KLSE (MYR): MNRB (6459)

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-0.03 (3.02%)

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0.965 - 0.975

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Market Cap

756 Million


783 Million

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4 Weeks Range

0.95 - 1.00

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0.95 - 1.44

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0.975 x 5,100


0.99 x 3,000

Day's Range

0.965 - 0.975

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Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date

31-Mar-2022 [#4] | 30-May-2022

Next QR | Est. Ann. Date

30-Jun-2022 | 30-Aug-2022

T4Q P/E | EY

6.60 | 15.14%

T4Q DY | Payout %

8.29% | 54.75%


3.35 | 0.29

T4Q NP Margin | ROE

3.53% | 4.36%

Company Profile



Subsector: INSURANCE

Subsector: INSURANCE


MNRB Holdings Bhd is a reinsurance provider as per the retakaful and takaful system according to the sharia law. It provides reinsurance services in the areas of fire, marine, motor, miscellaneous, and family retakaful. The company is also engaged in investment holding business and mainly operates in Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.

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Yesterday's statistics

FBMKLCI: 1,530.92 (-31.39)
Bursa Trade Statistics:
Local Institutions (45.5%): -RM329.3m
Local Retail (31.3%): +RM314.3m
Foreign (23.2%): +RM15.0m

From the trades , Foreigners are not worried by the cukai Makmur, local institutions are! Mind boggling!

2021-11-02 09:13



2021-11-06 23:06


@Rambutan9, thanks for the compliment.

2021-11-07 20:55


KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 8): Foreign buying of Malaysian equities extended for the fifth week and jumped to RM67.94 million last week from RM1.44 million the prior week.

In its weekly fund flow report on Monday (Nov 8), the MIDF Research team said as the market reopened last Monday, local institutions and retailers were net sellers and net buyers respectively, amounting to RM329.7 million and RM314.3 million.

“Meanwhile, foreign investors were net buyers to the tune of RM14.97 million despite sentiment turning negative following the announcement of the one-off “Cukai Makmur”

2021-11-08 10:20


Seem to me that foreign investors have better understanding to what extent Cukai markur has on corporate profitability than the local institutions. Local analysts from various IBs painted the picture so negatively and with so much exaggeration. They are the real problems to our capital market.

2021-11-08 10:28


SSPN -i : takaful ilkhlas family

2021-11-14 21:16


KUALA LUMPUR: The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) today unveiled a new product under its National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN).

Known as Simpan SSPN Plus, it is an improved and new look of its existing (SSPN)-i Plus.

PTPTN chief executive Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid said the Simpan SSPN Plus offers more options to the depositors through its strategic partnership with three takaful operating companies namely Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Bhd, Great Eastern Takaful Bhd, and Takaful Ikhlas Family Bhd.

"Simpan SSPN Plus is a competitive and unique product that combines savings for education with the benefits of takaful protection, which is indeed the best among other education savings plans that are available on the market

2021-11-14 21:18


She noted that SSPN deposits rose to a record-high of RM1.99 billion last year -- an increase of RM623.82 million or 45.6 per cent from RM1.37 billion in 2019 -- bringing the total amount of SSPN deposits to RM7.88 billion as at Dec 31, 2020.
Noraini also added that 436,101 new SSPN accounts were opened in 2020, bringing the total number of accounts to 4.82 million since it was established.

2021-11-14 21:23


this share so little volume

2021-11-24 13:15


PE < 5 , main shareholder :PNB

2021-11-30 18:14


KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 -- MNRB Holdings Bhd's net profit eased to RM38.83 million in the second quarter ended Sept 30, 2021 (Q2 FY2021) from RM42.36 million in the same period last year.

Revenue, however, rose to RM730.04 million versus RM706.81 million previously, it said in a filing with Bursa Malaysia.

PBT is $47 mil same as last year.. But higher tax this qtr has resulted lower NPAT. EPS 5 sen.
Surprisingly, difficult operating environment during 3 Q didn’t affect performance.

2021-11-30 19:46


No mention of interim dividend . Hopefully, the company will follow up with interim dividend soon.

2021-11-30 19:47


4sen div

2021-11-30 19:54


I don't think there is a dividend. Although result ok, looks like old problem in Reinsurance business made a comeback again after change of top management more than a year ago.

'The lower net profit was the result of higher large losses and lower share of net profit from associate by RM9.4
million, from share of profit of RM9.2 million to share of net loss of RM0.2 million.'


2021-11-30 20:16


I think the result for sept qtr is commendable especially it was a very challenging operating environment then. MNRB's broad insurance portfolio is capable to provide overall financial performance consistency.

1. The Reinsurance segment did not do as well despite much higher earned premium.
2. The general takaful profit contribution was slightly lower and revenue was flat.
3. However, The Retakaful and Family Takaful segments perform very well and able to compensate most of the shortfall in the Reinsurance segment

What pull down the performance wasn the financial asset fair value loss of - $2mil (vs gain of $22 mil in corresponding period), and share of result of associate of minus $2 mil (vs $5 profit in corresponding period). Without these factors, especial fair value loss, the company could have performed much better than yoy.

In the overall, profit before tax for the qtr still the same yoy. Tax is higher by $4mil which account for the difference in NPAT yoy.

2021-12-01 14:07


i am still hopeful for an interim dividend to be announced later.

2021-12-01 14:09


The dividend already paid mah....4 sen pa loh!

Likely to maintain mah!

2021-12-01 14:22


@stockraider, the 4sen paid was the final dividend with respect to last financial year . I hope they will still pay an interim and final at least matching last financial year.

2021-12-04 18:52


just collect in dips .. not many company able to make money in Q3 .conservative calculation , EPS 5cents x4 ..minimum EPS 20cents.. how many stock in bursa can give u EPS 20 cents for 1.xx share with a stable business ( non cyclical )

2021-12-05 16:02


Another big undervalue stock with huge margin of safety loh!

Should not miss loh!

2021-12-05 17:00


stock price will be back to the intrinsic the price didn't drop and holding on

2021-12-06 19:18


Alot ppl are unsatisfied with its last 2 qtr results. For me, the results are not that bad and this company still undervalued.

2021-12-14 16:40


Please drop more, I am coming back to MNRB soon

2021-12-17 14:54


Now is cheap already. I'm also nibbling up bit by bit...

2021-12-17 16:22


MNRB report losses last time due to floods

2021-12-22 11:09


If your are a long term investor, important thing you should ask yourself is if the flood compensation change the fundamental of the company.
What worry me more is their oversea Reinsurance business.
This business incurred losses last Q. If it repeat again this Q, that will be a bad sign because that was the problem that almost brought
down the company last time.

2021-12-22 11:27


after this more and more will buy special perils insurance ..long term will be good for MNRB

2022-01-07 20:42


is a very humble stock .....

2022-01-12 15:39


good stock. but not for goreng fast money

2022-02-08 10:36


Loss making. Shit!

2022-03-01 21:31


macam going up...

2022-04-20 16:11


Best to wait for coming QR first.

2022-04-21 19:43


Yes, i think it maybe hit hard by selangor flood claims.

2022-04-28 15:56


Brian McKnight, Back at One

2022-05-03 11:12


Mnrb Dec 2021 qtr result is pulldown by the Dec 2021 flood claims provision loh!

Managements are optimistic on its future performance loh!

2022-05-03 11:36


MNRB | MNRB Holdings Berhad

Mar 03
Third quarter 2022 earnings: EPS in line with analyst expectations despite revenue beat
Third quarter 2022 results:
RM0.028 loss per share (down from RM0.064 profit in 3Q 2021).
Revenue: RM675.2m (down 3.9% from 3Q 2021).
Net loss: RM22.1m (down 147% from profit in 3Q 2021).
Revenue exceeded analyst estimates by 3.0%.

2022-05-06 15:04


Free ticket to Holland! Please join now!

2022-05-11 08:29


Post removed.Why?

2 months ago


23 sen dividend coming?

2 months ago


MNRB could be a counter to collect at current prices of RM1.00 to RM1.05. As expected the 4th quarter earnings rebounded after the 3rd quarter loss due to massive floods. In a normal year the earnings per share would be over 21 sen which means a PE of less than 5 at the last traded price of RM1.04. The NTA per share is over RM3.00.

The insurance/reinsurance is a growing market. To me this industry has a characteristics of a casino and utility combined. It is like a casino because it uses probability to calculate premium and payout among others. It is like a utility because it is a necessity for most individuals and companies. The good thing is that MNRB is the house/owner providing the service. This means that for most periods the company will make good earnings based on law of averages except when there are calamities or mismanagement.

The earnings will grow if the company is managed well all things remaining the same. To encourage investors to buy MNRB shares , a positive move is to have a dividend payout policy .As an example , if the payout ratio is 35% and the earnings per share is 10sen, 20sen and 30 sen then the dividend will be 3.5sen, 7 sen and 10.5 sen respectively. You share in the good and bad of the company and the company still has the balance of 65% for reserves/expansion. I am confident and optimistic of this line of business. If every things progress well, the price of this counter will be much higher except you need to be patient. I generally collect when things are quiet , right prices by me and the potentials are there.

2 months ago


PNB has disposed off CCM. MNRB will be next. It is a matter of right price. If the offer is reasonable, MNRB will be sold because it is not the core business of PNB. Hence do keep on buying at the current price. Big gains are awaiting us.

2 months ago


MNRB | MNRB Holdings Berhad

May 31
Full year 2022 earnings released: EPS: RM0.15 (vs RM0.24 in FY 2021)
Full year 2022 results:
EPS: RM0.15 (down from RM0.24 in FY 2021).
Revenue: RM2.70b (up 8.0% from FY 2021).
Net income: RM114.4m (down 40% from FY 2021).
Profit margin: 4.2% (down from 7.6% in FY 2021). The decrease in margin was driven by higher expenses.
Over the last 3 years on average, earnings per share has fallen by 2% per year whereas the company’s share price has remained flat.

2 months ago


2.5 sen final dividend.Disappointed!!!

2 weeks ago


@Rambutan9, u expected how much?

2 weeks ago


It is quite fair. Be contended with that.

2 weeks ago


Far from fair. Stated dividend policy is 40% to 70% pay out. 2.5 sens is not even 20%.

1 week ago


ykloh,TQ for your comment.Let us hear from John Zhang who has an indepth knowledge of MNRB.Over to you John.

1 week ago


Share Price 7 Day 1 Year
0.99 1.0% -23.3%

Full year 2022 earnings released: EPS: RM0.15 (vs RM0.24 in FY 2021)
Full year 2022 results:
EPS: RM0.15 (down from RM0.24 in FY 2021).
Revenue: RM2.69b (up 7.6% from FY 2021).
Net income: RM114.4m (down 40% from FY 2021).
Profit margin: 4.3% (down from 7.6% in FY 2021). The decrease in margin was driven by higher expenses.
Over the last 3 years on average, earnings per share has fallen by 2% per year whereas the company’s share price has fallen by 4% per year.

6 days ago

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