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2016-03-23 12:12 | Report Abuse

The land is worth a lot of money, the company's debts is also worth a lot of money?

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2016-03-23 12:04 | Report Abuse

Waste of time counter, political counter, take care citizen take care of company employees take care of political allies, the shareholders take care last. So, no need to see this counter.


2016-03-23 11:56 | Report Abuse

Debts not high but share holding diluted, the company cash flow has to be used to fuel future business whether KLAS or other ventures. Uncertainty is high because future business means uncertainty because future is uncertanty. Furthermore, post office business quite fixed future growth also quite stable, up side, also is uncertaintly. This company TP is ???? or less. In the future, when # shares increase so much, profit did not go up so much, you see oh ho oh ho!

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2016-03-19 13:35 | Report Abuse

Theory is what, since everything happens in random, how does theory predicts what is random. Keep a lot of cash, cash flow is King, try to use margin buying only in very evitable situations. Cash is King. I rather spend the money in night-club than throw money away for no reason. Cash is King, go to night-call, have sssss, cash is king.

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2016-03-19 12:01 | Report Abuse

Whatever you are buying, if the businesses are dying (not growing) or future prospect not clear, high debts (you don't need to go and bodek people), high circulation of stocks (stock not concentrated on major shareholders), stay away.

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2016-03-18 11:14 | Report Abuse

US stock market went up because of election, you want to win the election you also must win the stock market, if you lost the stock market, how you talk also people are not going to believe you.

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2016-03-18 10:52 | Report Abuse

Snake can not eat elephant one, if you already have a lot of debts yourself, how are going to grow, grow the business or grow the debts, snake can not eat elephant one, very soon will vomit, no need to rush in.

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2016-03-18 10:50 | Report Abuse

When you write this kind article, it shows you have a very shallow mind. The star just reported yesterday that Malaysia's debts amounted to RM640 billion, 54% of GDP. It is the foreigner that is buying, they have the money. If the Malaysian ringgit were to appreciate by 15 % according to Mark Forbus, the foreigner are going to sell back the stock to you, you know. No need to rush in. A high debts country will not raise interest rate so fast, then the Ringgit will not appreciate very fast too. Now, the price is so high, those blue chip counter, you go and rush in for what, chicken out, so what. Do you know other people thinking in advance, what happen if they sell out tomorrow, then you said again, oh, eat chicken shit, is it?

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2016-02-04 10:06 | Report Abuse

Happiness is not a detachment from body or be a humanless person: (1) You have to do "what is important to people" inorder to gain happiness "what is important" from people. (2) You have to learn first before you do anything for people because you want to do something important for them under the environment and under the circumstances of your ability. (3) Apply what you learn and not apply what you think, do what other people consider important, necessary, or requirement for synergy and fairness. Then happiness will come eventually.

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2016-02-04 09:01 | Report Abuse

Education gives people choices: when you learn you must think (for understanding) and when you think you must learn (apply what you learn from this world).
By Mark Twine

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2016-02-04 08:38 | Report Abuse

Just go to the simplest, this is easy said than done by most people. By the way what is the simplest for an investors to do? Do you know? Of course, you know? Just don't imitate other people, do what is good for everybody kind of things, but wait until other people don't want to do it then you do them yourself. Isn't this the simplest, no competition, wait until no competition to do something then you do that something that is good for everybody. But your job is to determined that the thing you want to do must be good for everybody, or else, who is going to pay for the thing you do in the end.


2015-10-24 11:26 | Report Abuse

I lose you win, ok, I never mind, old dreams are too good to be true.

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2015-09-01 11:02 | Report Abuse

You should take good care of yourself first before you go out on the street to think for others. Watch carefully you own actions. You keep your good health you still can enjoy happiness later on in the next 20 or 30 years of your life in the future, you can still have happiness in the future years if you keep a good health now. You should not plant fruits that are sour for youself to bear now because that is not going to make any change or difference to yourself in the future. When you are dead, it is gameover for you. That is why you should take good care of yourself first before you go out on the street to think for others or blame others. Improvement on your lives must be something you have to count on yourself. You don't need to voice your own theory and reasons. Only good opportunity produces good results. Before you do anything, see whether the opportunity for you to do something is right or not first! Smart people like to do stupid things because this is how you keep yourself away from trouble and help yourself to live longer.


2015-09-01 10:34 | Report Abuse

Every business boom and bust is 3 to 4 years, you don't need to worry, the market will recover later on because the market will always have to find something new to do and make improvement from time to time. Every business boom and bust is 3 to 4 years, don't worry too much about it!


2015-09-01 10:32 | Report Abuse

I agree with Tan Teng Boo on one subject matter: At least he understands that, good is the time for you to pay attentions to those tasks you have ignored previously (improvement on your weakness and skills) and bad is the time for you to correct your mistakes to better understand people about people's character and needs. He pointed out the traffic system as the tasks that are being ignored when we have a good chance to tackle them. When people are rich, they don't like to use their own money, they like to use other people's money for new business venture. That is why they issue debts or sell unit trusts or what instead of using the cash in their company. Evaluating icap should not be based on the cash in the company, if you do, that shows that you still don't understand how rich people operate. They are more careful after they become rich.


2015-09-01 10:20 | Report Abuse

You don't need to go and listen to professional talks when the market is already down. When the prices of a lot of stocks are very cheap, you don't need to listen to people with very highly level wisdom to pick the right stocks yourself for yourself to invest in. Good and bad is the same. When 2009 crisis emerged, it recovered in 2010 and went well after the next 5 years because at that time the stock prices were dirt cheap. People who stayed on the sidelines when prices are dirt cheap are not fit to give people advice. Why is good and bad the same. When the market is bad is for you to learn your mistakes from the market and to correct your mistakes yourself. When market is good you have to change yourself or make readjustment. Improvement for yourself is something you have to do it yourself and there is nobody there that can do that for you. (1) Even when the market is down, invest in stocks that sell goods or services that people will still need in the future. is this so hard? As long as people who still need the goods or services they will pay for them and the company will still market money! (2) People with high wisdom do stupid things. They don't want to count on the wisdom of professionals. Why can't you just behave like a stupid people and do stupid things. (3) Bad is because we misjudge other people's intention, Good is because we are able to do what is necessary for other people to do what is important to them.
(4) Good and bad is the same, good is what you need in the future and bad is what you need now, to adjust your perception of other people because you don't want to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, bad is because you misjudge the integrity, capability, and needs of other people's intention. (5) All you need to do is to understand people's behaviors first then you will know how to buy stocks. (6) Is it so difficult to understand people's behaviors, if it is so difficult for you, then you should not stay on the stock market. Remember what Warren Buffett said: He doesn't care about macroeconomics factors whether now or future, he only studies people behaviors. (7)The golden rule is: You don't need to worry about whether interest rate is going up in the future or not. All you need to know is to find something, a product or service, that people will need badly in the future and invest in the company that provides such a product or service. That is all, investing is simple! You don't need professional talks or politics!
Some humans like to treat themselves as though they are God!


2015-08-21 10:20 | Report Abuse

I am so happy that FGV is finally turning around, in the new direction that we all can see very clearly now, it will very fast become the such and such a game-changer company of the world, see share price and performance, it is becoming the best stock to own in the whole plantation sector. We have to give all this credit to Dr. Emir who is not deterred by weather and poor business conditions. Dr. Emir, we all Malaysians are so proud of you, there is no body better than you in the whole of Malaysia that is so suitable to fill the CEO's job of this mighty great game-changer world-class company. You are such a smart man!


2015-08-21 10:15 | Report Abuse

This is a crazy world, what for 5652 people want to invest in a company that pays 12 people that meet only 10 times a year for RM9.18 million when they all the 5652 of them only gets to share the RM 35 million only! When you determine whether a company is of value to investors or not, you have to see whether the directors and the shareholders are treated fairly or not. This is first investment rule of all people.


2015-08-21 10:08 | Report Abuse

On your annual report of 2015, it shows:
On page 112, Net profit for group for the year: RM 139 million
On page 112, Dividend for shareholders for the year: RM 35 million
On page 153-154, Directors remuneration wages and bonuses (for 12 directors): RM 9.181 million
On page 153, wages and salaries for the year for employees: RM 88 million
This company is surely making 12 people very rich every year. By comparison, % goes to dividends for shareholders=35/139=25% or % goes to 12 directors=9.2/139=6.6% or % goes to employees=88/139=63%.
On page 239, total number of shareholders 5652. This shows that 5652 people get a share of 25% of the net profit while 12 people gets 6.6% of which one executive director gets between 2~2.5 million shown on page 155.

The 12 people that makes RM9.181, how much time they have met for the year, they only met for 10 board meetings for the year shown on page 52.

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2015-08-13 13:02 | Report Abuse

JeevS: there is a good and bad together, the bad is to help you to make improvement or to become more productive. The good is supporting you so you don't fall down while you make changes for improvement. The reality is the devaluing currency, it is better for the bank negara to not to do anything to try to change the reality. I would be scared if the bank negara tries to do something. We have to be fair to everyone, that is why there is always a good and bad together. In short, the devaluing currency is reality, you can not change in a short time. There are two things you can change: your performance and contribution.

If your performance attained through changing yourself such as lowering your debts and cost of operation to become more productive, this is your own responsibility. The contribution is your task you need to do for other people for you to be worthy of enjoying your lives. Don't you think it will be funny when you can keep on taking on debts forever so you get to enjoy your lives forever without even have to think about your contribution (what is more valuable or more important)to the society. Don't you even think that this is funny?

The devaluing currency is God's hands to make you more productive and contribute more to society. You don't have to worry if you abide by God's rule and live marginally. Spend only after you are sure you are going to have that much money for sure in the future, remember this, before you spend your money next time, you will be fine.

Focus on your strength for the things you want to do for other people your contribution so that you will not get poor results or poor reception from people. Use simple way to solve difficult problem, you don't have to spend RM5 million on a house just to use it for you and your girl friend to live in it, this is wasteful and unproductive. I hope you see what I mean, but think for yourself also.

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2015-08-13 11:09 | Report Abuse

Jtiasa is not Mr. Koon's problem, to be fair to him. You ask yourself whether you yourself look carefully or not. That company issues outstanding 973 million shares to the public of par value RM1. But net profit they are able to generate from the company per year is only around 57 million plus or so. Whether the company is retarded I don't know, this is not Mr. koon's fault, you see, it uses 973 million capital to do business and produce 57 million of profit for one year (June 31 2014), whose fault is this, is this Mr. Koon's fault. It only makes 5.8 cents using RM1 invested. Even selling teh talik is a better business than the Jaya Tiasa business. Even the GST is 6% already. This company is not productive, even less productive than the government, especially it has been in the business for so long, why? Something fishy right?

13/08/2015 11:05

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2015-08-13 10:27 | Report Abuse

Supply and Demand, if demand drops price also drops due to weakening consumer power, we have deflation instead of inflation. This is what is happening to Japan before and the US not long ago. By the way, somebody has a smoking mouth. People also has the choice to adjust their spending habits to less expensive goods.

The good news: There is a difference between the quality of life and the quantity of life, now that we have a devalued currency, our quality of life might even become better but the quantity of life will have to be cut down.

More money to spend is the same as more money to eat, you are not going to become more healthy by eating more food than you need. By being more healthy we will be more happy in the future. This is how Warren Buffett predicts that the stock market index will be even higher in the future for the US stock market.

Dude, do you get it? When you are more healthy, you have more strength to run faster and move higher in life. Have less money to spend or eating less temporary is not always a bad thing after all!!!! Cut down excess spending or slags is to be more efficient in the future do you get it!!!! The local market will become more thin and more efficient in the future, this is not a bad thing after all. For a person, you want him to grow thin and grow tall, not fat and plump, do you understand my analogy for you or not?

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2015-08-13 08:52 | Report Abuse

paper, you want my answer you have to give me your answer first, you want to save yourself you also must save other people, you must do the things to save yourself and to save others. The things that are beneficial for you and others. You have no contribution you have no blessings, this has nothing to do with whether current ringgit depreciation or not? No money no talk what, simple logic, whether the ringgit depreciate or appreciate, it does not make a difference to people who has no money or no contribution. Right, what is your contribution to people for today, you want blessing, you want to drink teh talih, you pay for it what, what has your blessing got to do with the current ringgit depreciation, you have to start contributing yourself for the good of other people now and yourself later on, this is nature's law.


2015-08-13 08:14 | Report Abuse

You are the corner stone of Malaysia's insurance industry, you shouldn't let your share price goes up and down like this, always following other people, keeping yourself behind other insurance companies, this is bad for company reputation. Increase your reputation, show some leadership and entrepreneur quality, this is good for future business prospects.

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2015-08-13 07:45 | Report Abuse


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2015-08-13 06:57 | Report Abuse

Devaluing currency lowers future debts. If you have a strong currency, we tend to spend and spend and never stop spending. Now, the devaluing currency is helping us to stop our spending habit, whether we like it or not. The bad news is life may become tougher for some people to cope without spending money, but the good news is, we are going to get a better quality debts servicing ability in the future. That is all, don't tie the devaluing currency to politics or what, this is reality, it has to happen before you spend more than what we are able to make in our whole life in a single big gamble. This is the new reality we have to face, have confidence in yourself,if you are not that heavily borrowed or are not so much in debts. Now, if some companies with low debts or borrowings are also taken a hit from the current stock market slide, this is a good time to buy this type of companies, those with low debts. They are not going to sink because they have low debts, whether devalued currency or not. But productivity is going to increase for them because of the devalued currency making their products more competitive. Or, this forces some companies to be more efficent in their operations, and there are fewer company failures in the future. This is new reality, don't worry about it! Devalued currency spend less, inflation won't go up lah!

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2015-08-13 06:42 | Report Abuse

In life, when you keep blaming others, you are like the old grandmother, who always have unfinished business today and everyday. What about your own contributions? What have you contributed yourself to make your relationship with other people working well? What is your contribution? Failure and Success is only one foot away, both are not far apart from each other, but people don't realize it at all. The failure is giving you the improvement you need to become successful, for practising purpose, but how to be successful, how? When you confront a difficult situation, use the easiest way you can to get rid of the problem. Remember what I said, failure and success is only one foot away from each other, the easiest way you can to get rid of the problem is to drop the unpleasantness in the past and move on with life. Failure is the practise you need to be able to do something using the easiest way when you really encounter a big problem, and failure and success is one foot away. No need to be like grandmother, doing the same old stuffs day and day or recycling unpleasantness for what. Drop the unpleasantness is your contribution to others, nobody is perfect, you will be able to live a more purposeful life other than you just know how to nag only. I want to see some improvement, please don't nag and nag over and over, you don't know how to live a purposeful life is it?

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2015-08-12 09:08 | Report Abuse

Latitude is a good furniture stock, this I have not doubt about it, at RM7, but the point is it is even better if the price is cheaper for you to buy and hold for long term investment.

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2015-08-12 09:06 | Report Abuse

Mr. Koon is a very kind person I agree and I know but I still think that he is not that kind enough. I hope he spend more time caring for more people and spend more donations for people who really need the money so that they can improve the well being of their lives.


2015-08-12 09:02 | Report Abuse

Forever negative like the beggar I forever can not do anything right!


2015-08-12 09:01 | Report Abuse

VS is a reasonably good stock, the management is hardworking and intelligent, something we all should be proud of as Malaysians, this company is helping our country to earn foreign exchange and helping to provide jobs to the local community. TP 6/=. Not 7.10/= please, good people should also not charge so much money for people to own your shares, mah!

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2015-08-12 08:52 | Report Abuse

All the EPF money are parked in financial stocks, the country's pension fund holds a lot of shares in banking stocks. If financial stocks were to plunge, good time to buy! In fact, I hope the financial stocks plunge substantially, my wishful thinking, I have been waiting for very long time to buy some of these counters which have traditionally been very expensive to buy. Somebody's misfortune actually is another person's future good health and wealth and happiness. Buy Malaysia! This is the time to show your integrity, your true self, for me, I don't need to look Hong Kong, the place is so small.

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2015-08-12 08:41 | Report Abuse

Good and bad is the same because as long as your are not doing anything purposeful to other people's needs based on the current situation, what is the point of saying whether the current situation is a bearish market or what and all this situation is because of other people's faults. Do you know what the pig do everyday, it only uses its heart to think and uses it mouth to work for other people. The heart think of good things for himself and the mouth talk about bad things for other people. Don't behave like a pig. You don't know when you are going to be sacked.


2015-08-12 08:37 | Report Abuse

The index will never reach 1600, it has no good for the local economy (it makes us look poor for nothing) and the value of our assets decreases (it makes us look cheap). When there is a flood, we should not predict how long the flood will exist, and start selling out our shares and assets, the sun will surely come out and the water will surely subside. We are not supposed to try to sell out your shares or assets during a flood. This is reality.


2015-08-10 20:34 | Report Abuse

I like you BN_menang. It seems that we are the only optimistic ones left!

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2015-08-10 16:56 | Report Abuse

好馬不吃回頭草! Buy traditional industry stocks, don't buy technology or exports oriented stocks, have confidence in your country, when the market normalizes and political tension quell down, the exchange rate will return to normal level. 好馬不吃回頭草!


2015-08-09 09:04 | Report Abuse

Buy reits with tourism or healthcare prospects.


2015-07-30 17:38 | Report Abuse

I am going to come back to this counter 3 years later. By then, I hope they are able to do something new to make their customers want to buy insurance from them instead of going to other insurance company. I hope they try to grow their business instead of relying too much on investment income. They are not Warren Buffett, the master of investing, they are better for shareholders if they try to grow their business in the long run by playing more active roles in the local community in more different ways instead of relying on investment income by investing in sto cks or what that are much harder to do to make money for sure. So far, I like the management, I think they can do well in the long run, you just have to give them the necessary time to do every single thing right, not easy task, take time! Making mistake is ok because mistake is for learning and adapt to changes in the future. Make mistakes by doing something new please.


2015-07-30 12:09 | Report Abuse

This is a company that can do the right thing first, before, they try to do the right thing right.
(1) They already have the kind of managers who can do the right thing.
(2) They are going to new markets to find new opportunity.
(3) They are increasing the types or kinds of insurance products they often to customers to fulfill more customer needs. They will introduce more new insurance products in the future. Give more selections to customers they can gain more customers in the existing areas they are operating in.
(4) I hope we don't rush in to buy shares in this company, slowly we need to accumulate first, so please don't push up the share price too fast.


2015-07-30 11:50 | Report Abuse

This company already realized that they have to do 2 things: (1) Change and (2) Find new opportunity. They have found themselves new managers that are good to start out with, but they still need to do the two things. How well the share price is going to perform depends on whether (1) they are willing to change or not? and what they identify that they want to change we still don't know yet and (2) new opportunity? not bear fruit or haven't start doing them yet! But they have the right people now! To improve, of course, you need to change something after a while but in the long term this is necessary all the time. You can not wear the same trousers from 20 years old to 50 years old. What is the thing they want to change? They haven't said this yet! Anyway, buying and selling insurance is a good thing for everyone, I am sure the company will be around the next 30 years. It may not be so cheap in the future if they manage to get something new to happen!


2015-07-30 11:22 | Report Abuse

Most trusted and long lasting Insurance Company in Malaysia, buy the insurance from MNRB and you don't have to worry even if anything bad is going to happen. You must spend money to buy insurance from MNRB when you have the money or when you are in good shape, when you are in bad shape, for MNRB to come and save you from any plight, you reap what you sow but you have to sow first. This company's value is very high so high so high that nothing money can buy. It gives you protection from any calamities. Call MNRB, they will come and collect your insurance premium right away. Expanding new markets into Hong Kong, Singapore, and where are good long term strategy. At least you are in good hands, they know what they are doing, you don't buy Insurance from MNRB or buy the shares, the only think I can tell you later on is I am sorry.


2015-07-17 09:14 | Report Abuse

The drop is normal and healthy, money has to be taken out from the company to pay you dividends, and money taken out must subtract from share price, to be fair to the other investors who have not buy the shares yet. Don't panic, Mr. Ong is a good man, he has to think for himself, you, and future customers.


2015-06-29 19:11 | Report Abuse

Future company's earnings are not predictable, whether its businesses will surely become better is also a doubt, why buy? There is no free lunch in life, this Mr. WC hasn't learned it yet because he is raised from a silver spoon, he can't not understand what is it like to live without money, the pain of huge borrowings, and the headache of begging other people to help him. He hasn't learn all of those tricks yet. He hasn't even learn that happiness is more important than money until he loses all his happiness.


2015-06-27 20:33 | Report Abuse

Why downtrend in stock price? Where is the high-tech gadgets and the big bucks that the company is supposed to deliver and to earn? Where? Where? Where? Ha! Ha! Ha!

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2015-06-27 20:30 | Report Abuse

Good and bad is the same in this universe, good is for self-contentment so that if you are feeling good you don't stage a fight with other people. Good is what pulls you back from annoying other people; So, what is bad? Bad is what motives you to work harder by coorperating with other people because one person's power is limited.

We all are going to die some time in the future, whether how many good or bad experiences we have are not going to make a difference to us.

I still believe in the credibility of the present government, we should not expect life to be a perfect place to live, so what we have floods or other misgivings, the most important thing is we continue to make improvements on our owns. It is more important for you to improve yourself than to talk bad about other people, get it, Mr. K!


2015-06-27 20:18 | Report Abuse

How can Parkson reverse its losing trend:
In my opinion, Parkson should focus on doing what is important to customers: these are the five areas I believe is important to customers---- (1) time (simplicity or easy to shop), (2) output ( basic or necessary items) , (3) energy (cost saving), (4) enjoyment (happiness) and (5) control (satisfaction)----that are important to all human beings.


2015-06-25 19:12 | Report Abuse

aliyusof---this company has to go through restructure or issue new shares because they have no cash left in the company, this is for sure. Sometimes, in this kind of restructuring, for example, it may be existing 5 shares become 1 new share or what to make way for the restructure. Even if they have restructure news like that, do you think that, the share price will go up when existing shares become fewer or lesser in value, like 5 old shares become 1 new share? If the restructure drags on and if they suffer some more losses in the future, the 20 cents net asset per share will become less than the 20 cents? Right now, I think it is already around 15 cents per share already? Steel business is a very difficult business to make money now for the whole world, even us steel in the us or china steel companies in china, they are also losing money. What is making you thinking that some chinese investor coming to Malaysia to set up a steel company here in Malaysia will be doing better than the other players in the Malaysian market that have already been operating here for a long time and are also suffering losses right now?

As for intrinsic value, what is it do you know? Every action that you may take has a theory and practical part tied to it. The theory is the guidelines and the practical is the conditions must be true for the theory to be valid. Before you determine intrinsic value of a company, you have to look at the theory and practical as a complete strategy.
(1) To use theory or in theory, you can examine the company's past results or past performance and use those results if the practical conditions are valid. You take the past figures of the company to determine the intrinsic value or its estimated value. But,
(2) The practical conditions are: (1) You must make sure that the company will not go bankrupt in the future, (2) You must make sure that management is very talented, and (3) you must make sure that the steel that the company is making will be very necessary to customers in the future for the company to make a profit.

Intrinsic value=(1)+(2)=3, do you understand? Just like your value to people comes from what you can do with your heart (mind) and body(behavior) that are appropriate to people.
You can estimate the intrinsic value of a company only after the company pass your practical test that you can do by thinking and observing the 3 conditions I mentioned in part 2.

If the share price is lower than the estimated value of the company by using past figures, then you can make a move, this is how people use intrinsic value to determine whether to buy a share or not!


2015-06-22 21:03 | Report Abuse

Unaudited Audited 9 months ended 31.03.2015 RM'000
Composition of cash and cash equivalents
Fixed deposits with financial institution - 5,195
Cash and bank balances 3,269
Deposits in DSRA / FSRA account - 10,964
Bank overdrafts (99,944)
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period (96,675)

The company has negative cash and cash equivalents as of 31.03.2015, no money no talk, how
is it going to last for long, I don't know, do you know?


2015-06-22 14:10 | Report Abuse

To show you, there is no free lunch in life, you have to read the annual report very carefully:
(Incorporated in Malaysia)

AS AT 31 MARCH 2015

Share capital 209,872
Redeemable Convertible Unsecured Loan Stocks (RCULS) 261
Share premium 30,493
Treasury shares (4,153)
Accumulated Losses (222,577)
Reserves 143,844
Equity attributable to owners of the parent 157,740
Non-controlling interest 321,180
Total equity 478,920
As investors, have you seen that: the company writes off or deducts
accumulated losses from equity attributable to owners of the parent.

If they keep making losses, your equity or your share of the company
will be less valuable over time.

In contrast, the Non-controlling interest do not get deduction or
reduction even if the company incurs losses.

What for you buy shares in company that keep reducing the equity
attributable to owners of the parent, the value of your share in the


2015-06-18 13:03 | Report Abuse

If you compare the balance sheets of Hiapteck and Ann Joo's fixed assets category under plants and machinery, you can get a picture of Hiapteck and Ann Joo's production capabilities by comparing the amount they have invested in their plants and equipment:

For Hiapteck, Condensed Consolidated Statements of Financial Position as at 31 January 2015
Non-current assets under Property, plant and equipment 283 million.

For Ann Joo, Condensed Consolidated Statements of Financial Position as at 31 March 2015
Non-current assets under Property, plant and equipment 1067 million.

When you invest in a manufacturing company, by looking at the size of their investment in property,plant and equipment, you will be able to tell which company is going to have a better prospects in terms of selling more steels in a future.

When company issues shares RCULS or what, that means they need money?