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Company warrants are issued by the company and give the holders the right, but not an obligation, to subscribe for new ordinary shares at a specified price during a specified period of time.

Structured warrants are proprietary instruments issued by a third-party issuer, namely an eligible broker or financial institution that give holders the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call warrants) or sell (put warrant) the underlying instrument in the future for a fixed price.

A call warrant is in-the-money when the exercise price is lower than the price of the underlying share.

A put warrant is in-the-money when the underlying share price is lower than the exercise price.

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I just sent a letter and what they replied me is the refund will be completed before 2016.

2014-11-29 07:21

Kian Leong Lim

deepmarine, stop mentioning things that are not true! This guy is an imposter: Are you out of your mind? The company said previously they wanted to delist the shares by year end. You are telling me 2016 and you expect me to believe you. Are you sick somewhere?

2014-11-29 10:37


Here is your 27 cents

2014-12-05 08:28


Rasa hati mahu beli 26.5 banyak2 if mereka ganti back with 27.0 nanti...hehehe.

2014-12-05 11:26


With all the gloom and doom news, at least MAS new ceo will bring some cheers! Totally agree Mueller will nurse MAS back to glory! Setting pride aside, Mas hopefully turn around in 3 years time!

2014-12-10 01:06


Wish you all the best and happy waiting.

2014-12-12 15:43


MAS 3786 end a 29-year career in the listing.and this evening closing price is 0.265
Goodbye MAS

2014-12-12 17:31

Orson Chin

I forgot sell the share edy. ... So how now?

2014-12-12 22:45


is OK, wait for the cheque!

2014-12-12 22:58


Goodbye MAS

2014-12-15 10:34


got big announcement today...watchout!

2014-12-17 07:34


anyone know expected date for repayment? TQ.

2014-12-20 22:00


My uncle expatriate sudah kene buang keje..mas dh xnk sambung sad..even heard malaysian also kena..2

2014-12-25 22:48


Government should not rescue MAS. Wasting taxpayers' money.

2014-12-27 10:31


Anyone receive capital payback already?

2014-12-29 08:34


check your trading

2014-12-29 13:18



2014-12-29 14:28


God Bless Amerika.....

2014-12-31 12:08


@JayaJaya, same here. Nothing has been paid yet.

2014-12-31 15:08


some rcvd while others on the way. IF by cheque it is the mail maybe tdy or fri

2014-12-31 16:02

Ammar Roshidy

My monies is in the bank. Good rid-dens to MAS, I have learnt my costly lesson.

2014-12-31 16:02

Estee Kho

I still didn't see my money in my trading acc... What should I do???

2015-01-03 09:29

爱丽丝 梦幻世界

Hi Estee Kho, the repayment direct bank in to my saving acc.on 29th dec 2014. The acc that normally i recieve dividend. Maybe if u not set for e dividend payment will recieve chq. Ask ur remisier. My advice

2015-01-03 09:47


I used maybank investment to purchace mas share.the money still not in.anyone with maybank investment had received your money?

2015-01-04 08:13

爱丽丝 梦幻世界

Symphony Share Registrars Sdn. Bhd.
Level 6, Symphony House
Pusat Dagangan Dana 1
Jalan PJU 1A/46
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Helpdesk Telephone number : 603-7849 0777
Fax number : 603-7841 8151/52

Under the SCR, the ordinary shareholders of MAS other than Khazanah Nasional Berhad whose names appear on the Company's Record of Depositors as at 5.00 p.m. on Friday, 19 December 2014 ("Entitlement Date")("Entitled Shareholders") shall be entitled to receive a cash amount of RM0.27 for each MAS Share held on the Entitlement Date. The capital repayment is expected to be made within ten (10) days from the Entitlement Date.

Any enquiries concerning this notice of book closure date should be addressed to the Share Registrar of MAS at the abovementioned contact details.

2015-01-04 08:30


pilato, I used maybank as well. Havent got mine yet but I talked to their executives last Friday and they said it should be in soon. I will follow up with them sometime this week.

2015-01-04 17:29


Thanks ghoyye

2015-01-04 19:18


Yes, I'm also using Maybank as they say will bank in this week

2015-01-04 22:56

Yong Lee Meng

I am also under Maybank Nominees. Money received today in the bank. Thanks all for sharing. Have a nice day!

2015-01-05 12:38


received. THX. bye MAS

2015-01-05 16:09

Christine Lee

i have received my money too...

2015-01-09 21:04

Lim Elson

End Story...................

2015-01-19 17:20


terminating 20k market to absorb the 20k workforce ?

2015-05-25 10:55


Pls la, 20,000 it's ok, aax other airline or industry need these talent.

2015-05-27 13:38



2015-09-12 20:59


All of you guys who loss money from trading MAS should have read my comments back in 2013. I'm an aspiring fundamental guru and I have warned multiple times throughout my analysis of MAS counter that this was doom to fail then. I had many "contrarian" experts trying to reason thwir flawed logic to me, but I guess I am having the last laugh here.

It is never wise to waste your wealth on a fire pit. There is a difference between betting smart and trying speculate. Peace out and may you lots have a great 2016 investment year.

2016-01-03 02:51


masih hidup lagi ka?

2016-01-03 03:52


robertl ran away from hevea to comment here. HAHAHAHAHA!

2016-02-25 08:06


when mas got stock market back? i want buy

2016-03-23 17:24

Amirrul Ariff

where's the annual report for 2014 and 2015? anyone knows where it is?
pleaseeee i really need it

2016-12-13 13:15



2017-01-14 21:44


When will this counter IPO again?

2017-05-20 10:24

Dar Ren

wait for 2019, they will revive again by then

2017-06-03 23:49


Respawn in 2-3 years,haha.
Gameover,restart back ler.

2017-09-22 19:04


Strong buy

2017-09-22 19:05

Aiman Hakimi Nasir


2017-10-21 00:57



2018-05-10 19:08


@Darren Chia
Hello from 2019. 2 years has passed and still no re-spawn for MAS. Now there is talk from DrM that they are looking to sell this lemon to somebody. So prema death.

2019-03-12 17:13


where is the financial report of MAS ?
didnt produce a report since 2014

2020-01-13 01:29


might respawn soon

2020-04-18 11:57

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