00

2023-06-12 19:47


waiting at RM 2.20
This is a money game. Only those have extra fund can survive..sigh..

2023-06-15 09:37


RM 2.36 = cum div & cum bonus RM 3.60
accumulating, anyone follow me?

2023-06-19 09:14


This the only counter in klse i m willing to borrow money and buy more..

2023-06-19 09:20


The best time to collect this stock is when it is weak and now is the best chance to slowly accumulating this stock.

2023-06-23 11:50


one day this stock will prove my judgement...

2023-06-23 14:50


With yesterday's volume and candle, seems QR would be good?🤔

2023-08-16 09:42


Well done!

2023-08-24 09:40


keep in view

2023-08-24 14:08


Only way to buy AHealth is when there is blood all over here @ selldown with fundamental intact. Normal day can forget about it.

2023-08-26 09:27


Singapore Kia very kedekut one lo. Then we also have to remember there are sharks @ Fund Managers all waiting too. But in long term this singapore Kia create value to himself by giving bonus issue la. Retailer who hold long long indirectly benefited. That’s the characteristic of AHealth. Other than that don’t even think of them giving you generous dividend or Premium Buffet in AGM. Probably ask yourself to buy your own mineral water in their AGM. LOL

2023-08-26 09:34


a Prospects

The Group’s core manufacturing and distribution businesses continue to perform well in the second quarter of 2023, driven by the Group’s commitment to sales
growth, new product development, brand management, customer service and operational efficiency. Demand for pharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare
products and medical devices remained firm in the first half of 2023, supported by the sales momentum from 2022.
Business prospects for the Group’s Penang-based associate SAG remain unchanged from the first quarter. A portion of the proceeds received by SAG from the
divestment of equity in SA to Quadria Capital has been paid to shareholders as dividends and the Group is actively evaluating opportunities to invest dividends
received in new business projects. Details will be announced should these materialize.
For the second half of 2023, the Group expects the business environment to be more challenging as economic growth in our key markets slows. However, the
Group is confident that its proven and well-placed fundamentals, business development strategies, as well as new opportunities in consumer health, halal
certification and international markets are expected to support performance. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Group expects to deliver a satisfactory
result in 2023 and is confident that its longer-term growth prospects remain positive.

2023-08-26 10:12


Most probably QR out today..
Good or bad..
Hand it over to god

2023-11-17 11:26


(吉隆坡1日讯)Apex Healthcare Bhd建议以6650万令吉的价格,收购位于马六甲的工业用地。

该集团今日向大马交易所报备,独资子公司Xepa-Soul Pattinson(马)私人有限公司已与Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Malaysia私人有限公司(PAPRDMY)签署买卖协议。



Apex Healthcare表示:“这是及时的,因为Xepa目前正在评估扩大仓储和液体生产能力的计划。”





English version:Apex Healthcare to acquire industrial land in Melaka for RM66.5 mil

2023-12-01 18:37


Apex Healthcare (Neutral, TP: RM2.41): Unit to acquire industrial complex in Melaka for RM66.5m. Apex Healthcare via its wholly-owned subsidiary Xepa-Soul Pattinson (M) SB has proposed to acquire an industrial property in Cheng Industrial Estate in Melaka from Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Malaysia SB for RM66.5m. (StarBiz)

Comment: We view this strategic land acquisition positively as it aligns with XEPA’s plan to expand warehousing and liquid production capacity, positioning the company strategically for future growth. The acquisition will be funded through a combination of internally generated funds and possibly external borrowings. We gather that the property is located within the existing Cheng Industrial Estate in Melaka, in close proximity to XEPA, offering operational advantages by minimizing support service duplication. We maintain our earnings forecast and Neutral call on ApexH, as the acquisition is expected to only be finalised by the end of July 2024 with no near-term earnings contribution.

2023-12-07 13:37


This is defensive stock

2024-01-08 08:00


Disappointing earnings. Welp, Malaysia is lacking good healthcare/pharmaceutical players. This sector is so dead

2024-03-05 20:58


Wow! Very good dividend payout!

2 months ago


5 more days to the dividend of 22.5 sen ex date (coming soon on 15-May)

2 months ago


Solid company. Debt free. Dividend for year 25 cents.

2 months ago


Today and tomorrow last days to buy for the dividend of 22.5 sen.

2 months ago


See can below rm1.90

2 months ago


Gone case, big fish all took their Dividend and Equity gains and left AHEALTH to go pump tech. Big trend TA says it will return to RM1.00. It was a good ride though.

2 months ago


will the price continue drop ?? what is the price to cut lose ??

3 weeks ago


Looks yummy

3 weeks ago


Post removed.Why?

6 days ago

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